The Best Gaming Mouse Pads For Performance & Comfort

You need to observe the following details before buying a gaming mouse pad - surface, size, and the comfort. We believe that the VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad from is the top pick. The size fits all uses or needs and it is durable as well.

Best Choice

​VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

​Super Smooth

​This is the best choice for most gamers and this definitely stands out as one of the best gaming mouse pads for the size alone. It covers a large distance and it’s smooth to the touch. It’s a great and reliable surface that will work together in harmony with your mouse. 


​Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth

​For Top Control

​Don’t be fooled by the cloth fabric. It’s soft but this is one of the best custom gaming mouse pad options on the market right now. This mouse will cover your mouse and keyboard, giving you less keystroke noise while you’re typing and putting less vibration on the table below the keyboard.

Best Value

​AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

​Best for Extended Play

​It doesn’t get much more basic than this. AmazonBasics is a simple line of products that sell for relatively cheap and they’re generally well-reviewed. This isn’t one of the best gaming mouse pads on the market, but it’s really effective and it’s cheap. The surface is thick and durable.

​We have tested more than 15 gaming mouse pads and have seen some of the worst and amazed with the best.

ImageProductPrice GuideMaterialRatingPrice

Best Gaming Mouse Pads 2019

VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
Corsair MM300 Anti-Fray Cloth Gaming Mouse Pad Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Mouse Pad Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
SteelSeries 63004 QcK Gaming Mouse Pad Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
PECHAM 3mm Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
Razer Sphex V2 – Ultra Thin Polycarbonate Professional-Grade Gaming Mouse Mat Rubber
Check Price on
Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
Large Gaming Mouse Map Pad with Nonslip Base Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on
Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming Low $$$ Rubber
Check Price on

Not a lot of people think about their mouse pad. Some people probably forget they even have one. It’s that large surface sitting underneath your mouse. However, did you know that the best gaming mouse pads can actually improve your performance? Especially if you’re an FPS player. An uneven surface for your mouse creates tension and can make your mouse movements sketchy. We’ve reviewed the best mouse pads for gaming on the market and we’ve even looked at custom gaming mouse pad options for those who want to make their own.

We like to go over a few different things when we select the best mouse pads for gaming. First, there’s the overall surface and how durable it is. It needs to withstand the test of time and it can’t be damaged by oily skin, because your skin will rest on the pad a lot. It also needs to be smooth and allow for a really smooth scroll across the surface area.

The Top 10 Things to Consider 

  • ​The surface space of your desk is one thing to consider when you’re looking at the best mouse pads for gaming.
  • Try to consider how smooth your mouse is too because the best gaming mouse pads will work seamlessly with your mouse and there won’t be any friction.
  • Is the mouse pad comfortable? The best gaming pads will have a comfortable touch to them when you lay your hands on them. 
  • Is the material durable? Will the mouse pad succumb to pressure over a certain period of time because when you look at the best mouse pads for gaming, they need to be built to last.
  • Is the mouse pad water resistant? We understand that accidents and spills happen, so it’s best to make sure it’s resistant.
  • How smooth is the playing surface of the mouse pad? The best gaming mouse pads have a super soft and smooth surface that allows you to roll the mouse easily.
  • How large the mouse pad is should also come into play, which is why a lot of people order a custom gaming mouse pad to fit their custom size requirements.
  • It’s also important to make sure that the best gaming mouse pads won’t slip, so it should have a slip-free rubber base.
  • Is the mouse pad machine washable? While they should be spill resistant, you should also be able to wash it.
  • This is usually something that’s offered with a custom gaming mouse pad but does they offer a warranty? They should if they’re custom or on the more expensive side.
  • ​How to Pick the Best Gaming Mouse Pads

    ​Ideally, the best mouse pad would be a custom gaming mouse pad. They can be made tailored to your individual needs with exact measurements and with your exact hardware in mind. However, since we review already made gaming mouse pads, our aim is to bring you the best gaming mouse pads. First, we look at the overall surface that the mouse pad covers. Most people only need enough for a regular sized mouse but for those who have large gaming gear such as a Razer mouse, you need a larger surface.

    Also, look out for the fabric used because some mouse pads are softer than others and some are far less durable. You really want to find a mouse pad that covers the exact area you’re going to be playing on and not everyone needs a super large mouse pad. It’s really cool to have one but pick one that fits your specific needs as most people only need an area large enough for their mouse. Also, your budget should come into mind but mouse pads really aren’t that expensive, even the higher priced ones.


    ​Low Budget Mouse Pad - VicTsing Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

    ​VisTsing isn’t a name that’s well-known in the industry but from our experience, they always produce some pretty high-quality mouse pads, so we’ll dive into this one and take a look. This is a rather large mouse pad and it covers a lot of areas, so this is great for a lot of gamers.


    • ​Rather large and it’s a great size for any kind of needs, whether it’s gaming or browsing
    • A very smooth browsing surface allows you to scroll your mouse with resistance


    • ​The material is very durable and is very comfortable
    • ​The coating of the mouse pad is actually water resistant so you don’t have to worry about spills


    • ​There’s a very odd smell for the first couple of days when you first get it


    ​Best Gaming Mouse Pad - CORSAIR MM300

    ​One thing we love about Corsair besides everything they have to offer is that when they make mouse pads, they usually make these large surface area mouse pads that cover the entire desk or at least the working area where your keyboard and mouse is. The MM300 is no exception.


    • ​This entire mousepad was designed to give precise pixel control on a mouse
    • The stitch job is well done, like all other Corsair projects
    • The entire padding and the material was made specifically to ensure that gaming sensors would be quicker on it


    • ​It comes with zero slip material and won’t go anywhere
    • ​It’s very accurate and highly precise


    • ​It’s a bit pricier than some other corsair mouse pads but it’s worth it


    ​Best Budget Mouse Pad - AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

    ​It can’t get more basic than the AmazonBasics XXL. It’s not much to the name but AmazonBasics has a lot of products they release and they’re always very generic. This, however, is very high-quality and we feel like they did a really good job on these. It’s definitely worthwhile of mentioning.


    • ​This is an ideal pad for gamers and production workers as its multi-versatile
    • ​The surface used in this material is very high-quality
    • ​The measurements are great for anyone who needs just a simple surface mouse pad


    • ​You can wash it in your washing machine if need be
    • ​The surface of this mouse pad is very smooth
    • ​You get a warranty backed by Amazon if you’re not happy


    • ​Don’t let it get rolled up, or it’s hard to unroll and the edges won’t stay flat


    Cheap Gaming Mouse Pad - SteelSeries 63004 QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

    ​SteelSeries has been known for creating a lot of decent products, usually in the headset sector but they’ve done things in other areas as well, such as mouse pads. The area surface of this mouse pad is rather smooth and it’s a well-done mouse pad overall. There’s not a lot to it but the material used is pretty high-quality.


    • ​The surface of this mouse pad is extremely smooth and it feels good to the touch
    • The base of this mouse pad is rubber and it doesn’t slip on your desk, no matter how hard you try
    • It comes in several different sizes even though most people only use medium


    • ​It’s very cost effective and probably cheaper than any mouse pad you can find in Walmart
    • ​It’s extra large sized and comes in at a very great value depending on what you’re looking for
    • ​Has a unique design and great fabric used in the material


    ​Highest Reviewed Mouse Pad - PECHAM 3mm Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

    ​PECHAM isn’t a company we really know by heart which is why we were a little bit suspicious upon approaching this product. However, we noticed it’s one of the number one sellers on Amazon, so it had to be worth something right? Why is it so cheap? Why is it selling so fast? We can answer that easily: This is a high-quality mouse pad.


    • ​The overall size is actually extended and goes up to 780mm by 300 mm. The overall thickness is around 3mm
    • ​The surface area is super smooth and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever felt before
    • ​If you want to wash this piece, you can easily throw it in the washer


    • ​It’s a great gift for anyone who needs an extra gaming mouse pad, seeing as it’s highly affordable
    • ​It’s very lightweight and it’s very durable
    • ​You can get excellent speed on this mouse


    • ​The edge of the mouse pad can seem a little fragile but there are not many complaints


    ​Fanciest Mouse Pad - Razer Sphex V2 - Ultra Thin Polycarbonate Professional-Grade Gaming Mouse Mat

    ​We really love the design of this Razer mouse pad. Razer in general always has some of the best designs out there and the Sphex V2 is no exception. It looks really cool and looks kind of like a rainbow waterfall that’s constantly flowing. It’s really great in that regards, it doesn’t really have any shortcomings.


    • ​A completely ultra-thin mouse pad that is great for any mouse, no matter how heavy it is
    • Delivers the ultimate gaming experience with the lowest FPS possible


    • ​Highly portable and it’s easy to carry around since folding this mouse pad up doesn’t keep it in one relative shape
    • ​It’s great for rip and tears resistance, so you won’t have to worry about the thing ripping on you


    • ​It’s a bit more expensive than some of the other cheaper mouse pads and it does rip easier on the edges


    ​Largest Gaming Mouse Pad - Reflex Lab Large Extended Gaming Mouse Pad

    ​This is easily one of the largest gaming mouse pads on the market today and you definitely won’t run out of any room to work on if you’re moving on this mouse pad. No matter whether you’re gaming or you’re typing, you won’t have to worry about the room on the Reflex mouse pad. Also, it’s pretty thick, coming in at 5mm.


    • ​Extremely large and easily fits on any surface
    • ​The surface is extremely smooth and has no problem accommodating any mouse
    • It’s very thick and durable


    • ​It's waterproof so it’s spill proof as well
    • ​The backing is rubber so it won’t go anywhere


    • ​If you move the mouse around a lot, the mouse pad will slide a tiny bit


    ​Thick Gaming Mouse Pad - Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat

    ​This is a very thick gaming mouse pad. From the company Glorious PC Gaming Race, which is obviously a reference to the on-going debate over which is better for gaming, PC or Xbox, Glorious seems to produce some pretty high-quality items such as this item. This mouse pad is durable, it’s thick and it holds its own relatively well.


    • ​The thickness of the mat is relatively small while being durable
    • ​You can easily wash these gaming mouse pads in the machine


    • ​The frame of these mouse pads is stitched together in a way they can’t be broken
    • ​The cloth surface is extremely smooth, so the mouse goes across the surface very smooth


    • ​Washing this mouse pad takes a bit and it takes forever to dry out


    ​Large Gaming Mouse Map Pad with Nonslip Base

    ​This is a very large mousepad and it has a very unique detail on it. It has the entire world on it in a very thin black/grey color and it’s very unique. We’ve never seen anything like this mouse pad. It’s also very soft and we think it’s very high-quality in terms of the material used in the mouse pad.


    • ​Offers an extremely large surface for all your gaming needs
    • ​Has a unique and cool background that not a lot of other mouse pads give you
    • ​It’s easily foldable and it travels in the blink of an eye


    • ​The size has been extended just to give you more comfort
    • ​This pad won’t slide or slip thanks to the background material


    • ​It’s a large mat that doesn’t fit on everyone’s desk


    ​Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming

    ​The G440 seems like a pretty standard mouse pad but it has a lot of things other mouse pads don’t, which really justifies the price that this thing sells for. It’s very soft, it’s kind of thick in terms of materials used and it has a very stable rubber base used.


    • ​It’s a very stable mouse pad, which doesn’t succumb to wear and tear
    • ​The construction is made in multiple layers to ensure durability


    • ​The friction of the surface on this pad ensures that it has a high-DPI for mice
    • ​The base of the mouse pad is extremely stable and durable with a very soft touching finish


    • ​It can start to feel some wear and tear on heavy use

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    ​Q: Does the fabric on a mouse pad matter?
    A: It can. Some people have more sensitivity on their skin to mouse pads so when their skin rests on it, it can trigger a reaction. Some fabrics are worn down by the oil in the skin quicker as well and that’s generally the case with the really thin fabric mouse pads.

    Q: How much is a custom gaming mouse pad?
    A: It ideally depends on what you’re trying to get and what you’re trying to put on it. It’s not so much that the materials of the mouse pad will cost a lot, it’s more along the lines of having the custom graphic done if you’d like a custom graphics or design on the mouse pad. Those are what cost the most and even those usually aren’t too expensive. If you already have a design handy, you’ll save a bit of money. If you don’t have one handy and want one designed, then you’ll have to prepare to spend a bit of money.



    ​The best gaming mouse pads are pretty easy to find and mouse pads are honestly often overlooked as something that’s essential for high-precision gaming. A mouse pad can make a world of difference as long as you have a high-quality mouse. An uneven and dirty mouse pad can make your game feel glitchy and as if your mouse is moving on its own. However, with the best gaming mouse pads, we’ve recommended here, you’ll get super smooth scrolling action. You won’t ever have to worry about getting another mouse pad again, at least for a very long time.

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