X Rocker 5127401 Chair Review

If gaming is your passion, chances are that you spend long hours in front of your PC, playing games. While it’s acceptable to sit on your couch and do what you do best, your back will start to hurt after some time. You can enhance your gaming experience with a comfortable X Rocker gaming chair. Check Price on Amazon.com A snapshot of the X Rocker Pedestal chairThe X Rocker 5127401 chair is more than just … Read more

New Buddy Gaming Chair Review

With this chair’s upcoming release in April 2017, something a bit odd stood out to us about this chair. It doesn’t look like or behave like a normal chair. Instead of sitting in this chair, you actually straddle it like you would an oversized pillow. The main point of the positioning is so that your legs and your feet will hang out over the sides on the floor. Check Price on Amazon.com What’s the point … Read more

Reviewing the Turismo Gaming Chair

Today we are going to be taking a look at the Turismo gaming chair Sovrano series. This is a company that has a track record of putting out a great quality product, year in and year out. So you won’t be surprised that we were excited to get our hands on this Sovrano series. Check Price on Amazon.com Like any good gamer knows, you need to have a great chair to use for those extended … Read more

Arozzi Enzo Series Gaming Chair Review

When we first saw the Arozzi gaming chair, it was very obvious that the design and overall look of the chair were heavily influenced by thick leather. We like leather style gaming chairs – the Arozzi chair as a whole because they’re far easier to clean and they stand out more.The Enzo Arozzi gaming chair is a little unconventional in its visual design as compared to other popular gaming chairs. While the unique design is … Read more

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair Review

When we first glanced at this AKRacing chair, we weren’t sure what to think because it didn’t seem like much. It just looked like a stripped-down version of a DXRacer chair but when we carefully inspected all the details of this AKRacing product, we learned that the AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair was more than just another AKRacing gaming chair. This manufacturer and DXRacer had both hit the market at the same time and both … Read more

Review of Noble Chairs Epic Series Chair

Noble chairs brand has established itself in the marketplace as a leader in quality gaming and office chairs. Noble Chairs products started in Germany and are said to be “inspired by the interiors of luxury sports cars.” Another added plus about the Noble gaming chair is that they are made of real leather. The company designed the chairs with gamers and office workers in mind, and yes, the price tag does reflect that. Check Price … Read more

Best Memory Foam Seat Cushions

In choosing the right memory foam seat cushion, one must bear in mind the comfort, support, and longevity of the product. We believe PharMeDoc Memory Foam Lumbar Support as the Top Choice. Not only that, this office chair cushion is very affordable and has been sought after and highly reviewed.Best Choice Aylio Coccyx Office Chair Cushion Check Price on Amazon.com Comfy VelvetUsing breathable material. Does not lose its firmness.Removable cover. Easy to wash.Premium The WonderGel Extreme … Read more

X-Rocker 5127301 Chair Review

Simplicity that stands out, this is how to simply describe this X-Rocker 5127301 chair. The chair has a straightforward design but with a unique style. It is one of those cheap gaming chairs that make you wonder why the low price yet such amazing functionalities.Made for the young at heart, this chair is a great addition to a gaming environment. It is also great as a relaxing chair thanks to its rocking capability. Check Price … Read more

Kinsal Leather Chair Review: The Ergonomic High-Back Gaming Chair

Great game time deserves a comfortable gaming chair. With impressive comfort comes excellent gaming experience. This must be what Kinsal Leather chair designers had in mind when they made this gaming chair. Not wanting to deny you any moment of great gaming, the company did a fantastic job on the functionality of this chair. Almost everything is adjustable, from the armrests to the sitting height levels. From the lumbar support pillow available to the angle of … Read more

Cohesion Gaming Chair for XP Gamers – Review of XP 2.1

Important update: Since early 2022, the Cohesion XP chair has halted production. The best similar option we can recommend you is the X Rocker Eclipse which features even better sound on an affordable price. Alternatively, if you want more floor gaming chair options like the Cohesion, check our review of the best X Rocker chairs. Our handpicked list also features Bluetooth chair options.Being a dedicated XP gamer hardly has any stipulations that go along with it; we just … Read more