Best Adult Bean Bag Chairs – Ultimate Guide

Bean bag chairs, the underrated comfortable chairs that you’re more likely to find in a man cave or a teenager’s bedroom. However, a lot of adults use bean bag chairs to because they’re comfortable. They’re not talked about a lot today and they’re not even looked at as real or serious chairs like computer gaming chairs. They come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes and are usually relatively cheap. The thing that makes … Read more

Big and Tall Gaming Chair – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a tall or large person, you probably struggle and have a hard time finding a gaming chair that’s suitable for you. This is a common struggle that a lot of bigger people go through because it’s hard to find chairs that aren’t suited for skinny young adults and teenagers. However, we’ve scoured through the internet and looked through all of the reviews to find the perfect chairs that are best suited for you.There’s … Read more

Bean Bag Couch – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Move aside love sofas, because the bean bag couch is making a splash. What’s a bean bag couch? A bean bag in all different forms is essentially just a bag that’s been sealed tightly that contains beans inside or materials such as polystyrene or PVC pellets. There’s a few different materials that can be used to fill the bag but bean bag sofas unlike traditional sofas are just large bags filled with a bean grade … Read more

10 Gaming Chairs Used By The Top Twitch Streamers

Twitch has become the YouTube of gaming. Who would have thought playing computer games and streaming them online can bring you millions of dollars? Well, it’s happening today and it’s very real.You can watch the gameplay of the best players in the world, learn some of their moves. Some players also show their gaming setup on YouTube which can help you level up your own game.Today, you will learn about the gaming chairs used by … Read more

10 Gaming Chairs Your Top Game Of Thrones Characters Would Choose

10-Chairs You Can Play and Wait for Winter on..Think gaming, think Game of Thrones, what accessories would Ned Stark, (pre-chop,) Littlefinger, John Snow, and the other heavyweight schoose? …Well, when it comes to chairs, there may only ever be one iron throne, but that doesn’t mean the big hitters will just slum it on the couch when it comes time to kick back and unwind. They’ve been plotting, scheming, and slashing all day long so the least we … Read more

5 Best Keyboards for Gaming 2018

There’s a distinct difference between someone who games casually and someone who’s serious about their gameplay. You can always tell who’s serious about their computer gaming by their setup which includes the gaming chair, the gaming mice & the Keyboard they use for gaming. A person’s hardware not only sets apart the casuals and the hardcore players but can also give people an upper hand advantage in some situations. For example, a gaming mouse has … Read more

Top Gaming Computer Desk 2018 – Ultimate List

You want to take your gaming seriously. You want something that will not only provide support for all of your hardware, but something that will be comfortable for you when you’re in the groove and in a competitive match. Finding a decent computer desk can be a challenge but it’s also hard to find the absolute “best” because everyone has different needs. This can vary based on how many different monitors you have, what kind … Read more

All about virtual reality chairs

​Virtual reality has been taking the gaming world by storm over recent years. VR puts gamers in the world that they are playing in, allowing them to step into fictional and non-fictional environments. The wave of virtual reality devices now available on the market helps gamers enrich their experiences, and it’s easy to become incredibly immersed in the virtual world that you are playing in. Gamers say they are many advantages attached to playing virtual … Read more