We have to admit that when we first saw the SONGMICS gaming chair UOBG77BG with the headrest and lumbar support, we weren’t really that impressed by the overall design of the chair.

However, shipping is fast, and the SONGMICS chair looks really comfortable, so we had to set aside our preference for design and give the SONGMICS chair a shot.

Although we believe the design isn’t that appealing, the chair works wells in maximizing comfort with its thick padding and extra support in the headrest and backrest. You can also recline the SONGMICS chair up to 135 degrees while positioning your feet on the convenient footrest.

A footrest is one of those unique features that just a few gaming chairs have. Although many people might think it could be a nuisance, please keep in mind that the footrest is easy to fold and unfold. Therefore, it will not be on your way as you’re playing.

Along with the adjustable footrest, both the headrest and backrest are adjustable. Although this isn’t far from a standard feature of a modern gaming chair, it’s still worth mentioning. Now what’s new is that there are two levers underneath the seat, and SONGMICS reinforced the armrests to make the SONGMICS chair sturdier so it’s less likely to shake.

For this SONGMICS chair review, we would like to give you our honest opinion on the SONGMICS gaming chair. You’ll find here all pros and cons that you can expect from this item. Choosing the best gaming chair is always difficult. We want to make it easier for you by providing this review.

Bear in mind that the SONGMICS gaming chair is a mid-range gaming chair that costs under $200. That is, by no means, to say that it’s a bad product. In reality, the SONGMICS chair offers some high-quality features that you can find in high-end chairs. However, it’s also true that with a bigger budget, you could find much better designs in terms of ergonomics and even chairs with wireless features.

One such case would be the Officemaster O5, which is an incredible office chair that costs around $600 and does an excellent job with ergonomics. The only inconvenience would be that it doesn’t have a racing/gaming look.

In a nutshell, for the SONGMICS chair, you can find most of the features of a high-end chair with some slight differences in design, structure, and upholstery. For a first SONGMICS gaming chair, chances are that you’ll love the product because it offers everything you need for both short and long gaming sessions.

What to expect from a SONGMICS chair

The first thing you may want to know is that the SONGMICS chair isn’t lightweight. At about 54 lbs, it can be a bit difficult to install. Fortunately, you’ll have all tools available, along with the instructions. You can expect to take 40 to 70 minutes to fully assemble the SONGMICS gaming chair (it might take you less if you have a companion who can give you a hand).

Once you’ve finished with the installation process, you’ll be glad to know that it’s heavy duty, which means that it’s built to endure a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. The faux leather also helps you avoid sinking in after some time.

The biggest drawback with the faux leather, as you might guess, is that it gets hot after sitting for a while. What’s good to know is that this won’t happen if you have a SONGMICS chair because it tries to reduce this inconvenience by using a breathable design. 

The breathable design includes mesh upholstery on the sides of the seat and backrest. This way, the heat doesn’t accumulate, and you won’t feel uncomfortable after playing a four-hour gaming session.

As explained before, the seat is quite comfortable, with its extra padding in the seat area. You might be surprised to know that the padding is about 10 cm and doesn’t sink in, even after using the
SONGMICS chair for months or years.

The backrest support on the other side isn’t that great; it’s just the standard cushion you’d find in any other gaming chair. Many gamers will love some lumbar support; as for others, it’s always possible to detach it. The same goes for the backrest cushion.

You can expect a firm pair of armrests that will keep you from shaking even while playing the most intense games. It’s also important to point out that they have extra cushioning so you can rest both your arms and shoulders.

The only drawback of such solid armrests is that they don’t have any flexibility, which means that you won’t be able to rotate them in any direction. That could be annoying for those who don’t like armrests or anything that can be considered an obstruction in their gaming chairs.  

It’s a sturdy SONGMICS chair with non-removable and non-adjustable armrests. Therefore, you won’t be able to adjust the armrests if you ever want to as they form part of the SONGMICS chair and its heavy-duty design.

As for the color of the upholstery, there are only two available options: black with gray or black with red. Black will be the most dominant color in the SONGMICS gaming chair, and then you’ll find either red or gray on the sides of the seat, backrest, headrest, and footrest depending on your color choice.

One last detail that is super important to mention would be the measurements. Why? Well, some gamers have a small table, and having the armrests hitting it is quite an unpleasant feeling. The SONGMICS gaming chair, by default, has the armrests set 68 cm from the floor. When you use the lever to lift the chair up, it can get up to 75 cm in height.


As you could see in this article, the design is not the strongest point of the SONGMICS gaming chair. You can expect a standard racing design with the headrest, backrest, and armrest.

What makes it stand out from several gaming chairs in the market is that it boasts a foldable footrest underneath the seat. This is a feature that most people will appreciate, especially when they fully recline to enjoy some relaxing moments.

The firm design allows up to 330 lbs maximum weight capacity. The secret here is how firm the armrests are and how they connect to the seat and backrest, which means you won’t need to worry when you recline because it will not make you fall.

As for the upholstery, the SONGMICS chair is mostly made of faux leather, except for the sides of the seat and backrests, which are made of mesh for a breathable design where heat doesn’t accumulate.

There are two colors to choose from:

  1. Black with gray: the gaming chair is mainly black, except for almost all sides that have a nice gray color.
  2. Black with red: similar to the gray combination, you can find the red color on the sides of the chair.

In both cases, armrests remain almost 100% black. You’ll a see a subtle dashed line that surrounds each armrest.


This SONGMICS chair is made with great durability standards in mind, and it’s built to last, so you won’t have to worry about any kind of breakdown or not being able to support long periods of use.

The wheel base is wide and spread out evenly, so the chair can support more weight, and when you’re moving around, there’s not too much weight being unevenly distributed among the wheels. Moving around on the ground feels smooth and seamless, so you won’t leave any damaging marks behind, even on wood flooring.

As most of the upholstery of this chair is made of faux leather, you won’t need to be too concerned about durability. You might need some cleaning from time to time (perhaps once or twice a year), but when it comes to mesh, then you’d need to be much more careful as it tends to wear out faster.

The SONGMICS chair built this chair to be sturdy and long-lasting. There aren’t drawbacks that we can think of when it comes to durability. Now, if we talk about comfort, that would be a different topic. Don’t get us wrong, the SONGMICS chair isn’t uncomfortable, but it certainly lacks some flexibility because of its heavy-duty design.


The most important aspect of any gaming chair is comfort. This SONGMICS chair provides sufficient comfort, and although it may not be the most comfortable gaming chair we’ve ever reviewed, SONGMICS did an excellent job.

We were impressed by the details of this SONGMICS chair. We really found the grooves at the base of the chair to be quite useful. They made our sitting experience more relaxing, and we’re sure they will make yours more relaxing as well.

The bottom line with this chair is that it is flexible. While it isn’t stiff, we believe that it could have more flexibility in some areas. One of those would be the armrests, which remain attached to the SONGMICS gaming chair with no chance to moving or rotating; it doesn’t even allow you to detach them.

Although that’s not a huge concern, we’d have appreciated some flexibility because the newest chairs offer interesting features in terms of ergonomics.

The reclining feature on the other side is just fine. It isn’t impressive, but it allows the user to recline up to 135 degrees, and it does that well. The selling point is undoubtedly the footrest located underneath the seat, which provides additional comfort.

SONGMICS Gamin​​​​g Chair


  • This chair is not only durable but extremely safe and reliable as it has anti-loosening screws and extremely strong base
  • Quality first is the overall design goal of this chair as it’s made with high-quality materials and it’s backed by SONGMICS chair brand if anything ever goes wrong
  • The design of this chair allows for the sides of the chair to basically wrap around your body and to support you 100% so you get better airflow and support


  • Some people who fit into the big and tall category have had a little bit of trouble fitting into this chair but we haven’t had any recorded instances of these issues and aren’t verified

Features of the Gaming chair

Wide cushioning – One of the main things we love about the SONGMICS chair is the extra wide cushion that’s provided with the base of the chair. Something you don’t see a lot of in other chairs in the market is the extra wide cushion, and it’s something we’re glad to see on this chair.


What does this mean? The wide base of the chair allows you to sit in the chair more evenly and distributes your weight more evenly along the base of the chair. Just in case you didn’t have the chance to read it before, the wide cushioning is about 10 cm thick.


On top of the wide cushioning, you’ll find faux leather with mesh material on the sides of the seat. So more than just wide cushioning, the overall design for the seat provides serious comfort so that even long gaming sessions are not a problem.


One last detail you’d like to know is that even though the cushioning is thick, it won’t sink in after you sit. It will remain firm yet comfortable for several years.


Backrest recline – For ease and convenience, this chair allows you to recline up to 135 degrees without any kind of squeaking or noise, and it feels very comfortable.


The backrest isn’t something that many people look into before they purchase one of these gaming chairs, but it’s something everyone should because you’re not going to be sitting upright 100% of the time when you’re gaming or relaxing.


Although it’s true that there are gaming chairs that can recline up to a full 180 degrees, many of them don’t do a good job, and they can be even be dangerous if they are not from reputable gaming brands. We can tell you with all certainty that 135 degrees is a good starting point for an entry-level gaming chair.


Also, you’ll most likely enjoy the footrest underneath the seat when you fully recline. Not many chairs have footrests, so you’d better make the most of it!


Flexibility – The armrests of this chair are not adjustable. Some of us don’t like armrests, so this would be a drawback.


Now let’s not be all negative. With the exception of the armrests, you can adjust the headrest, backrest, footrest, and seat.


Durability – One thing we noticed about the SONGMICS chair is that it comes with screws that have anti-loosening technology, so no matter how often you use the chair or what you do with the chair, the screws, once they are in, are in there for good, and they won’t come loose under any circumstances.


This is, of course, unless you manually unscrew them, but this chair was made for maximum durability.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I have to buy any tools for the assembly of this chair?

No, you don’t have to buy anything because the package will include all of the necessary parts and tools you would need to assemble the SONGMICS chair.


Among those parts, you can find a bunch of screws that you will need to place in the correct spots so the gaming chair doesn’t fall apart.


No need to worry; the installation process is quite straightforward and won’t allow you to progress with screws positioned in the wrong spots.


You don’t need a screwdriver for any of these screws. The package doesn’t come with a screwdriver either. What it has is a metallic, L-shaped tool that permits you to put the screws together in a safe and easy way.


You will need this tool for all parts, including the seat, backrest, and each armrest. This tool won’t break because it’s sturdy, but if you happen to lose it, you will run into difficulties, at least in that moment. You can always get another L-shaped tool to continue with the installation process.


These tools shouldn’t be difficult to find because gaming chairs are popular nowadays, and this tool makes life much easier.


What’s the maximum weight limit of SONGMICS Chair?

The SONGMICS gaming chair can withstand up to 330 lbs.


Here are a few recommendations from our team:

  • You should never buy this or any other chair if your body weight is at or near the maximum weight capacity the chair allows. Although the product can specify that it’s acceptable, it’ll always be better to be safe rather than sorry, especially if you want to recline with no fear whatsoever.
  • Having said that, keep in mind that durability can be at stake if you constantly go near the maximum capacity of the chair. To fix this issue, we recommend you to get a heavy-duty chair that can endure up to 350 or even 400 lbs or even more if you require it.
  • If your budget is tight, and you cannot afford a heavy-duty chair with a higher maximum weight capacity, then even though it’s not recommended, this chair will be okay. Even so, we wouldn’t recommend you to fully recline, or you should at least be careful.

Can the SONGMICS chair rock back and forth?

Yes, this chair can rock back and forth. It can also recline up to 135 degrees.


You’ll need to lift the lever up in order to recline. You can find the lever underneath the seat, next to a second lever that adjusts the seat elevation.


SONGMICS chair brand designed the reclining system so it doesn’t make noise when you put it in use. Although some gamers report it gets a bit noisy after heavy use, it shouldn’t present any issues.


What we recommend to prolong durability is not to overuse the reclining system (don’t play with it), and also don’t try to use it if you’re nearing the maximum weight capacity.


How does the footrest work?

 Not many gaming chairs have a footrest included. That’s why so many gamers ask about it before making up their minds about this item. The answer is simple: you just need to pull the footrest out.


The footrest is beneath the seat. Once you pull it out, it will be easy to put it back afterward. This is not an automatic process, which is good. You don’t want the footrest to be popping up every time you recline.


It’s also important for you to know that footrest has good cushioning upholstered in faux leather. The cushion will face downward when it’s in its default position. When it’s fully extended, the cushion will face upward so it can hold your feet.

How much does this item weigh?


The SONGMICS gaming chair weighs 54 lbs. Honestly, it’s not the most lightweight chair you can find in today’s market, but it’s okay because it’s easy to assemble, especially if you’re receiving this product from Amazon because you won’t need to carry it.


There are other chairs that are super lightweight and incredibly easy to assemble. For example, the X Rocker chairs are foldable. So, you can just imagine how easy the installation process would be.

What are the measurements?

Once SONGMICS ships the gaming chair to you, you can expect the following package dimensions: 84 x 66 x 35 cm. That’s a voluminous package, but don’t worry because you will receive it directly from Amazon, so it’ll be a piece of cake.


As for the chair, please pay attention to the measurements below, taking into consideration that you already assembled the chair.


●      From top to bottom: by default, it’d be 127 cm from floor up to the upper side of the headrest. When you adjust the gaming chair height, it can reach up to 131 cm high.

●      From seat to floor: from the top area of the seat up to the bottom side of the wheels (floor), the chair has a default distance of 49 cm. If you were to adjust the seat height, then you’d reach a maximum separation of 57 cm.

●      From armrest to floor: This detail is especially important if you have a small table, as you need to prevent the chair from hitting it. By default, the distance is 68 cm, but you could get it up to 75 cm.

Can I adjust the armrests?

No. You cannot adjust the armrests. They are firmly attached to the seat and backrest. The idea behind this is to avoid shakiness.

It would be possible to remove the armrests. However, to be honest, the overall look of the gaming chair would not be so nice if you decide to do this. Also, there will be one hole on each side of the seat and two more on the sides of the backrest that can accumulate dirt.


Although you’re the person who makes the last decision, we want, at the very least, to advise you against removing the armrests.

Can I adjust the cushion for the backrest?

Yes, you can. There are two straps that hold each side of the cushion. If you adjust the strap, the cushion will go upward or downward according to what you decide is the most comfortable position.

You don’t like the cushion? Then you can remove it. Both straps have a fastener that will help you detach or attach the cushion onto the chair. Please don’t throw away the straps because you never know when you might need them.

Can I adjust the cushion for the headrest?

Yes, you can. Although unlike the cushion for the backrest, this one doesn’t offer much mobility.


If you don’t like the cushion for the headrest at all, then we would advise you to remove it because its limited mobility could annoy you. Similar to the cushion for the backrest, you can see a strap attached to the cushion that surrounds an area of the gaming chair.

Apart from black is there any other available color?

The most popular color for the SONGMICS chair is black with gray. However, you can choose a mix of black with red. This is the second and only additional option you’d have when it comes to colors.


If you were to choose black with red, then you’d get a gaming chair with bright red accents on the sides of the headrest, backrest, and seat. The same goes for the cushion for the headrest and backrest, along with the footrest and chair base.


Unfortunately, the SONGMICS chair brand doesn’t offer many color options for this chair model. However, we can say that these two options will be more than enough for the vast majority of gamers.

Can I get customer service support if anything goes wrong?

Yes, you can. The SONGMICS chair brand boasts a solid customer support service before and after your purchase with them. They can guarantee that you’ll receive the assistance you need any moment if you require it.


Along with the chair’s instructions, you’ll have all necessary details to contact customer service support.

How long does it take to assemble the SONGMICS chair?

Typically, it should take you around 40 to 60 minutes to assemble the gaming chair. However, if you’ve done this before with other gaming chairs, or if you have a friend who can give you a hand, then you can save even more time.


What’s important is to schedule at least 40 minutes so you can focus on the chair assembly.

Buying advice 

Our greatest advice is that you should be aware of what you’re buying. This is a mid-range gaming chair from the SONGMICS chair brand. So before purchasing this or any other product, please make sure that you understand what features the product offers and what you need to make the most out of it.

For example, this chair might not recline more than 135 degrees, but is that enough for you? If it is not, there are many other options in the market that will offer you better options for this specific feature.

This mid-range chair is quite balanced, which means it doesn’t have a feature specific that stands out. However, that also means that it’s well-made and won’t be lacking in other areas.

It’s also important that you know that this product comes from the SONGMICS gaming chair brand. Do you know the competitors? It’s always good to have an idea of what other items you might get from other popular brands, such as DXRacer, AKRacing, X Rocker, and many others.

Once you understand all your options, always remember that instead of searching for a nice-looking gaming chair, you should be thinking of what feature you need the most and what others you can ignore.

These are the main characteristics to look for in a gaming chair:

  • The upholstery: is it made of mesh, faux leather, or any other material? This is one of the most important characteristics you have to keep in mind because your skin will feel it day by day for years.
  • Flexibility: It’s important that you can adjust some parts of the chair, such as the armrest, backrest, headrest, seat, or even footrest if there is one. A chair that’s too stiff isn’t so convenient because it lacks ergonomics.
  • Reclining: Some gamers like to recline further than 120, 130, or even 150 degrees. So, this feature can be very important for some but irrelevant for others.
  • Cushions: There are gaming chairs that don’t have any additional cushioning in the headrest or backrest area. While that might be fine for several gamers, others will prefer to have it if possible.
  • Color: There are brands that offer great chair models, but they do not come with good color options. A few gamers in our team don’t like the color of their chairs that much, but it doesn’t matter to them because they have all the features they love the most on a chair.


The SONGMICS chair is a high-quality gaming chair with a lot of features packed into one unit. You get a lot of comfort, and the overall durability of the chair is great so you won’t have to replace this SONGMICS chair for a very long time.

Among the awesome characteristics the chair features is the heavy-duty design that withstands up to 330 lbs maximum weight capacity. The drawback is that, because of this, the chair has some limitations in flexibility.


The most important limitation comes with the armrests, which you can’t move, rotate, or detach once you assemble the chair. Although this shouldn’t be a reason to decide not to buy the SONGMICS gaming chair, it is, in all certainty, an off-putting aspect worth considering.

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