Top 15 Gaming Computer Desk 2017 – Ultimate List

You want to take your gaming seriously. You want something that will not only provide support for all of your hardware, but something that will be comfortable for you when you’re in the groove and in a competitive match. Finding a decent computer desk can be a challenge but it’s also hard to find the absolute “best” because everyone has different needs. This can vary based on how many different monitors you have, what kind of setup you have, where your tower is going to be positioned and other factors as well. If you want to find the best gaming computer desk, we need to look at a few things first.

About the Gaming Computer Desk

What is a gaming computer desk? If you’ve ever worked in an office setting or walked into an office, you might notice that most desks are plain and have basic functionality to fit a computer and some office supplies. Gaming computer desks on the other hand have to provide a bit more because gamers tend to have different setups. For example, gaming computer desks are usually built to accomodate more than one monitor and some even include a high rise so that your monitor is elevated. This allows you to place a laptop or other hardware where most people would put a monitor.

The Benefits of Using a Computer Gaming Desk

Are there really any benefits to using a gaming desk or is it all just a marketing trick? Using a computer desk does have its various benefits and some of these desks don’t even cost much more than a regular desk you’d find at your local Walmart or other office supply store. First, there’s the positioning of hardware on your desk. Computer gaming desks are built with gamers in mind so when you see a stand for your monitor, it allows you to place other things in front of where the monitor would originally go and allows you to tilt back while you gaming, relaxing you. Gaming computer desks are best used in conjunction with a gaming chair.

What Should One Look For When Buying A Computer Gaming Desk?

When you’re picking our gaming related hardware and room accessories, you should be on the lookout for different things.

  • Take into consideration how many monitors you have and what kind of space the desk offers for those monitors

  • Do you need a desk with drawers or cubby holes? Some people like to place their towers inside of these cubby holes to protect them

  • How sturdy does the desk need to be and how heavy is the equipment you’re setting on top of it?

  • Do you have a dust prone environment? This should be taken into consideration when you’re considering what kind of surface top to get

  • Are you someone who lashes out and rages a lot? It’s probably safe to avoid the glass counter tops then or find another outlet to release your anger

Top 15 Computer Gaming Desks

We’ve scoured through thousands of computer gaming desks so that we could bring you the absolute best computer gaming desks not only for the functionality they provide but for the value they provide as well for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. These desks are multi-purpose and will serve to improve your gameplay along with your workspace if you prefer to use the desk as an office desk.

1. Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk with Bookshelves, Dark Russet Cherry

For those of you looking with a little bit of storage space and for something that will complete your home-office look, the Altra Dakota is a great fit for the home or office environment. This is best fitted for people who have an empty corner for a desk to fit in. While the desk comes with two open bookshelves, you can fit in movies, CDs, video games, mini-towers or other things in there as well. It’s a strong desk that can hold up to a considerate amount of weight as well.

Altra Dakota L-Shaped Desk


  • Corner shape design for a perfect fit

  • Comes with two bookshelves to fit a wide variety of different objects

  • Comes with a sleek dark cheery design and look


  • Can hold up to 100 pounds on top of the desk for people with heavy hardware

  • Has a lot of storage room for anything you might want to store alongside your computer such as binders, movies, books or games

  • Has a very large area surface top that allows you to place large monitors on top of it

  • Plenty of leg room underneath the desk surface


  • The only con is that there is some bit of assembly required to get the full desk intact

2. Atlantic Gaming Desk - Not Machine Specific

Atlantic Gaming desks are great for students and for gaming rooms. They’re usually very minimal in their design and straight forward. If you need a desk where you can store books, games, controllers or anything else, there’s a limited amount of storage space available for that and several drawers made specifically for that. It’s a very minimalistic setup and is great for people with a laptop that would like to connect a monitor to that laptop. It fits just about anywhere and can fit a heavy monitor on top of the kickstand designed for an extra monitor.

Atlantic Gaming Desk


  • Has its very own cable management system in the back for those who are annoyed with cords

  • Sturdy steel construction ensures it will be sturdy enough to withstand a lot of weight

  • Comes with a stand that will fit a monitor up to 27 inches

  • Comes with a wide variety of different storage devices and trays including speaker trays, a charging station, a table top, a monitor stand, storage for your controllers, storage racks for your games, a power strip holder and even a cup holder


  • You don’t have to wonder where your gaming controllers, headset or any devices are as this desk comes with a holder or storage for everything

  • Is relatively lightweight and is easy to be moved around

  • Sturdy and built with a nice steel frame


  • If you have a monitor over 27 inches, it might be hanging off of the platform a tad bit, which isn’t a big deal as long as it’s only a couple of inches

3. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Black

With an image that can only be described as a really hip beer pong table, the Arozzi Arena desk is a stylish desk and it’s one of the most expensive desks here on the list. The reason is, it comes with a very unique style and the texture used is relatively high quality as well. You’ll also find plenty of room on this desk as it can fit up to three large monitors. The curved ark allows you to fit your chair into the desk naturally and it even comes with a customized mouse pad that’s accident friendly.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk


  • Has three sections that are divided when it’s being transported

  • Comes in 5 different colors to attune to your mood

  • Comes with a nice microfiber surface mouse pad that will resist water when spilled

  • Comes with a far wider surface top than other desks on this list which allow for more hardware and monitors


  • Able to fit three monitors and even more accessories on the surface

  • You don’t have to worry about spilling water on the mouse pad

  • Easy to break down and transport


  • Costs a little more than some of the other items on this list and this item is usually limited in stock

4. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

With a more practical design and a more affordable price, the Origami RDE desk is great for any office environment or home studio. It may not have as much room on top as our last item, but this isn’t for the hardcore gamer or someone with a serious streaming career. This is a budget computer desk for people that don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. One of the best things is how easily flat it folds, so it’s very easy to carry around and store. Also, when it arrives at your place, you’ll be delighted to note that there’s absolutely no assembly required.

 4. Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk


  • Comes with a flat fold that’s easy to assemble and de-assemble

  • Has a high shelf capacity of 250 pounds


  • Is easily opened and closed within a couple of seconds

  • There’s no assembly or tools required to get it up and going once ordered

  • You can store multiple heavy items on the surface as long as space is permitted


  • A couple of people have complained about a faulty latch hook but customer service is great about returns

5. Gaming Desk Pro All-in-one professional gamer desk

Here is a desk that’s designed for the hardcore gamer with a lot of accessories at their disposal. If you’re one of those people who has trouble finding all of their gamer gear or wants a better place to store things like remotes and controllers, then look no further. From console controller storage areas to an under desk fast storage area, this desk allows you to store everything you’d need and it’s relatively sturdy as well. We really enjoy the high rise top that allows you to place a monitor on it, as long as the monitor isn’t above 27 inches.

Pro gaming desk


  • Comes with embedded wire holding units for your controllers, remotes, headphones, games and more

  • Has a cup holder for people who hate those unsightly water rings on their desk

  • Instead of laying your phone on your desk, this desk has a nice charging station to hold your mobile devices


  • You can charge and store your mobile device

  • You can store your controllers after use

  • Don’t lose track of your games again with the 10 game storage unit in this desk

  • You have a spot to hold your drink


  • A little bit of assembly may be required but it’s very minimal

6.Omnirax OmniDesk Audio/Video Editing Workstation Computer Desk

One of the things about this desk is that it may fit a bit awkward in some environments, so you may want to take measurements before ordering this desk. It’s a great workstation desk though that offers a lot of space and a lot of utility for your everyday gaming and editing needs. While it can still be a great gaming desk as well, it may not be ideal for the hardcore gamer who wants the ultimate gaming setup because of the positioning of where your hardware and peripherals will need to go.

Omnirax OmniDesk Audio/Video Editing Workstation - Black


  • Equipped with a lot of rack spaces for storage

  • Plenty of room on the bridge for at least 2 monitors and your speaker system

  • Plenty of storage under the desk as well


  • Offers a lot of space and room for storage of all your audio related equipment

  • Has a bridge that will allow you to house multiple monitors

  • Makes cable management easy and it’s also great for heavy duty hardware


  • The size is rather awkward so you may need to take measurements of the place you intend to put the desk before getting it

7. Gaming Desk Table Durable Workstation

This desk is straight to the point and is one of those point forward budget desks that any kind of home environment could use. It’s a great gift for a loved one that has their own space for gaming and doesn’t have a lot of things to store on top of the desk. It may lack in surface space like some of the desks on this list, but its very budget friendly and can store two monitors as long as they’re not huge. It’s a very lightweight and simple design desk.

Gaming Desk Table Durable Workstation


  • Has a built in headphone holder

  • Comes with the tools required for assembly

  • Very durable and lightweight for transportation


  • Gives you a place to store your headphones and gives plenty of surface space for your peripherals

  • Great for dorms, offices or the home environment

  • Won’t make your room filled or clunky but instead allows you to place a lightweight desk in for ease


  • May not be able to hold as much weight as other desks on the list but it’s for study and light gaming mostly

8. E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table

It’s not uncommon today to see a lot of computers with glowing sensors inside of them or even glowing cooling fans. However, this is a desk that glows as the touch of a button and is easily controlled with a remote. It’s boasted as the world’s first wireless glowing gaming desk and has a nice unique design on the surface that shows you the optimal placement for your keyboard and mouse. How does it hold up?

E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk Table


  • Glows in the dark with a remote control

  • Was designed at the best optimal height for people who spend a long time gaming

  • Has a comfortable foot bar beneath the desk for comfort

  • Has a satin finished surface underneath for faster sensor response


  • Will improve the sensory speed of your mouse

  • Allows you to control the glow and the speed of the glow via remote control

  • Nice cable management for your mouse (if it’s not wireless)

  • Plenty of room for a large monitor


  • While the assembly is relatively easy, it doesn’t come with instructions

9. Metal Office/Gaming Desk PC Computer Table

This leisurely and stylish desk is a great corner desk for any office or gaming room. There’s plenty of room on top that will allow you to place all the hardware, monitors or gaming material you need. It’s very easy to assemble as well with very clear instructions on how to do so. It has a very industrial style look with the thin steel beams. The body is made completely of steel and is built to last.


  • Fits nicely into a corner where space provides

  • Comes with steel reliable construction on the body

  • Is easily portable for convenience


  • Allows for up to a certain amount of weight (more than some desks) due to the steel frame

  • Doesn’t take a long time or a lot of tools to assemble

  • It only weighs 61 pounds


  • There’s no peripheral storage holders, cup holder or anything to store things on this unit

10. Lifetime 4428 Height Adjustable Folding Utility Table for Computer Desk

Coming in at #10, is one of the most clear cut and dry tables we have on our list. The reason we included it as a great gaming desk is because it’s highly portable with the easy fold mechanism and it’s relatively cheap. It’s also multi-purpose and very light-weight, so you can take it to family gatherings, use it for a garage sale or in the home as well.

Height Adjustable Folding Desk


  • Easy fold mechanism for when you’re on the go

  • Holds a durable amount of weight and is very strong

  • Has a carrying handle for transportation


  • Holds a couple of monitors plus other peripherals

  • Easily folds up for when you want or need to move it

  • You can adjust the height to your preference and chair


  • Doesn’t come with other fancy features as other desks on this list but the price is super low

11. OneSpace 50-JN110500 Ultramodern Glass L-Shape PC/Gaming Desk

If you’re someone who likes to release their anger on their desk when they lose a game, you might want to avoid this next item. This is a beautiful glass desk that’s in an L shape so it fits in comfortably with any room corner. It’s a very practical office desk and allows for a lot of storage. The glass top is reinforced with a durable steel frame on the bottom to support a tremendous amount of weight.

L-Shape Computer Desk


  • Comes with a highly durable steel black frame

  • Has a universal CPU stand that will fit most modern CPU cases today

  • Stylish tempered safety glass


  • The design of this desk allows it to fit anywhere without ruining the beauty of the room

  • Allows you to better manage your computer’s cables with a CPU stand under the desk

  • Holds a lot of weight as long as the object is glass friendly


  • For people with large gaming keyboards, you might have trouble fitting the keyboard into the keyboard tray

12. DarLiving Gaming Desk

It’s functional and effective and won’t cost you the arm and the leg that other high functioning desks do. If you need a desk that sits well in someone’s office as a workstation or you need something that’s great for minimalist gamers, this is the perfect chair. It has compartments to help you store games, it has controller compartments, a slot for your speakers, a charger and more.

DarLiving Gaming Desk


  • Comes with a lightweight sturdy base fame for support

  • Allows you to store up to 10 games in the game compartment

  • Has a nice cup holder so you don’t have to let water sit on the desk


  • Has a high rise bench for easy monitor viewing and to give you more room on the desk

  • Is very sturdy and won’t collapse under pressure

  • Has a nice spot for your headphones so you don’t leave them on the ground and walk on them


  • This particular model is a little harder to find than some of the others

13. HomCom 61" L-Shaped Office Workstation Computer Desk

This is another stylish and sleek design desk that fits well into any home environment or office, regardless of the décor. This desk comes in at an L shape so that it sits naturally into a wall and it has a high rise table top surface. If you’d like somewhere to store your computer, there’s a spot for that as well under the table in an easy to access area.

homcom Computer Desk


  • Comes in an L shape for saving room

  • Has a sturdy steel frame for support

  • Equipped with a dedicated spot for your computer tower


  • Large and sturdy enough to hold whatever you put on top of it

  • Sleek and smooth black surface is easy to clean and doesn’t scratch easily

  • Despite the material used, it’s only a light 66 pounds


  • The item comes with a bit of assembly required but the service is offered by the manufacturer for a price

14. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

While this desk doesn’t follow the minimalist design that some of the others on our list do, this table top glass desk is one of the most highly reviewed desks on the list and it comes with a lot of great functionality for an office space desk. It’s great for any function though, as it could be great for a gaming desk as well in the right room. This is another L shaped desk which is ideal for corner placement and saving room.

Z-Line Computer Desk


  • There’s plenty of steel reinforcement including reinforced plated on joints

  • Has a slide out keyboard tray

  • Equipped with a lifetime warranty


  • Has a lot of surface top space with a minimalist design

  • Is built durable with reinforced steel to hold anything you can put on top of it

  • Sleek ideal corner design to help save room while still providing you a lot of table space


  • Assembly is required but all of the hardware and necessary materials are shipped with the desk

15. HomCom 64" Modern L-Shaped Glasstop Office Workstation Computer Desk

This desk isn’t the easiest desk to move but it comes with a very unique look that you don’t see in a lot of homes. It almost has an industrial or garage look to it with the steel black hole plating. One of the unique things about this glass table top is that it’s smoked with a nice black finish. The only downside to that is that stains do appear easier on these kinds of tops.

HomCom 64


  • Features a slide out keyboard tray

  • A nice and unique black finish to compliment the steel

  • Reinforced steel and a dedicated CPU slot


  • Is another L shape desk that fits into a corner saving room

  • Allows you to easily manage your computer cables with a dedicated computer tower slot

  • A sleek and unique design not seen in a lot of desks


  • Due to the reinforced steel, this product is a little heavier than others at 97 pounds


Ideally, the perfect desk for your home will depend on what kind of desk you’re looking for and the purpose. Are you looking for a nice gaming desk? How many monitors do you have? Some of the budget friendly desks on this list are great for people with only one monitor that do some casual gaming and some of the more hardcore gamers might benefit more from the desks that offer more space. Do you have an area where a corner desk would fit perfect? Then perhaps the L shaped desks are the right fit for you. you also check our article on the best PC Gaming Chairs.

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