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DXRacer DOH / RE0 / NO Racing Gaming Chair Series Review

When we tried getting our hands on this DXRacer DOH chair it took us forever because it's always out of stock. Apparently it's pretty popular!

The design and flow of the chair didn’t really strike us as anything special. Most people aren't attracted to orange and black as a color scheme combination but this chair has its own unique flow as most DXRacer chairs do.

Smooth looks and a striking design aren’t all that this DXRacer DOH chair offers.

It sports exceptional functionality and some top end quality that we see so often from the brand.

This chair provides a more snug fit than most other DXRacer chairs, so if you’re on the larger side you might find it more than just a little uncomfortable.

The way the Racing Series chairs are designed, they leave little room for extra padding or cushions. This is simply because DXRacer has tried to get as close to an actual racing seat as they possibly could.

While it is a little lower on the budget scale of the DXRacer Racing Series of chairs, this model does possess DXRacer’s standard level of quality.

It’s true that it lacks a lot of features that can be found on its more expensive siblings, but at that price tag, it makes for an incredibly good mid-range gaming chair.

Initial Impressions


This DXRacer DOH chair provides a relatively thin back compared to the seating area of the chair. The DOH/RE0/NO Newedge Edition of the DXRacer lineup has a pretty thick padded seat.

One thing that comes included with all DXRacer racing series chairs is the high back and seating position so that you can comfortably rest your head in an elevated position without putting any kind of pressure on your neck.

The PU material of the cushion is also breathable, which means it doesn’t sink in after only a month of use and it reforms back to the original shape after you leave the chair. This is great for people that plan on using the chair for a long period of time.

The foam padding is also designed to be resistant to moisture and mold that will cause it to deteriorate at a faster rate.

While most of the upholstery is synthetic faux leather, some of the harder parts – like the backrest – come with harder, plastic padding underneath. This helps keep the surfaces breathable while still providing the necessary support for good comfort.

The shoulder rests also have a bit of plastic beading that runs along the edge of two seat belt cavities. Although these cavities serve no real purpose on a gaming chair – as compared to a racing chair where they route seat belts – they still look good and give the chair a little bit of that racing spirit.

Design & Style

The overall design of the chair really depends on your different tastes because there are a lot of DXRacer gaming chairs that look like this but some people don’t really like the color orange.

We do however like how they strategically placed the stitching of the chairs and how the headrest of the chair extends extra high which seems to be an extra effort to support tall people.

With most DXRacer DOH chairs, the armrests of the chair were designed relatively small and weren’t built to be fully customizable but some people do customize them off the DXRacer website. The base of the chair is quite impressive as they’ve added a little splash of orange on the footrests.


DXRacer chairs are some of the most durable chairs in the world. For gaming, for sitting at your office or for whatever the use is, these chairs were built to last. The aluminum base comes in a very solid form and is part of a recent modern design. The base was made with a large center base but evenly thins out as it gets closer and closer to the wheels.

The wheels themselves are pretty high quality and turn with ease. The armrests are very durable as well, you can rest your arms on them for extended periods of time without worrying of sweat or of marks appearing on your arms thanks to the special grooves embedded into the armrests of this chair.

Although this chair doesn’t feature the finest accessories that DXRacer can provide, they’re still upgradable, which we think is just as important. Just about every moving part on this chair can be hot swapped with the parts of other DXRacer chairs.

Need casters or wheels that are designed for long carpets? Swap them out with spares from the DXRacer store! If the armrests are a little too narrow for your tastes, you can have them replaced with just about any armrest that will fit the universal socket.  

We really do love the fact that DXRacer offers a 2-year warranty on all of their chairs and parts bought from their stores. Even if you do end up damaging something, you’ve always got that peace of mind to keep you going.

DOH/RE0/NO DXRacer gaming chair

3 things we liked

  • We liked the extra pillows included with the purchase which were very durable and very comfortable

  • We really like the overall design of the chair and love the extra touch of the design team which decided to include padded footrests on the base of the DXRacer DOH chair

  • The armrests were very soft and much to our liking as they didn’t make our arms go numb after a certain period of use and we didn’t get marks on our arms after using them

The features in a nutshell

  • Free Cushions – While it’s not included in some of the standard pictures on Amazon, you get a free lumbar and headrest cushion with your purchase of this chair. They’re easily adjustable, easy to put on and easy to remove as you feel fit.

  • The Design – The orange flows naturally along the sides of the chair and they’ve included the orange in places you wouldn’t normally expect it such as in certain spots on the base like the footrests for a little extra comfort.

  • Breathable Cushion – The material used in this DXRacer DOH chair is PU which is breathable and made for extra comfort. When you sit down, it’s almost like sitting in a chair that wants you to sink into it.

  • Sturdy Base – This base might be made with aluminum material but the design is relatively recent and modern for this lineup of chairs. In addition, the base is extremely strong and supports a lot of weight.

  • Shoulder Protection – The upper caved in portion of the DXRacer DOH chair was designed so that you can protect your shoulders during gameplay and your upper back. This upper back caved in function is extra soft and is great for people looking for that extra level of comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m concerned about my weight in this chair, will it hold me?

A: The DXRacer DOH chair is known to hold people over 250 pounds and even more. You won’t have a problem fitting in this chair, as long as you’re under 300 pounds.

Q: What’s so much difference between the Racing and Formula series of the DXRacer chairs?

A: With the formula series (read our review on FD01), you have a much smaller frame to work with.

Those series of chairs are made for smaller body types but the chairs aren’t much different when you compare the different features. All the different functions and specifications of the different series are available on


It goes without saying that DXRacer Racing Series chair is known for their quality and known for their attention to detail. This chair offers a new unique design without the price tag that will cost you an arm and a leg. If you’re looking for a chair that gives comfort but a little splash of style without the inconvenience of a lot of assemblies, this is the DXRacer DOH chair for you.

From the strong aluminum base that supports up to 300 pounds to the armrests that were built extra soft, the DXRacer DOH is a perfect chair for gaming or any kind of activity that will require you to be seated for hours. We were impressed and so will you be.