Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

One of the top and most premium chairs we’ve ever reviewed, the Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair is not for the casual user and is more appropriate for executive office settings. You can use it for computer gaming but the average gamer in our experience doesn’t have the budget to afford a chair like this. It’s definitely not for the average user and considered a luxury chair for executive users. This chair has the typical mesh look you could expect to see in your boss’s office.


This chair has a pretty unique design and it’s not something you see every day in a common house hold setting. This chair has a high back mesh cover and it’s great for allowing a lot of breathing room. Why do so many office chairs use a mesh design? Because it eliminates a lot of sweating or odor for people who sit at their desk for hours a day. Especially when you’re dressed up in a suite and tie every day, you’re probably going to sweat and these types of chairs are great for breathing room.


If there’s one area of expertise we can say that Ergohuman nails every time, it’s definitely the durability of their chairs. We’ve never once doubted an Ergohuman chair and they typically go above and beyond the majority of office chairs in the market. This chair could work great as a gaming chair, it’s definitely durable but as we said before, this isn’t something a lot of people can afford and their budget won’t allow for a luxury chair like this. The cylinders, the lift, the base, the wheels and everything else is designed with pure quality.


The base of the chair has an interesting dip feature which may not look comfortable to sit in but we can assure you that it most definitely is. What happens when you sit down is, that dip on the seat of the chair will actually even out and work with those mesh holes in conjunction to provide a perfect seat. There’s a tilting mechanism that’s synchronized with movement and with the steel base of the chair. Along with durability, everything this chair was designed for, is also for comfort. The armrests aren’t the most comfortable things we’ve ever seen but the chair itself definitely makes up for that.

Ergohuman chair

​Features of the ​Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest

Back Angle Adjustability – One of the most unique things about this chair and one of the most unique things we’ve seen in most high-end luxury chairs is the ability to not only adjust the backrest but you can do it with this chair in 3 different locking positions. This chair has a 3 position tilt-lock function on the chair that allows you to find the perfect resting spot and snap that chair into place, meaning it won’t go anywhere and you’ll be comfortably seated.

High-Quality Cylinders – Do you hate in most chairs when you try to raise the chair up and down how it kind of jerks you around or moves real slow? Well, with this chair, you won’t have this issue and it’ll quickly move you up and down to the position you want to be in with an easy to press button. The cylinders of this chair were made with extremely highly durable and quality materials.

Individuality – We know it sound weird but the backrest, the headrest and even the armrests were made so that you can adjust them accordingly. You can easily adjust all of these things to fit to your individual needs, depending on what you like and what makes you the most comfortable. Whether it’s laying flat back, having high armrests or whatever it is that you find most comfortable, this chair allows you to easily adjust to whatever you’re looking for without the complexity that most gaming chairs offer today.

Manageable Dimensions – If you’re looking for a decently sized gaming chair, this is the perfect one for you or even if you’re looking for an office chair. The dimensions are well managed and easy to handle as a simple 26 inches by 46 inches for the overall base of the chair. If you’re big and tall or you’re wide or small, this chair will fit you perfectly and you won’t have any issues fitting in the chair.


  • Comes with 3 different locking positions which means that not only can you lean back and lock the chair but this chair allows you to find different positions in which you can lock the chair
  • High-powered and smooth cylinders allow this chair to move seamlessly and effortlessly up or down depending on your preferences
  • The lumbar support of the chair is not only well adjusted but you can adjust it according to your own needs, depending on where you’re sore or where your back desires


  • The seat can be a little narrow and smaller than it appears in the picture

FAQ ​( Frequently Asked Questions

​When looking at the seat pan, what kind of material is back there?

The material used on the seating is mesh. This is used widely throughout the entire chair and the arms are simply made of leather, which are smooth and comfortable.

​ I want to use this chair but I’m over 6’ tall, will it fit me?

Yes, quite easily. This chair has no problem fitting people who are over 6’ tall and it’s very easy to lean your head back in, even if you’re up to 6’5 tall.


This is a high end luxury chair and it’s not for the average consumer. We’ve said that already but we really feel like it’s important in repeating just incase it comes up again. The Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair with Headrest, Black Mesh & Chrome Base is one of the most solid chairs we’ve ever laid our eyes on and ever had the chance of reviewing personally. It’s a great chair that we’re sure you’ll get many years of enjoyment and comfort out of. While it’s great for the office, it can also be used for the home environment such as gaming as well.

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