Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair

What do you do in your computer chair? Work? Study? Pay bills? Game? For a chair that you will be using so often and for so many hours, you want something comfortable that will not leave your body stiff and aching.

The Homall Executive gaming chair is an ergonomic racing style chair designed to conform to the shape of your body for comfort and support. It comes with a removable headrest and lumbar support pillow to match the dual-color look of the seat, so you can customize your experience for gaming, working, or studying. Homall puts emphasis on the style, comfort, and durability of the chairs they make.

What Homall really likes to show off about this game chair is the multi-function seat back. They see this chair as a kind of jack-of-all trades that can be used locked upright for gaming, locked fully reclined for resting, and set into a rocking function while you relax. And it’s true that these are some of the best features of the chair, allowing you to switch positions and keep from getting stiff.

Homall Gaming Chair

Features of the Homall Executive Gaming Chair

This chair comes with many of the standard features you would expect in a quality racing chair.

  • Body-conforming seat and chair back to help with posture and comfort

  • Reclining seat back with both rocking and locking functions

  • Multi-directional wheels that move smoothly on most floor surfaces

  • 360 degree seat swiveling so you can turn to a different monitor or talk to someone next to you

  • Premium polyurethane leather seat, back, and pillows

  • Gas spring cylinder for adjusting height

What really makes the Homall Executive stand out in its price range are the extra features.

  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support pillows

  • Higher load capacity of up to 300 pounds

The Homall Executive chair’s dimensions come in at 19.8" X 20.5" for the seat and 22.5" X 30.5" for the chair back. And it weighs 57.3 pounds, which indicates that it’s made of sturdy materials, but it is still relatively easy to move inside after you receive the shipment.


So why do we recommend this particular chair at ultimategamechair.com? These are the features we found most useful.

  • Includes instructions and is fairly easy to assemble; takes about an hour

  • The lumbar support pillow and head pillow are freely adjustable

  • The design really does prevent back pain associated with sitting for long periods

  • Affordable price compared to similar chairs

  • The frame is solid and slightly heavier than some chairs, making it less likely to tip over

  • Looks really cool in the game room


Of course, there are a few things we wish we could have changed about the Homall Executive game chair.

  • The armrests are not adjustable; they stay in only one position

  • It’s a tall chair, so it may not fit well under smaller desks, but this doesn’t affect use

  • It’s somewhat difficult to adjust the seat tilt

FAQ about the Homall Executive Computer Chair

We understand that the features don’t necessarily tell you everything you need to know about a chair. And you want to have as much information as you can before laying down money for the perfect game chair. So here are the answers to some common questions we get asked.

Is this chair good for tall people?

The high back makes this chair comfortable for people well over 6 feet tall. Because the headrest can be adjusted, it’s not a problem to customize the chair fit to your individual size.

Is this chair good for heavier people?

The Homall Executive has been tested by people over 200 pounds, and they found the fit comfortable. The chair’s maximum capacity is 300 pounds. That being said, if you’re closer to the 300 pound limit, you may be more comfortable in a chair with a wider seat design and higher load capacity to allow you a roomier fit and more security.

How hard is the assembly?

We didn’t have trouble putting this chair together. The assembly is fairly straightforward.

Is the chair suitable for long periods of sitting?

Absolutely! The chair’s added supports and adjustable positions allows you to stay comfortable for hours, reducing the potential for back problems. Of course, you should still get up occasionally to stretch and walk around because no matter how good your chair is, too much sitting will lead to back issues.

How far does the backrest recline?

The back of the chair reclines fully to 180 degrees. You can even lay back and take a nap between gaming sessions. This is one of the reasons why a quality game chair beats out a standard office chair any day.

What material covers the chair?

The seat, back, and pillows are covered in PU leather, a synthetic leather that is easy to keep clean and won’t easily absorb sweat and body oils. It can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

How this office Gaming chair compares to the competition

Of course, what you’re really wondering is how does the Homall Executive computer chair stand up against other chairs like it. We compared this chair to two other racing style chairs of similar prices, the Giantex Executive Swivel Gaming Chair High Back Sport Racing Style Ergonomic Adjustable Chair and the Merax Racing Gaming High-Back Chair Computer Ergonomic Design Computer Chair PU Leather Office Chair.

The Giantex Executive gaming chair is slightly less expensive. But we’d say it’s better suited for younger gamers in their teens or early twenties. It lacks some of the features of the Homall Executive, such as adjustable lumbar and head supports. The Giantex chair does offer a swivel seat and reclining chair back, however.

Unlike the Homall computer chair, the Giantex chair has a plastic base and plastic casters, making it a less desirable option for adult gamers, especially those who are larger. It’s simply not going to bear as much weight for as long a period.

The Merax gaming chair is in the same price range as the Homall executive, and they are quite similar. However, we feel the Homall chair is of higher quality. The Merax chair doesn’t have a rocking feature. The upside to it is that it does seem to be slightly quicker to assemble.

Some who tested the Merax chair, however, found it to be less than adequate for tall or larger gamers. So again, it may be better for teens or young adult gamers who aren’t quite as large. All of three of these chairs have their advantages, but Homall still stands out above the rest


We know there are a ton of options out there for Computer Racing gaming chairs. And it gets confusing fast. But we’re confident about the Homall Executive chair. Compared to the other chairs in its price range and of similar design, the Homall Executive gaming chair is the best pick for comfort and durability. This chair should last for several years, and the dual color scheme makes an awesome statement in your office or game room.

There’s nothing like a chair that makes you feel like the boss of your space. And this chair is definitely a confidence booster. The gold standard most gamers hold racing style chairs to is the DXracer. And Homall absolutely gives you a more affordable alternative to the DXracer gaming chair with the same racer style that upgrades your space from a boring office to a sweet gamer space.

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