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Christopher Miller
I’ve played games longer than I can remember. My first memories come from the godly Super Nintendo console of which I was quite fond. I enjoyed playing Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and especially Sonic. Obviously, when technology made some progress, I just couldn’t stop immersing myself into this fantastic hobby, and clearly that takes several sitting hours. came up from the idea that there is always a better way to enjoy a gaming experience, and that is not only limited to the game itself but to our health. The best office or gaming chair is ideal to keep us going during intensive sessions of gaming while also taking care of our spine, knees, hips, neck, and ankles. This website will offer you totally honest best gaming chairs reviews according to my experience or knowledge.

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    Within the T&C’s of the competition, it states the following:

    “The competition winner will be picked at random from all eligible entries that arrive by 22:00 GMT on the closing date, September 1st, 2017”.

    “The winner will be notified via email by Sept 3rd, 2017”.

    However, with that being said Mark Thompson – the author of the article posted above posted it on January the 26th 2018.

    Does this mean that the competition will run from January the 26th until September 1st, 2018 and the winning will be notified via email on September the 3rd 2018?.

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  2. I really like the herman miller chair.
    I think this site is good, looks like a nice place to check and compare different gaming chairs

  3. I think the chairs are awesome. This is the only place I’ve seen so much info about gaming chairs compiled in one place without a bunch of other fluff. The site seems a little html-y, you could dress it up a bit by using more than just text and photos.

  4. You list the best chairs, but what about chairs that didn’t make the grade? How do I know which chairs you tested, but felt weren’t up to snuff, so I can avoid them?

  5. These are sweet gaming chairs, My nephew that I raise would LOVE to have anyone ood these sweet chairs/ beanbag,,, I just cab affords right now,,,,

  6. My favourite is the Big and Tall because my husband would be using it and he is 6ft 6” so finds it hard to get a comfortable gaming chair

  7. A good range, but it would be nice to have the price on show for easier comparison. It is easy to use the site and to select exactly what is wanted. Not all of them have a max weight either!

  8. I like the fact that It is be fully adjustable throughout to help who suffer from back and posture. related issues. we are a family of gamers and always moaning and groaning with back ache when we get up out of our chairs! I also like the Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair with its reclining function and slide out foot rest .

  9. I prefer the Office Gaming Chair With Footrest Lumbar Support and Headrest – I like to put my feet up

  10. I think the chairs are awesome! I would love to own one. My favorite is the N Seat Pro 600 Series Executive Racing Gaming Chair.

  11. I’d love to win this amazing giveaway for my husband. So stylish and super functional too. I’d keep the Amazon vouchers to treat myself too.

  12. The gaming chairs truly look comfy. This would be great since my hubby would be using it for many hours a day!

  13. I like that the chair has a head type pillow on the head rest. I think it needs some type of foot rest.

  14. Secretlab omega 2018 is my favourite gaming chair.

    I like all your chairs on offer and think you list a good range

  15. I love the page and the chairs. I really like the Thermaltake X Comfort Air Gaming Chair. It is sleek and sophisticated with all of the gaming features you would want.

  16. My favorite chair is the KILLABEE Big and Tall Gaming Chair. I love the color & the style. It also looks very comfortable.

  17. Can’t enter because of reCAPTCHA. It thinks my computer is sending automatic queries. Wish they’d fix THEIR problem.

  18. Your website reminds me of Spencer Haws’s site about survival knives. I guess it’s the chart, the keywords “Best Gaming Chair” and the fact that this site utilizes the Amazon Affiliate program. I pretty much gave up on my affiliate sites. They don’t get much traffic. Maybe I need to start doing some giveaways. 😉 Anyways, your giveaway is great! Hope I win!! I could use a nice gaming chair for my home office.

  19. My old chair is now held together with black gorilla tape. A nice new gaming chair would be just the thing to perk up my summer. This one looks great and is redoubtably very comfortable. Good luck to all.

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