Arozzi Enzo series gaming chair

When we first saw the chair, it was very obvious that the design and overall look of the chair was heavily influenced by thick leather. We like leather style gaming chairs because they’re far easier to clean and they stand out more. The design overall wasn’t exactly impressive but the price tag was affordable and we love swiveling gaming chairs.

This is a very lightweight chair and while the manufacturer doesn’t provide a lot of details on the chair, it’s a very versatile chair. The frame of the chair is relatively strong and you won’t have to worry about scuff marks on the floor from low quality wheels which is always a huge plus.

Arozzi Enzo series gaming chair

Comfort (8/10)

The overall comfort of the chair is dictated by the padded thick leather. We were quite pleased when we sat down into the chair for the first time and it felt like we were sinking into the chair. It was actually a bit difficult to get up from the chair after a little while of use because of how comfortable it was. The base of the chair is also a bit wide which is nice for a little wiggle room.

One thing we liked is the spring operated base which allows us to adjust the seat to go higher or lower, depending on our specific specifications. The chair is also very lightweight, so moving it from room to room and putting it together was an absolute breeze.

Design & Style (6/10)

The design is very simple in nature. It comes in a slick black and green design. The entirety of the chair is black but it has these small patches of green around the outer edges of the chair which start at the very base and runs up to the seating of the chair. There’s a small opening at the very top edge of the chair as well for breathing room.

The base is very shiny and isn’t as dull as it might appear on other types of chairs. We were a bit surprised with how much the base stood out on the chair when it first arrived because most stands and bases on these gaming chairs usually are a dull version of black and not noticeable.

Durability (8/10)

From the height gas spring to the strong base, this was a chair that was made to last and isn’t going to bust on you anytime soon. This chair was built with incredibly thick padded leather for a reason and it was meant to support people of all different weight sizes. No matter how tall you are or how large you are under certain limits, it fits comfortably.

The materials were made solid and this is something that the Arozzi Company does excel in. They don’t cheap out on the products used to make their gaming chairs and we took a lot of appreciation in that. The wheels were made with nylon casters so you won’t have to worry about damaging the floor or sinking into carpet too much with prolonged use of the chair.


Swivel – This chair comes equipped to swivel around at 360 degrees with no limitations. Being able to rotate around is great for people in an office and even in a gaming environment such as a computer desk.

Tilting Seat – Being able to tilt the seat back is great for some people because everyone has a different preference. We prefer to the tilt the seat back a little but the problem with most chairs is that it won’t allow you to stay in that position without using your feet on the ground. This chair has a locking mechanism for when you find that perfect tilt position.

Nylon Wheels – The wheels were made with nylon casters and high durability. One of the major complaints of gaming chair wheels is that they scratch the floor or make an awful noise as they’re gliding across the floor but this chair is relatively silent.

Lightweight – The construction of the materials, while they are very steady, are very lightweight. You can easily roll the chair around, carry it or disassemble for a trip easily because of how light the back, the base and the wheels of the chair are.

Things We Liked

  • The overall weight of the chair was great for us and a lot of other people will like it as well; it only comes shipped at 33.1 pounds

  • The dimensions of the chair as well was a nice plus as it wasn’t too large; this chair is 20.1 inches by 20.9 inches by 48 inches

  • The upholstery of the chair was smooth and very thick at the same time which was great for comfort and the overall glossy look of the chair

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For people who are over 6’ tall or a little overweight, will they enjoy this chair?

A: People have reported that they’ve bought these chairs for heavier people and people who are over 6’ and have found comfort with the chair. It’s also been reported that people up to 300 pounds have used this chair with no problem at all.

Q: How does the chair lean back?

A: The back isn’t a separate entity from the chair, so if you lean back, the base of the chair is going to lean back as well. Once you find a comfortable position, you can lock the chair into place so it can’t lean back or spring forward until you unlock it.


This is a reasonably priced gaming chair that we enjoyed thoroughly but each person will have differing opinions on the overall design of the chair. Some people don’t like the fact that there’s a metal ring covered opening near the headrest of the chair and it’s something you’ll have to get used to.

The swiveling of the chair is smooth and doesn’t make a lot of noise, which was a huge plus as well. This is a great bonus because a lot of gaming chairs out there are noisy. The locking function of the tilt back function is what sold us. This is a great chair and recommended for any office or gaming environment.

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