The Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair Review

Making its way into the gaming chair arena is the Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair with a pretty high back. Is it worth its weight and worth the price tag? Well, we were a little intrigued by the glowing reviews the chair has been receiving and we were also a little intrigued by the outstanding design the chair offers. It’s a bit futuristic and some of the design of the chair almost looks like it’s something that could be printed onto a luxury leather car seat. We dove into this chair as explored the exciting features that Corsair had in store for this chair. 


The design is something almost out of a movie but we think that’s because of their direction in the stitch job they’ve done. As you can see in the middle of the chair, it’s stitched up to look like something that’s from a luxury car with nice leather but on the outer edges of the chair, it almost looks like a racing seat or something from the future. Maybe it’s a conflict of interest or the color scheme in the particular model we’re looking at but it’s a well done and well thought out design overall. 


Along with being able to tilt way back to 180 degrees, there’s one area of expertise that Corsair always strives in and that’s the durability of their products. You should never for a minute doubt or consider the possibility that Corsair will go bad on you. Their gaming chairs may not be what they’re known for but the overall durability of this chair is well done and it could possibly be the last chair you ever own. Okay, that might be stretching it a bit but still, it’s pretty durable. 

Corsair T1 Race, Gaming Chair

​Features of the ​Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair

Recline Tilt – Something that a lot of people take for granted and don’t give enough credit for is the tilt functionality in gaming chairs. From our experience, people have different levels of comfort and some people like to only have a low degree tilt backwards and some people like to recline fully up to 180 degrees. Well, while we can’t possibly see how that’s comfortable, this chair allows you to recline all the way up to 180 degrees from a starting position of 90 degrees and it will lock in place once you find a comfortable position.

Support Pillows Free – The support pillows, which are pretty common in today’s gaming chairs (the lumbar and the headrest) are included for free. Why are these pillows important? Not only for your comfort but for your overall health if you spend a lot of time on the computer. They help promote healthy blood flow, they help you relax and they’re far more comfortable to lay on than your standard headrest cushions.

Movable Armrests – The armrests are equipped with a 4D direction adjustment joint which allows you to do just about anything with the armrests. You can flip them down, move them to the side or do whatever you like that helps you feel more convenient and more comfortable in the chair. Some people like armrests and some prefer to hide them, pretending like they aren’t on the chair.

Heavy Duty Wheels – The wheels on the base of the chair and the skeletal frame are made out of nylon. These nylon wheels are durable but they’ll stay put when you’re gaming. This means that you don’t have to worry about rolling around and the chair won’t go anywhere while you’re in a stationary position. This also doesn’t mean that the chair is hard to move around because it’s actually relatively easy.


  • The reclining functionality of the seat is highly durable and extremely convenient, as some people have reportedly used this chair as their bed in the 180 degrees lean back position
  • omes with two additional support pillows for free which are not only great for your comfort but it also impacts your overall health in a positive way
  • The armrests can be adjusted any way you like and they won’t get in the way if you want to put them down, like they’re not even there
  • The unique embroidery and design of the chair offers something a little new and gives a combination of luxury car with the look of the future
  • Big Brand name.


  • Corsair makes pretty high-quality products but they don’t have an abundance of gaming chairs, so it’s hard to get a hold of this one.

FAQ ​( Frequently Asked Questions

​Where is this chair made?

Corsair gaming chairs are developed and shipped from the USA.

​What’s the weight capacity of this chair?

We’ve gotten conflicted weight specifications for this chair but users have reported that the weight capacity is up to 265 pounds, which is perfectly normal for most gamers.

​Does Corsair have a warranty with their gaming chairs?

It would be best to contact Corsair directly concerning their warranty or coverage of their gaming chairs because we’re not 100% sure


The Corsair T1 Race Gaming Chair with the high back and the sleek black fresh finish look is a must have PC gaming chair of 2018. While a bit pricey, it’s not too expensive and it’s something that we feel everyone will enjoy. You can put it in your office, put it in your gaming room or anywhere that you’d like to relax for that matter. We have no major complaints and neither do the people who have bought this chair.

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