Items Frequently Bought with a Gaming Chair

Although gaming chairs provide a gamer with a necessary foundation for they're tail end, gaming equipment doesn't stop there. In fact in today's overly saturated gaming market there is thousands of potential products all claiming to help improve your skills.

We at Ultimate Gaming Chair think it is important to help you find the right gear to hop up your gaming experience. To do this we have composed a database of all the top products frequently purchased from Amazon together with gaming chairs. This article intends to cover the top products from this list, in hoping it will help the reader make a more informed decision on what gear is important to a gamer.

If you just bought a nice gaming chair and are still itching to spend some money, this list will help you decide what to put that money towards. Whether your looking to drop the big bucks, or just want a little something Ultimate Gaming Chair is here to help you make an informed decisions before you spend your hard earned cash!

Low Budget List

#1 Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

Walker Edison Soreno

Ringing in at number two, is the Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk. This desk has an attractive, simplistic, and unassuming design that focuses hard on the important things and forgoes many of the unnecessary ones.

Keeping it simple is often the way to go, and this desk is no exception. Sporting only a single monitor stand and a single keyboard tray (both of which can be installed on either side of the L) the Soreno focus on what really matters. Like its polished and tinted safety glass surface which looks and functions fabulously. It's powder coated thick steel frame that provides excellent stability and manages to cut down on the wobbles often associated with metal frame desks. As well as it's modular design takes the classic L desk and enables it to be be moved into two separate desks. While on the face this feature is no big deal when you consider the serious gamers go to weekend plans; a lan party, the usefulness of this comes to light.

The downsides to Walker Edison's Soreno desk are few and far between. The only real negative to the desk is the keyboard tray is useless. Even those of average height will find a lack of room underneath the tray, though this is inconsequential as any real gamer should be placing their keyboard and mouse on top of the desk. The only other drawback to the Soreno is that the assembly is a bit arduous as the desk is comprised of 19 pieces held together by nearly 60 screws, but it really isn't that difficult as much as it is time consuming.

If your looking for a frills added desk with a reasonably small footprint, look no further. The Soreno by Walker Edison is a great bang for the buck. Though it doesn't have a fancy iPhone dock and a built in headphone stand, it provides in the areas that really should matter to a gamer. It's spacious, sturdy, looks good, and can serve as an extra spot at your lan parties!

2. Sades E-Sports Gaming Headphone Cradle.

SADES E-Sports Gaming Headphone Cradle

Third on the list is Sades' Headphone Cradle. Although a simple product with no real explanation needed it serves an important purpose. If your sporting an expensive set of headphones you need a place to safely store them when not in use and the Cradle can do that.

Constructed entirely of acrylic the Headphone Cradle maintains a surprisingly sturdy feel to it, managing to sit very stable on a desk without teetering when typing and mousing. Coming in either red or blue the cradle looks sleek and would be a visually welcome addition to any gaming desk.

On the flip side there is some concerns with the cradle. During assembly it takes a rather alarming amount of force to click the clips that hold it together in place, which leads to feeling as if it's going to break. It doesn't, but people who are faint of heart with things like this will likely find themselves only putting the clips partially in which will eventually lead to the Cradle falling apart. The stand also lacks any sort of adhesive or weighting to the bottom, meaning if your headphones are wireless or just heavy the stand might fall over when placing headphones on it, though at the price buy a 3M double sided adhesive wont hurt too much.

Altogether the stand is an awesome addition to any gaming setup at a low cost. It looks good and functions well (aside from using them with excessively heavy headphones). Not to mention that you might stumble across the same benefit mentioned in number 1, A clean organized desk leads to a clean organized mind and full focus on whats important; winning.

3 Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse

Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse wired with red led

A mouse might perhaps be one of the most important pieces of gaming gear. Its easy to find a list of the top gaming mice, but if you just dropped cash on a nice gaming chair maybe your looking for a decent budget mouse. The Redragon M601 Gaming Mouse delivers that and maybe a great option while you save up for those name brands!

The M601 is a fairly simple mouse with 6 buttons and maximum of 3200 dpi (which is far more than enough for gaming). It features an ergonomic design that is decently comfortable, but a bit small for those with larger hands. It glides smooth and maintains plenty of precision for capping heads and what more could you ask of a mouse.

There are some disadvantages to the mouse, but when considering this price these seem minor.

This mouse is (obviously) cheaply made, and feels like it. There are many reports of wire connectivity issues, though if its from amazon this can easily be remedied. The LED lights inside are insanely bright and it can be a little bothersome when gaming in the dark, however many people report opening it up and cutting the wire leads to the LED's. Finally quality control is all over the place, some people report them lasting over a year some people report them breaking within a month (generally speaking about the switches giving out).

As a whole this mouse delivers on exactly what it offers, an affordable yet capable gaming mouse. If you just dropped all your scratch on a chair and need a hold over mouse until you can afford a name brand, this will do that for you and probably then some. All the issues that arise with the mouse are easily excusable for the price so if your on a budget and need a mouse, why not? Its only twelve dollars.

#4 Rii RM400 LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Bundle

Rii RM400 LED Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo Bundle

like a mouse a keyboard is exceedingly important to a gaming setup and this RII combo bundle will give you both for a steal. If your light on cash, but still need the essentials this could be a good bundle to look into.

The Bundle consists of a 7 color back lit gaming keyboard with laser etched and grip coated keys that feature some very springy switches and dedicated multimedia function keys. It also contains an ultra-low profile ergonomically designed mouse with three preset DPI settings (1,000, 1,600, and 2000). Both are compatible with PC and Mac however the back lighting will not work on Mac.

The quality of both the mouse and keyboard is clearly reflected in the price. The keyboard is super light and feels rather cheaply made. The keys on the keyboard are slightly too springy and require somewhat of a heavy push and though the lighting is cool its either on or off and has no modes. The mouse also feel like its made of under par materials, but it is comfortable and tracks well. The mouse also features some patterns to the back lighting which is cool, but would be nice if the keyboard matched. Both mouse and keyboard are reported as lasting as long as a year, and would make this combo a great hold over while saving for an upgrade.

In total this bundle is well over expectations for the price. Though they are not the nicest pieces of gaming equipment in the industry, they work well and look cool. If your on a budget and missing two of the most essential things for gaming then for thirty dollars its hard to overlook this combo and as always the worst that could happen is you return it.

#5 Pictek Anti-ghosting Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Blue Switch

Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Backlit Mechanical Gaming  Keyboard

Although it isn't exactly a cheap keyboard, in the world of mechanical keyboards Pictek's Anti-ghosting backlit mechanical keyboard is quite affordable. Boasting an array of features that can be found on much more costly keyboards, the Pictek could be the answer to your mechanical keyboard needs!

The Pictek has a long list of features, first and foremost are the blue mechanical switches. The switches are high quality and function just like any mechanical switch. They require 60 grams of pressure to actuate them which is slightly heavier than some keyboards, but should not be an issue when your slamming keys to strafe behind a wall. The keys are back lit and look good however the colors and patterns cannot be changed. It also sports a wrist rest that is fairly comfortable, but is not removable. Finally a feature that is welcome to anyone; it is spill resistant.

The cons to the Pictek mech keyboard are pretty easily ignored by a gamer, but bear mentioning.. The main thing is the volume of the key clicks, though many mechanical keyboards are loud this one is so off the charts and your roommates are going to hate you. However if other people are not a concern you'll be under some headphones and it wont matter at all. The second is the lights are pretty bright and cant be dimmed. They have a couple presets for pulsating, but more often than not you will want them either off or on. However the keyboard does allow for two presets that let you pick which keys you want lit, which is a pretty cool feature for finding that ever important w, a, s, and d.

Altogether the Pictek Backlit Mechanical Keyboard is quite a good deal. Mechanical keyboards are all the rage in the competitive gaming scene, why not jump on board at a low price point? This keyboard will give you everything you need from a keyboard and then some! The downsides are negligible, no real gamer cares how loud their keyboard is!

#6 HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset for PC

You can easily find decent headphones for less than the HyperX cloud stingers, but you cant match the comfort. As HyperX's cheapest headset available some of the high end features normally associated with their headphones wont be found here, but the Stinger's still manage to pack quite a wallop for the price.

The Stinger's interface with a 3.5mm analog jack and claim to be compatible with all PCs and consoles. They are built entirely from plastic, but maintain a reasonably good build quality for the price range and by no means feel cheaply constructed. The ear cups are padded with HyperX's “signature memory foam' which are incredibly comfortable. Housed inside the cups are the same dual 50mm drivers you will find in all of HyperX's headsets and the sound quality is well above par for the cost.

Where the Stinger's fall short is the microphone. The mic has low sound quality, picks up a lot of background noise, and is frequently said to have a background hum when speaking. The super comfortable memory foam does also have tendency to get hot during extended gaming sessions, though this is an issue most headphones have.

All things considered The HyperX Stingers are a taste of the high life at a fraction of the price. They out perform in sound and comfort over everything in their price range and would make a great addition to the budget minded gaming setup that wants the best bang for the buck. In particular someone who already owns a stand alone mic or is willing to purchase one will be glad to tuck the Stinger's mic back and pretend it never had one, while enjoying and awesome pair of headphones.

#7 Sades SA902 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo Wired PC Gaming Headset Over Ear Headphones

Sades SA902 7.1 Channel Virtual USB Surround Stereo Wired PC

A few years ago Sades was a relatively unknown brand in the gaming industry, Then all the sudden they started to produce some really nice headphones at crazy low prices and their SA902 7.1 surround sound headset is no exception. Managing to jam in some high end features and decent comfort at a price that will knock your socks off.

The SA902's connect via USB, rock duel 40mm drivers that do quite well on their own, and when paired up with the high-performance surround sound decoding chip they create a very immersive soundscape. They are super light and the ear cups are padded with a soft foam that is encased in a faux-leather which altogether makes a pretty comfortable headset. They are constructed entirely of plastic, but feel well built and feature a flexible headband that makes them feel quite durable. The microphone is also quite capable of delivering very clean and clear quality, which will make your discord friends happy!

Conversely the the noise cancellation on the SA902's is pretty weak and does not cancel a lot of the inbound background noise. It's also important to mention that the surround sound is virtual surround sound. Although Sades' chip does a great job with it this could be a downside to some gamers. The biggest negative is in materials, though the headset is built well the materials are just not long lasting and many people report them falling apart within 6 months.

For the most part Sades' SA902 will far exceed your expectations when looking at the price. For under 30 bucks you can have what feels like a high quality headset. So what if it only lasts 6 months? Sometimes when your working on a budget you can't concern yourself with the future! If your in the market for some headphones that provide a high quality sound although somewhat delicate, the SA902's might be in your amazon cart soon.

#8 Acer GN246HL Bbid 24-Inch 3D Gaming Display (144Hz Refresh Rate)

Acer GN246HL Bbid 24-Inch 3D Gaming Display

Yeah we all know there are some nicer 1080p monitors out there for less than the ACER GN246HL, but pop that hood and lemme see that refresh rate. There is not all that much more to say, 144Hz! A lot of people out there will tell you 144Hz is useless, but it does make a difference and those people are just jealous!

The GN246HL is an LED monitor and does everything you expect a monitor to do and then some. Boasting 3D Vision and 3D Lightboost out of the box this monitor can create an awesome gaming environment! When raising the Hz and coupling this with Lightboost the GN246HL creates exceedingly smooth game play with much less eye strain than that of a traditional 60Hz monitor. Along with this the monitor also claims to have a very impressive 1 millisecond response time.

On the flip side the monitor does have some minor downsides. The settings are slightly frustrating to navigate and don't provide all the customization you might desire. The stand is somewhat flimsy feeling and lacks in adjustability. The monitor does not have a display port on it and the wires connect into the back rather then the bottom preventing it from flush mounting to the wall. Finally although it claims 144Hz and can be set to 144hz, the monitor will more than likely at some point revert it back to 120Hz, this is common with 144Hz displays and even though your missing that 24Hz it is still double the current standard.

All in all if your looking for a monitor that maintains a smooth image even when moving fast in game and prefer less eye strain then look not further. No other monitor can really offer these things at this price point which makes it easy to over look the downsides. Ignore all those negative Nancy's, 144Hz is a game changer and wont disappoint the avid gamer.

#9 ASUS 23-inch Full HD Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor [VX238H] 1080p 1ms Rapid Response Time

ASUS 23-inch Full HD Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor

Not sold on 144Hz? Well ASUS has your back with VX238H full HD 1080p Wide-Screen Gaming Monitor. Clocking in at the standard 60Hz, the VX238H still has some things to brag about at a very cozy price!

The VX238H has a lot to brag about in is price range. It is able to deliver 1 millisecond response times with little to no ghosting. It features ASUS' Eye Care technology which cuts down on screen flicker allowing for less eye fatigue. Delivers excellent colors and contrast. It can easily be overclocked to 75Hz with no noticeable bleeding. Last but certainly not least it's stand feels high quality and is very sturdy.

For it's price the VX238H has surprisingly few downsides. Of course as all monitors it has very a very frustrating control layout which makes working through the settings feel clunky and unproductive. When the signal to the monitor is dropped it turns the screen solid blue on full brightness, in and attempt to blind you. To wrap it up the stand has no height adjustment.

All in all there's not much to complain about with this monitor. All of the negatives are easily over looked when comparing the positives to the price. The VX238H does exactly what it's supposed to do and excels at it. If your not sold on 144Hz or just aren't ready to drop the dough on a more expensive monitor, this one won't let you down on the battlefield!

#10 KLIM Desktop USB Microphone Stand for Computer Laptop PC and PS4 Gaming Mic

KLIM Desktop USB Microphone Stand for Computer Laptop

The KLIM USB mic is a pretty nice little mic for the money. Your not gonna be running a sound studio out of your bedroom, but your buddies in discord will be glad to hear your clean and crisp voice and it looks pretty cool too!

The KLIM mic is a pretty capable little mic for the cost. It is able to transmit clean and clear voice transmissions and that's about all you can ask from a microphone. It interface with your PC with USB, has integrated mute and volume control buttons, has some LED's on the base to make it look cool, and can function as a cellphone stand. Not bad for a 27 dollar standalone microphone.

It cant all be good at this price though. The microphone is constructed entirely of plastic and is accordingly flimsy. The LED's are known to stop working within days of receiving it, but who really cares about that? The volume control buttons are pretty annoying because they requires far too many clicks to adjust the volume any significant amount. To top it off the mic requires you to put it a little closer to your mouth than you'd hope from a standalone microphone which in some cases could put it in your way.

As a whole the cons are pretty easy to get over. It's a microphone and for a gamer as long as your sending clean and clear transmissions to your team you can't really ask for more. If your looking for a no frills standalone microphone the KLIM USB microphone does what its supposed to do all while look pretty cool, holding your cellphone, and not breaking the bank.

#11 Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat XXL, Stitched Edges, Waterproof, Ultra Thick

Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Mat XXL

The old adage bigger is better is true, at least if you ask any gamer about mouse pads. Reflex Lab's XXL extended gaming mat proves it! If your low on cash and size matters the XXL will cover it, in fact it will cover your whole desk.

It's hard to find things to brag about when it comes to mouse pads, but this one has figured a way out. Of course the main point is it's size, which is well beyond a mouse pad and crossing into desk mat territory. The ultra-smooth fabric surface feels great on your mouse feets and tracks well with both optical and laser mice. Its Super thick 5 millimeters provides a nice cushion to rest the heel of your palm. It's edges are stitched all the way around to avoid separation of the fabric and rubber. Finally one of its most desirable features; It's spill resistant, no joke it actually does a really good job of beading up liquid and letting you dump it off.

Offering so much when the consumer really only asked for little leaves room for some negatives. The rubber material of the mat pokes through the stitch on the edge in some places. The fabric though very soft and smooth can actually irritated the skin if letting it drag during intense mouse movements. To round it out, during extremely intense gaming sessions the rubber might give a little and allow the mat to slide around slightly.

As a whole this desk pad is a great deal for the money. It provides a lot of cool features you'd never really think about and likewise will take for granted once you have them, but you have them and that's whats important. The XXL provides room enough for your keyboard, to fling your mouse around like a madman, and the added benefit of protecting the surface of your desk. Whats not to like about it?

#12 Flash Furniture 36'' x 48'' Carpet Chair Mat with Lip

Flash Furniture 36'' x 48'' Carpet Chair Mat with Lip

Theres very little to say about Flash Furnitures Carpet mat, but it's something that many gamers need and thus deserves a spot on the list.

The Chair mat is made of commercial grade vinyl and comes in both white and clear. Its a standard 36 x 48 inches with a cut out for your desk. It claims to be scuff and scratch resistant, which is true up to a point.

`The negatives are par for the course when it comes to chair mats. The mat works best on thin carpet and tends to flex a bit on thicker carpet. The lip really doesn't stop you from rolling off, but manages to do a good job stopping you from rolling back on. The vinyl tends to crack within 6 months most predominately on thicker carpers on the contact points where it flexes.

Altogether you can expect about a year of use from this chair mat, and that's pretty good. What really matters is this covers a necessity for many gamers at a very low cost, and should be looked at as a consumable product that has a rather quick shelf life, but you can enjoy it while it lasts!

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