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About the Reading and Gaming Pillow

It’s estimated that we’ll spend up to one third of our entire lives on a pillow resting our heads. Whether it’s sleeping or relaxing, we spend a great deal of time on a pillow, so it’s for our benefit that we want to make sure we have the best quality pillow. Enter the pillows that are best for gaming and reading. Reading pillows have been around for years and certainly aren’t anything new but technological advancements have allowed new pillows with better quality to come out over the years. What’s the purpose of these pillows and why were they made in the first place?

The styles of pillows most preferred for gaming and reading have a different design than the modern bed pillow. Although, there’s quite a few traditional bed pillows on the market that can be used for gaming and reading, most of them aren’t ideal for neck support and are made with cheap quality material. Reading pillows were specifically designed to help you read at a different angle while laying down, even if it’s on your back, so you don’t have to hold your book in the air over your head or have some kind of contraption that does that for you.

Benefits of Using a Pillow While Gaming

  • Pillows specifically designed for gaming have better texture used which allows for improved airflow. In turn, this airflows allows the exterior of the pillow to stay more durable and last longer as well. Companies also use these airflow techniques in order to allow for more personalized comfort and you’ll notice better molding as well.

  • Traditionally for gaming, you have to be sitting at a computer desk or sitting ground level so that you can see what’s happening on the screen in front of you. It’s highly impractical to keep your neck held up for an extended period of time while laying down and while most people don’t have screens directly above them on the ceiling, this is where the gaming pillow comes in.

  • Some of the health benefits include proper neck support, which will also extend support all the way down through your spine as well. This is great for improved gameplay in some scenarios as well, as comfortable gamers are far more efficient. Have you ever tried to play your favorite game while you were uncomfortable? You probably performed less than optimally.

  • These pillows can be moved around with ease for most pillows because they come with a handle on the top of the pillow. If you have a console hooked up to a television in one room but another device you want to play in another room, you can easily move this pillow from room to room.

  • Arm supports that come with most gaming pillows allow you to comfortably rest your arms so they’re not sitting on the floor or hanging in the air. This becomes uncomfortable after a while which is why all computer chairs typically come with arm rests. You want to make sure your arms come properly supporter.

Benefits of Using a Reading Pillow

  • Much like the gaming pillow above, the reading pillow relieves the strain that a normal pillow would put on your back and neck. This is important because long term side effects of a neck that isn’t properly seated can lead up to chronic pain which isn’t fun.

  • A reading pillow that’s properly placed can alleviate any stress you have and actually help better regulate breathing. When your body is properly relaxed, it’s easier to take in the story you’re reading and get better enjoyment out of your activity.

  • If you need a cheap gift for a student or someone who reads a lot, reading pillows are relatively inexpensive as they’re quite simple in function. Their main purpose is to serve as a pillow or a backrest while you read, so they’re usually quite cheap.

  • Reading pillows will prevent strain from holding a book for a prolonged period of time. When you’re holding a book without a reading pillow, your arms, elbows and other joints involved when holding up a book will become strained after quite some time.

Top 4 Gaming and Reading Pillows

There’s nothing like a comfortable good night’s sleep but when you’re awake, you want to enjoy the activities you do while laying down as well. This is why we’ve scoured through the internet to find some of the best gaming pillows on the market today. We wanted to make sure that our readers were comfortable with affordable, high quality and well-received reading and gaming pillows. We wanted to make sure that we provided our viewers with the best resting experience possible, so we present the top 4 gaming and reading pillows for your convenience.

#1)LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow

This LINENSPA reading pillow comes in a very nice light grey look and is very simplistic. You see that there’s armrests on the sides and that there’s an easy to carry attached handle on the top of the pillow. One of the first things we wanted to take note of is that there’s a nice foam padding inside that isn’t a single whole pad but it’s actually made from foam shredding. This is to improve airflow within the pillow.

LINENSPA Shredded Foam Reading Pillow


  • This pillow is relatively high in measurement and will support people of all sizes

  • This pillow does come with a lengthy warranty

  • The surface is relatively soft which provides a comfortable resting area

  • Also ideal for watching television as well as it supports proper and ideal head height for watching television without straining your neck



  • 18 inches high, which is great for people of all heights

  • A convenient top carry handle

  • Is very plump and soft to the touch, which will mold around your touch

  • Back and neck support while doing your reading, gaming or watching television

  • High quality foam shreds inside which lengthen the pillow’s longevity with airflow and makes it more comfortable

  • The pillow comes vacuum sealed and not fully extended, which was a complaint for a couple of customers when reviewing

#2)BedLounge Classic – Regular – Natural Cotton

While this next beige chair comes in a unique style that looks like something you’d find in your dentist’s office, we assure you that this chair is just as comfortable as the other chairs on our list. If you’re not a fan of beige, you can also choose from one of the many other colors and styles that the company BedLounge offers. Everything from red, blue green, white and more.

BedLounge Classic – Regular – Natural Cotton


  • Will easily fit your head and neck because of the easily extendable headrest attached to the chair

  • It’s easily washable without having to worry about stains forever ruining your pillow

  • It’s very lightweight and convenient, even without the handle that some other pillows have

  • It’s ideal for anyone that’s above 5 foot 3 inches and above

  • It’s relatively solid and has a sturdy frame that won’t allow it to break or bend

  • This pillow is made and manufactured in the U.S.A.



  • Has an ergonomic design which includes an extended headrest that will extend up to one foot, supporting tall builds

  • Comes with great fluctuation in size, as people as small as 5 foot and 3 inches can rest comfortably

  • The cover of the pillow comes off and is machine washable for ease and worry-free cleanups

  • Only weighs approximately 6.5 pounds, so shipping is light

  • A couple of customers complained that the padding takes a little time to get used to.

#3) BedLounge Hypoallergenic - The Ultimate Back Wedge, Bed Rest, Back Support, Comfort Reading Pillow

Another great product from the BedLounge lineup is this Hypoallergenic. Like the BedLounge product above, the main product comes in navy blue but you can choose a wide assortment of colors to order from that fit your personal touch. Another great made in the USA product comes equipped with 100% cotton for maximum comfort.

BedLounge Hypoallergenic Reading Pillow


  • Has an ergonomic design that will accommodate the build of most people and is designed to fit most people as well

  • The material is made from authentic 100% cotton is very unique to the touch

  • Like the above BedLounge pillow, this pillow is made for people that are at least 5 foot 3 inches and above



  • Comes with a simple yet unique design approach for the reading and gaming pillow

  • Has a comfortably padded headrest that supports the height of most customers

  • Is made and produced in the USA

  • The unique cotton material used is soft and comfortable when you rest your head

  • Supports positive back posture and a healthy neck support as well

  • These products run out of stock relatively fast and people are competitive to get them, so be on a lookout for them when they’re available

#4)ComfySure Reading Pillow for TV in Bed: Orthopedic Support Chair Pillow

Last on our list is one of our favorites and best of all, it comes in a relatively cheap price as well. If you’d like a pillow for more than just gaming or reading, this pillow is perfect and last on our list for the right reasons. This pillow is great for pregnant women and people who suffer from chronic pain looking for relief.

ComfySure Reading Pillow


  • Comes at the largest size on our list with dimensions of 18 inches high by 15 inches wide on the top and 26 inches wide from one armrest to the other armrest

  • Relatively stain resistant which makes it easy to clean

  • Offers superior support for not only your back and neck but your arms and lower back as well

  • Comes with high quality superior foam parts instead of just shredded foam or standard foam


  • Very easy to clean

  • Great for people with sciatica pain

  • Great for pregnant women with a tall support base for the neck


  • It has a unique and odd new smell to it but it goes away rather quickly


While most gaming and reading pillows serve a general purpose, we’ve concluded four of the best pillows currently on the market for your convenience and we wanted to make sure that they were all low budget friendly. The LINENSPA lineup is great for gamers and people just looking to lounge comfortably. We believe that the ComfySure is the absolute best for all purposes involved because of their support for pregnant women, so it’s highly multi-functional.

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