Big and Tall Gaming Chair

If you’re a tall or large person, you probably struggle and have a hard time finding a gaming chair that’s suitable for you. This is a common struggle that a lot of bigger people go through because it’s hard to find chairs that aren’t suited for skinny young adults and teenagers. However, we’ve scoured through the internet and looked through all of the reviews to find the perfect chairs that are best suited for you.

There’s a couple of different things we like to look for when we’re trying to find gaming chairs for big guys and it has mostly to do with durability. The overall material of the framework and cushioning is what primarily will determine how durable the chair will be and the overall maximum weight capacity of the chair.

What Should Someone Look For While Looking For A Gaming Chair For Larger People?

Whether you’re tall or overweight, here’s a few things to keep in mind when you’re looking for the perfect gaming chair that supports you.

  • Is the overall height and the headrest of the chair adjustable? Is the chair something that you can customize to your liking whether you’re under 6 foot or above 6 foot?

  • What are others saying about the chair and what do the reviews of the chair look like? Often more than not, people who are over 6 foot or overweight will often leave negative comments if they had trouble enjoying the comfort of the chair.

  • Is the base wide enough to support you? A chair that supports bigger people will often have a wide base that allows for a lot of wiggle room and will have adjustable armrests that can either be flipped down or have extra padding.

  • What is the frame of the chair made with? Heavy alloy duty material is what we prefer but there’s a lot of steel or metallic based chairs that can support to 300 or even 400 pounds out there, so the frame of the chair is important.

Top 5 Recommendation For Tall and Large People

Pinty Red and Black Adjustable Recliner High Backrest PC Gaming Desk Chairs

Pinty Red and Black Adjustable Recliner Chair

This is one of the more uniquely designed chairs and features a nice red on black design, with seat straps in the chair to mimic a racing seat. The cushions for the lumbar and head pillow are a nice touch and extra fluffy. The cushioning inside is very soft and durable. Aside from the stylish looks, it’s highly durable and doesn’t make annoying squeaking noises.


  • Is a great budget chair and doesn’t cost much at all, since the materials used in it are effective but they don’t cost a lot

  • The backrest of the chair is completely adjustable, including the height so if you’re tall, you can easily adjust the height to fit something that’s comfortable for you

  • The backrest comes with a nice 90 degree tilt back and the angle can be lock adjusted at any point you’re comfortable with

  • Comes with a very high end and durable lumbar support or backrest cushion that promotes healthy gaming and reduces the amount of pain from long periods of gaming


  • The assembly of the chair can be a little challenging at first but it’s well worth it once you get it put together and all the materials needed come with the chair

Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Ergonomic Series Racing Style Gaming Office Chair

Akracing AK-5015

One of the best things we like about all the chairs on this list is that the base lift of the chairs are durable. This chair in particular comes with a high end metal construction gas lift base. It’s classified as a class 4 gas lift, which can support up to 400 pounds or possibly even more. The adjustable customizations of the chair are also unrivaled and allows you to customize the chair completely to your liking.


  • The chair’s construction for the base was made with a very high end and durable metal which allows anyone up to 400 pounds to sit in the chair

  • The tilt of the chair, the height of the chair and even the back are completely adjustable

  • The armrests are adjustable as well and have a nice contour shape to conform to your arms

  • The base of the chair comes supported by a level class 4 gas lift which is smooth and durable


  • The overall design of this chair doesn’t work well for skinny or small people as smaller people report having a sore tailbone after sitting in this chair

Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Racing Series Gaming Chair

Vertagear S-Line SL5000

If there’s one thing Vertagear is known for, it’s not necessarily the styles of their chair or the design. However, while this chair is a plain black on black, it’s highly customizable and extremely comfortable. You won’t want to get up after sitting down, we can promise you that. The steel frame gives it a nice standing base.


  • The base of this chair is reinforced with a 5 star base and heavy duty alloy material which allows anyone of any weight capacity up to 400 pounds to enjoy the chair

  • The frame might be made of heavy duty steel, but the foam is highly resilient and super soft to sit on

  • The leather material is made of high quality PVC which allows for not only comfort but high end durability

  • The armrests are highly adjustable and the contours are designed to console to the shape of your arms


  • While the chair holds up well, the plastic covers on the screws sometimes do seem to fall off

AKRacing K-7 Series Premium Gaming Chair with High Backrest

AKRacing K-7 Series

The design of this chair isn’t the most unique we’ve ever seen but it definitely stands out in terms of pricing, the popular demand and the wide base. The nice wide base of the chair allows larger people to enjoy the chair just fine and the extremely high durability steel base is a great touch on the chair as well. The upholstery is unique and it’s very soft to the touch.


  • The chair isn’t sold by a third party manufacturer and is sold directly by AKRacing America

  • The steel frame pipe and base of the chair is heavy duty steel which allows for a high weight capacity and the base undergoes an 11 process quality control inspection

  • The fabric used in the chair is high quality and extra durable

  • The overall height of the chair goes up to 52 inches which allows people who are over 6’4 or even taller to enjoy the chair without discomfort


  • This chair does run out of stock a lot, so if you’re interested, you might want to hurry and grab one because there’s no telling when they’ll re-stock

AK Racing Ergonomic Office Chair with Lumbar Support and Headrest Pillow

AK Racing Ergonomic Office Chair

The main thing that drew us to this chair wasn’t only the durability and long-lasting status of the chair, it was the adjustability as well. One unique feature we enjoyed was the ability to relax the chair back to 170 degrees. The armrests of the chair are adjustable as well, along with the height and the back. Along with other chairs on this list, we made sure that the base was made with heavily reinforced material, which in the case of this chair, allows for anyone up to 400 pounds to sit in it.


  • The metal base of this chair is equipped with a gas powered lift which easily lifts anyone up to 400 pounds or lowers depending on your setting

  • There’s a highly durable locking system with the chair that allows you to lock the chair into place after you find a preferred tilting position

  • The armrests are completely adjustable to the position you’d like them in

  • The tilt back angle option of the chair will tilt back up to 170 degrees, so you can take a nice nap in the chair if you’d like


  • The armrests when tilted back can seem a bit wobbly but rest assured they are 100% secured


When you’re on the ultimate search for a gaming chair and you need something that’s heavy duty that can support you, just remember the golden rule of looking for that extra strong base. Any chair that’s got a strong base is more than likely more than enough to support you. What we like to look for is metal or alloy material.

Of course, you’ll want to shop accordingly to your budget but we know how hard finding a chair compatible for you can be. We also look through hundreds, if not thousands of customer reviews to find out if there’s any complaints from tall or larger people that can’t enjoy or fit in the chair. We make sure that each chair we pick is custom tailored for you and of the highest quality. We only recommend the best to all our readers and every single chair on this list is highly recommended.

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