Herman Miller Setu Chair Review

Herman Miller isn’t exactly new to the chair industry. They’re very well known for a couple of things which include producing high-craft chairs with exquisite quality standards in mind and they’re known for being expensive. So, with the release of the Herman Miller Setu, how does it hold up and is it worth the fine price tag of up to HIGH $XXX? The dimensions of this chair seem relatively average for the common user and the weight limit is a pretty impressive 300 pounds, so no complaints there. looking for a chair for big and tall check here.

The Herman Miller Setu chair comes from a pedigree that’s deeply rooted in the design ideas of the Aeron. Where the Aeron was aimed at the hard-working professionals who needed as much comfort and functionality as they could get out of a chair, the Setu is more of a premium executive chair that you’d find in conference rooms or at the desks of professionals who don’t tend to spend too much time seated. While the Herman Miller Setu chair is comfortable and is a pleasure to sit in, we think that it’s been designed to be more of an art piece than an office chair.

Since the price tag of Herman Miller Setu is quite steep, we really need to dive into the details about what would make it worth it.

The visual design of this chair is absolutely stupendous. Everything from the armrests to the lumbar brace and support system is designed to mimic flowing surfaces in every possible way. The armrests, backrest, and seat resemble a flowing piece of fabric. The backrest is actually a bit more firm than you’d expect from the visuals, but this does work in favor of comfort. It isn’t quite as pliable as a chair that would be ideal for long hours of use, but it’s comfortable and even rather enjoyable if used for only a few hours at a time, with plenty of breaks in between.

Health being as important as it is, the benefits to your back and general health overall make this worth the high price. The design and engineering ensures that your spine is always in alignment no matter how you sit in the chair. Weight is distributed easily and makes it very comfortable to sit for hours working or gaming.

It’s easy to see why the Herman Miller Setu ranks so high amongst the best offices around the world. The sheer amount of perfection and the purity of the design set it so far apart from most other office chairs. This chair features such a high level of polish and sophistication that you’d be hard pressed to find another quite as striking as it is. The most iconic feature on this chair is the automatic backrest tensioning system. The Setu’s backrest is designed to mimic the human spine. Paired with its automatic tilt control system, the Setu allows for you to simply lean back, and it handles the rest. You wouldn’t really need to worry about setting a recliner with this chair; all you need to do is kick your legs back a little.

Then there is the quality of the construction. Herman Miller is so confident in their quality chairs that they have a 12 year warranty. That being the case, these chairs are built to last, saving you money in the long run since you won't need to replace your chair every year or two.

The Setu comes with some impressive finishing for a chair that isn’t exactly marketed as an executive office chair. The high-grade materials used on the Setu are designed to deal with a lot of flexing and stress without wearing down. Aside from the engineered plastic and synthetic fiber body, the Setu features a very strong alloy frame and base that is polished to a beautiful brushed finish. Herman Miller also provides an incredibly wide array of options for you to choose from when it comes to customization and personalization. You can even choose to have the Setu with a polished base that has a light buff to it.

The Herman Miller Setu, designed by Herman Miller was designed to be an executive office setu chair and something to strike some important and style into an otherwise dull meeting room. Sure, this chair can be used as a gaming chair but most people who are interested in this chair, seem to be more interested in this chair for business.

  • Has a straight forward design and isn’t as exotic as some previous models made by Herman Miller, as it wants the chair’s design to be to the point

  • The Setu comes with mesh interlocking material rather than padding to help someone breathe when they’re leaning back and it’s a lot easier to clean

  • The chair can rock back and forth seamlessly without any noise being made from the base and you can recline in the chair for a more relaxing position

  • There’s a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked being offered by Herman Miller, because they really do believe in their product

Setu Office Chair


  • You can try this Herman Miller Setu chair out with no strings or attachments and return the chair in 30 days to get all of your money back
    • There’s additionally a 12-year warranty for those who don’t send the chair back and hardly anyone ever sends it back from our research
    • The Herman Miller Setu chair has mesh breathable backrest material rather than hardened padded leather to make the chair more comfortable and allow more airflow
    • The Setu chair while plain in design comes with extras you can order such as polished castors but these only impact the look of the chair and nothing else
    • The material of the mesh conforms to the contours of your body eliminating pressure points and improving your circulation
    • Made with 42% recycled material and is 93% recyclable make sit a guilt free environment friendly choice
    • The weight of the chair is 47 pounds making it lightweight enough to move from room to room
    • A waterfall front edge of the seat prevents circulation being cut off from your legs


  • The armrests of this chair don’t move, so if you don’t like where they sit, you can’t move them in any direction. This is particularly troublesome as the curved nature of the armrests make it a little hard to reposition your arms when you lean back in the Setu. Larger folks would end up needing to take their arms off the rests and rest them in their lap.

This setu chair will help you achieve a more professional image in the office or work place. People will be taken back by your chair and possibly jealous, so I definitely would keep this chair somewhere secure when not in use. You’ll get a relaxing experience and it’s more than worth every penny from our own personal opinion and to the people who have reviewed this chair as actual customers. You’re getting the Herman Miller experience which guarantees that you’ll be comfortable and relaxed in a high-quality chair.


I asked if I could bring my own chair into work and the management reluctantly said yes. This chair has been at my work station now for over a month and I couldn’t be more pleased. It’s sincerely relaxing and it’s one of the most comforting chairs I’ve ever sat in. People have even complimented the chair and asked where I got it from. I would definitely recommend Herman Miller to anyone looking for luxury and comfort in one.

Work can be a drag but I didn’t want sitting to be too. I was so tired of finishing a shift and standing up only to have sore legs, a sore back and a sore tailbone. I decided to give the Herman Miller Setu a try and I couldn’t be happier. I’m actually dare I say, happy at work and I can relax while sitting down. I can see this chair carrying on with me for years to come.

​What to Watch Out For

When you’re looking for the Herman Miller chair, remember that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked. So, if you have any concerns with the chair or something defects, you can send it back and they’ll work with you. Make sure the place you’re ordering from offers that 30-day money back guarantee. The curved arch of the back will always be a key signature design of this particular chair as well. This helps it support up to 300 pounds of maximum capacity.

There is a height adjustment, but make sure that the chair will be right for you based on your own height. For example, the minimum height of the armrests from the floor is 22.5 inches. At its highest it is 27 inches. That means that the ideal height for somebody using the chair is between 5' 0" and 5' 10".  Anybody taller than that may find that it is not as ergonomic as necessary and won't get the full benefits from the shape of the chair.

This is assuming that you follow the best practice of having the top of the armrests come up to the same level as the height of your desk.

​Buying Advice

Herman Miller currently offers a different set of color schemes right now: Blue, black, brown, beige, light grey and dark grey. If any other color scheme is being offered, you might be buying a fake Herman Miller chair but check the name of the manufacturer just to be sure. Make sure the appearance of the chair is listed as a Lyris 2. The official weight limit of the chair will be 300 pounds and we’ve seen some reviews of people going over that limit but that’s the official recommended max capacity.

Assembly is very easy as everything pretty much just snaps into place. The material used is so lightweight that you won't need any help picking up the backrest to place it on the cylinder. By yourself, it should only take a few minutes to put together.



The Setu while most marketed as an office executive luxury chair can easily double up as a gaming chair due to how comfortable and flexible it is. It can be used anywhere from the office to your home computer and we recommend you give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed just like many of the 5-star raving reviews that have been left for this chair. Herman Miller doesn’t come out with luxury chairs often, so you might want to jump on this opportunity fast before it’s gone forever or they decide to halt manufacturing of these chairs.

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