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Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Everyone knows DXRacer chairs.

But do you know which ones are worth your time and which ones don't live up to the name? 

In this thorough post, we'll be looking at several of the more popular models. Some of them are built for bulkier gamers, others are the casual fit you see with many racing chairs.

Furthermore, some models have specific features you wouldn't find in not only other brands, but the usual DXRacer products either.

Let's take a peek and find something that you might feel fits properly.

Best Choice

Formula Series FD01 Racing Chair

Great for average heights.

Its ergonomic design will take your gaming experience to the next level.


Lifetime warranty

Extra Wide

King Series DOH/KS06/NB

Great for bulkier gamers.

Larger & wider design. Perfect for big & tall gamers.

With smooth caster wheels that's easy to roll.

Higher Backrest

Racing Series DOH/RE0/NO

Racing Series DOH/RE0/NO

Executive-style backrest.

Designed for more comfort & efficiency. Armrest are soft & adjustable.

Breathable PU material

DXRacer chairs are the self-proclaimed best gaming chairs in the world.

If you go to Twitch or YouTube Gaming, you'll see a ton of them since so many streamers have one.

One of the unique features that set them apart from other chairs is that they offer full spine support with a high backrest.

The framework used to build DXRacer chair is relatively solid and the materials used on them is really high quality. 

Let's head to the reviews - and here are several other options for particular gamer segments if you don't want to read the rather long article.

Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs - 3 Extra Choices

DXRacer Classic Series DOH/CE120/N Big and Tall Chair
  • Ergonomic Design: Yes
  • Material: Leather Style Vinyl
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on parts
Check Price on Amazon
DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RE0/NW Newedge Edition
  • Ergonomic Design: Yes
  • Material: PU cover
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on parts
Check Price on Amazon
DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV118/NBW Newedge Edition
  • Ergonomic Design: Yes
  • Material: Carbon Look Vinyl and PU cover
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty on frame, 24-month warranty on parts
Check Price on Amazon

Quick pros & cons of your usual DXRacer chair


  • These chairs greatly reduce your level of fatigue experienced for several reasons when sitting in a conventional office chair.

    Fatigue can result from staying up too late but when you’re gaming, fatigue is often caused by strain on important areas such as your neck, back and other parts of your body. The spread out the padding and strategically placed foam will help reduce fatigue.

  • These DXRacer chairs come with very high customization options, allowing you to customize them any way you’d like. If you don’t like something that’s included, you can either remove it, swap it out or adjust it. That’s one of the things that they do better than anyone.

  • The chairs support people of all different weights and heights. There are wide chairs, there are tall chairs and adjustable neck heights on a lot of different DXRacer chair brands out there. If you don’t like the original look of a chair to fit your body, you can easily adjust that.

  • DXRacer chairs are highly durable and made to last for a very long time. Unlike conventional chairs, the exterior won’t fall apart and the foam doesn’t cave in after a couple of months of usage.


  • There may be some assembly required, but the assembly is relatively straightforward, they always come with instructions and is easy to follow.

  • DXRacer chairs are a bit more expensive than your conventional office chairs but this is because of all the functionality offered by this brand, compared to your old run-of-the-mill DXRacer gaming chair.

The winners:
6 best DXRacer gaming chairs on the market


The classic - that's how we'd call the FD01 Formula Series.

Possibly the most popular, most well-received DXRacer chair ever, it also comes at a decent price tag.

This black and red themed chair has a heightened neck for maximum support and comfort. The chair also comes with bonuses; the headrest cushion and the lumbar cushion. This is a racecar edition seat which compliments any racing game and gives you a nice advantage over other players with an optimal driving position seating.


  • Has an ergonomic design for efficiency and comfort. In addition to that, the chair comes with a couple of bonuses such as the headrest cushion and the lumbar cushion for even more comfort and support.

  • The material used is a strong high-quality mesh and PU.

  • Comes highly adjustable with a nice flexible backseat. Offers full spinal support with a higher backrest than normal.

  • The arrests were made with specialized soft material that is durable to protect your wrists and arms.

  • For people who like to use the base of the chair as a footrest, the chair comes with nylon footrests.

  • Has a weight capacity of 200 pounds and suits gamers up to 5'8'' tall.

This is a great chair for the younger audience or your gamers of average height and weight. If you’re a larger customer, you might want to consider another chair as you won’t find much breathing room with this particular model. Check our other recommendations like the King Series.



  • The DXRacer chair can swivel around 360 degrees which can add spark to your game, especially if you play NFS.
  • The backrest is wider than other chairs and gives ample support to the lower back.
  • Assembling this chair isn’t difficult at all and will take about twenty minutes.


  • The hydraulic unit has been imported from Germany and is made to pass international standards of quality.
  • The material used for this DXRacer productis PU leather which is fade resistant and can be easily cleaned. The carbon vinyl cover on the chair gives it a shiny look, accentuating its gaming design.
  • The armrests can be moved in 4D dimensions, to change their height and angles. It comes with 3-inch caster wheels which makes maneuvering quite easy.


Racing Series DOH/RE0/NO

This black and orange beauty comes in another lineup of the racing series of DXRacer. It’s officially classified as the DOH/RE0/NO but what makes it so special and what makes it part of the “Newedge” edition?

For those who don’t know, Newedge is the newest lineup of DXRacer chairs which improves on features from previous models. This is classified as an eSports chair and goes great with office environments as well as gaming. It comes highly recommended in terms of durability and comfort with the extra added pillows for support.

For the hardcore gamers, you’ll be able to comfortably rest your head on the lumbar and neck pillows included for free with the purchase of this chair. This is a race car seat theme chair with a nice patented theme.

Also, you’ll take comfort in the breathable PU material that’s included in the interior of the chair as you sit down and breathe a breath of fresh air. The backrest was built specifically to be extra high and allows for proper eye level vision of your computer as you game or watch television.


DOH/RE0/NW Newedge Edition

What can only be described as a modern and high paced art style for this chair is one of the most advanced chairs they have to offer.

With a solid and strong aluminum base, you can rely on this DXRacer chair to last for a long time, even for the most extreme of gamers.


  • Comes with a sleek design and an aluminum base for durability.
  • The armrests are equipped with soft material and are adjustable to protect your shoulders and wrists.
  • A patented race car with soft and breathable comfortable material.
  • Comes with a higher backrest than normal so that your head can rest comfortably while gaming.
  • Four different color schemes including red and black in addition to the black and white combination.

This DXRacer chair comes packed with a lot of soft and durable material that won’t cave in after prolonged use. This is an excellent chair for anyone who spends a lot of time gaming or in front of a screen.


We would definitely recommend DXRacer chair for improving gaming experience if you’re used to chairs that creak and bend under your weight. It has a lot of the wonderful advantages that we expect from a racing style chair. Here’s what we found.


  • Durable construction that’s made to last
  • Nice armrest construction that intersects at sturdiness and comfort, not too hard, not so soft that they’ll wear out quickly
  • Speaking of the armrests, we really like the multi-directional adjustment capabilities


  • Skin can stick to the vinyl leather if it’s warm in the room
  • Armrests didn’t come up high enough for some testers


Racing Series DOH/RV118/NBW

When you sit down on the seat, it’s kind of like a heavenly cloud and we loved the seat so much, we didn’t want to get out of it. When testing DXRacer chair for comfort, it was one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve ever tried to date.

Is it worth the price and does it hold up to the DXRacer standard and their qualifications?

You’ll have to read more to find out but we feel that you won’t be disappointed with the level of quality present in this DXRacer chair and the comfort provided.

FAQ: Which DXRacer Gaming Chair Will Suit You?

As one of the go-to brands for professional gamers, there's lots of choice on the market. From big to small, they will keep you playing in style. We've already talked about some of their best products, but which should you go for?

It depends on which chair will suit your needs. It can sometimes be hard to choose from such a varied range, so here's an FAQ with ten commonly asked questions to help you decide.

Q. What's the cheapest chair available?
Unfortunately, even the cheapest DXRacer chairs cost several hundred bucks. It's not astronomically expensive, but they are markedly more costly than a non-branded entry-level model.

The tradeoff means DXRacer chairs have higher build quality, and they're worth their while in the long run. The Origin Series is generally the most affordable, and they go up in price for each tier.

In this sense, we assume you already have a higher budget for a proper ergonomic chair if you're looking at what DXRacer has to offer you.

Q. Are there any decent alternatives?

As you might expect, there are numerous alternatives if you're not impressed with the DXRacer range. We have a guide with reviews and information on some of the best chairs currently available, so check it out if you want more choice. There's little a DXRacer chair can't do, but it's up to you to decide which is best.

Q. Why is the chair I want unavailable?

There's no guarantee that the chair you like will be available. Stocks are generally limited, and they tend to sell quickly. DXRacer do post restocks on their various social media pages, while certified resellers like Amazon tend to have a steady supply most of the time. You'll have to go through a reseller if you're purchasing from outside the US.

Q. Can I order a chair in an alternative color?

You'll only be able to order certain chairs in the colors shown next to the product online. There's a veritable rainbow across the entire range, but some have fewer colors to choose from than others. The Really Big chair in the Tank series only has two, while the OH/FH11/NCS has a whopping eleven variants.

Q. Who uses DX Racer chairs?

Part of the popularity stems from their many partnerships and sponsorships. They're often seen being used on Twitch and YouTube, while they're not out of place in an expo or tournament. It's notable that you'll also see those chairs being used by smaller channels, as dedicated pros and enthusiasts alike tend to invest in a decent chair for their main hobby or job.

Q. Can they be used for more than gaming?

Of course. They'll double up as a competent office chair, while the ergonomic support will keep you safe and secure during extended periods. They might not fit in with the decor of a traditional office, but they wouldn't look out of place at a tech company or startup. For business or pleasure, it'll literally have your back. Considering the company started off making luxury car seats in 2001, it's no surprise that the range is so stylish and comfortable.

Q. What range of sizes do are there?

To better fit your body, there's a total of five different sizes to pick from. They range from S, all the way up to XXL, and they're priced accordingly. A few chairs aren't available in every size, but it generally makes for a wide mix to choose from.

Q. What's the difference between each series?

The different types of Series that make up the product range offer different perks. The Racing series is closer to their roots, while the Origin series features their older, more popular models. The King, Sentinel, and Tank variations are priced in ascending order, with each offering more comfort and support at a higher price. (So Tank is at the top, and Origin is entry level.)

Q. What makes a DX Racer better than an average gaming chair?

DXRacer is confident in their products and this translates into not only the warranty, but also the build and materials used. Much like Secretlabs, they use cold-cured foam for padding in a lot of their models. This means better cushioning, more responsive foam when you sit/stand up from the chair just as one example.

Additionally, you'd find fully 4D armrests on a lot of DXChair models, as well as a Tier 4 gas lifts for hydraulics and stability. Both of these are reserved for higher end branded chairs; you won't find the same sturdiness and flexibility of armrest pivoting in lower-priced alternatives.


DXRacers are some of the best gaming chairs on the market, even after the arrival of so many gaming chair brands. They’re light and durable, with built-in functionality for extended gaming sessions. It’s true that DXRacer chairs are more expensive than generic models, but you’ll be able to feel the difference as soon as you sit down.

With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, it’s easy to find one DXRacer chair to suit your setup. If you’re looking for that extra edge, they’ll keep you going for longer while keeping your spine safe.