Office Gaming Chair With Footrest Lumbar Support and Headrest Review

Finding ease of convenience and relaxation in the work place can be a bit of a hassle. Sitting down for 8-hour shifts in an uncomfortable chair is something that millions of people world wide go through every single day. The chairs are often cheap, uncomfortable and strain your neck through a work length shift.

BestMassage is a company that offers a budget friendly alternative and solution to the workplace strain and those uncomfortable workplace office chairs. This affordable gaming chair with footrest can also be doubled up as a gaming chair as well.

The Office/Gaming Chair by BestMassage is an affordable alternative for people who can’t afford high-end gaming chairs or luxury office chairs that can range up to nearly a thousand dollars. Priced at under $100, this is a must-have chair on everyone’s budget list. This chair is for people who struggle to find that comfortable resting position in the office or people who want an entry level gaming chair for the home.

  • An adjustable lumbar pillow allows you to lean back with a fully supported back and spine
  • Comes with a nearly 3 feet base that allows people up to 250 pounds maximum to fully enjoy the chair and bask in it
  • Backwards recline motion up to 180 degrees allows you to find that comfortable and relaxing position that best suits you
  • A recline angle adjuster allows you to lock your desired position into place, preventing you from moving
  • The back of the gaming chair is a high position and it’s curved, giving you full head support and relaxation

Office Gaming Chair With Footrest Lumbar Support and Headrest


    • Supports a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds, thanks to the steel frame casters that keep the chair durable and steady
    • Base casters with a rating of five stars keep the chair smooth and steady, provide a smooth rolling transition across most floor types
    • Free lumbar and headrest pillows are included with your purchase to support your neck, back and promote proper blood flow while sitting
    • An angle adjuster allows you to lean back and lock your desired position into place, even up to 180 degrees if you want to double the chair up as a bed


    • The armrests are a bit further out from the base of the chair than what we’re normally used to seeing, so this may take some getting used to
    • The top pillow is a bit tall as it comes assembled but it’s adjustable


This product was absolutely amazing for the price! I didn’t really expect much when I first ordered it but it’s really gone above and beyond my expectations for the price that I paid for it. It arrived pretty quickly and it was easy enough to assemble. It may have a couple of flaws but for the price I paid, I would easily give this chair 5 stars.

While I would love to splurge hundreds of dollars on some brand name chair, I unfortunately wasn’t in a position to do that so I took a look at this chair. I saw a lot of positive reviews, so I thought this must be worth it. Thankfully, the reviews weren’t wrong and I’m pleasantly pleased so far. No complaints yet.

What to Look for When Buying This Gaming Chair With Headrest

Due to the generic name of this chair on Amazon, it’s very likely that there’s going to be copycats out there of people pretending to offer this exact same chair at a higher price. Make sure that when you’re purchasing this chair, it’s offered by the company BestMassage, because they’re the original manufacturers of the chair. It doesn’t have the most unique name or most creative name but it’s a very unique product despite that.

​Buying Advice

Make sure you’re within the weight limit standard when you’re purchasing this chair, as it holds a maximum of 250 pounds. Also, while no height limit is specified, we’ve found that most of the buyers are within the 5’4 to 6’3 range for this chair, according to the reviews left. Again, make sure this chair is offered by the company BestMassage and it’s not being offered by any kind of imposter, so you don’t get ripped off. It’s a great chair, so there’s quite a few knockoff companies trying to create cheap knockoffs and market them as their own.



BestMassage gaming chair With headrest has always been known for creating chairs that were relatively budget friendly and affordable for everyone. This chair isn’t a niche chair and doesn’t fit in one general location. It can be used in either the office or as a gaming chair. It’s also easily affordable thanks to the low price, so this is a chair that everyone on a budget should have in their arsenal. Everyone who’s received one seems to be happy with it and we were happy with it ourselves. It’s one of the hottest new releases in the gaming chair market right now, so grab it quick before it’s gone.

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