Secretlab Professional Footrest Review: Expensive, But Ultra Solid

Diving deeper into the world of ergonomic accessories, Secretlab has started two lines of external footrests. It was about time! The whole team at UGC is more than happy to finally see that happening. Look, footrests are awesome. Longer sitting sessions call for something to push your feet around to get the blood flow going. For shorter people, a nice footrest means you can finally ditch dangling (and tiring) your feet. Anyways. We got a sample of Secretlab’s … Read more

Secretlab Footrest: What You Can Actually Do

Update (Spring 2023): OK, so it seems we have a huge update. Secretlab has started a footrest line-up. Check our review on the Professional one or just continue reading this post for more budget-friendly versions! I’ve been using the Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 as my main daily use chair for a while (see my review). Other UGC team members – like Steven, for example, use the older Titan 2020. While we totally dig ’em, there’s one … Read more