Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner Living Room Chair

The Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner Living Room Chair from Divano Roma Furniture is a chair that you’ve probably seen in a lot of different living rooms but you’ve probably never seen it for this price. It seems relatively cheap so there has to be some kind of catch to it, right? This chair looks extra thick and comfortable, so why is it being sold at such a discount price? Surely it has to be a mistake but with plenty of reviews online from real customers, a lot of people seem to appreciate this chair. It’s incredibly thick, even more so in person than it looks in the pictures.

From a company called Divano Roma Furniture, this chair is made with high-quality bonded leather and is a great rocking chair. It’s made specifically to be a rocker that sits primarily in a living room and it comes in a very basic black color. It comes in brown as well but there’s not much of a difference in the overall color scheme of this chair.

  • The plush padding and cushioning is extra soft, super comfortable and feels great to the touch, no matter where you’re sitting on the chair, there’s a lot of padding everywhere

  • The color may be basic, but it looks great in any room, whether it’s the living room, your office or no matter where you want to put it, it should fit any kind of décor you have going on

  • It can recline all the way back into a nice and comfortable resting position and some people have even used this chair to go to sleep if they so desire

  • Lastly, it’s great for large people with a wide frame as well because the frame of this chair is extra wide, which is great for people who are a little bit larger of wide at the hips 

Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner Living Room Chair, Black / Brown (Black)


  • Fits in any kind of room you want to put it in and it’s also great for any kind of theme which means it’ll go great in your office, your living room or wherever you want to put it

  • The frame of the chair is made of high-quality hardwood so that the construction is solid and the longevity of the chair should be a really long time

  • The leather upholstery is made from high-quality bonded material so that it’s great to the touch, it doesn’t succumb to pressure from outside elements or prolonged use and it’s really easy to clean should any kind of spills or outside influence get onto the chair

  • If you want a more relaxing position, you can easily recline the chair into a full stop resting position which will help you relax and may even help you sleep if that’s something you’d prefer, which some people do sleep in this chair


  • Some users have reported that there’s a strong odor straight out of the box that doesn’t go away for a couple of days, almost like a smoke smell

Testimonials ( we found on the web) 

When I got this chair, I was worried about setting it up because I’ve never had to do that before. Thankfully, this was one of the easiest chairs to setup that I’ve ever had. If you have any kind of pets or kids, then I could easily recommend this chair because if you get any kind of wet spots on the chair or pet hair, you can simply wipe it off and then it’s gone.

The delivery of this chair was actually absurdly quick which surprised me quite a bit. I ordered two of them for myself and my husband, so we were eagerly awaiting these chairs so that we could sit by side in the living room and watch our favorite shows together. They’ve so far, surpassed our expectations by a long shot.

What to Look for When Buying This Chair

This chair offers a lot different comfort zones for different people but the main factor of what you’ll get from this chair is flexibility. You can either position this chair perfectly in line with your TV to catch the latest movie you’ve been wanting to watch or you can take a quick nap by simply leaning back with the easy to access handle bar on the side. It all ideally depends on what you’re after and you’ll get a relaxing time with this chair regardless of how you use it. The leather material and cushion is made from high-quality materials, so you’ll be comforted regardless.

What to Watch Out For

There’s a few key signatures to look out for when you’re purchasing a Divano Roma Furniture chair. The first and foremost thing would be to look for the name Divano Roma Furniture as the manufacturer because they’re the only ones who handle the shipping and production of this chair at the time of writing this review. Also, it only comes in two different colors which are black and brown so if you see a chair being advertised in a different color, it’s more than likely a scam.


This chair is perfect for just about any occasion. The bonded leather rocker recliner living room chair from Divano Roma Furniture fits any general purpose, whether you have a living room setup, you have a theater room, you want something for your office or no matter where you’re setting this chair up. This is something that’ll last for a long time and the leather is premium high-quality. We cannot recommend this chair enough, regardless of where you plan on using this chair, for complete list of best recliners click here 

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