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DXRacer Zero DOH/RV118/NBW Review

In one of the most stylish chairs we’ve ever received for the DXRacer Racing Zero lineup comes the DOH/RV/118/NBW series chair. 

This specific variety of the Zero comes in sleek white on blue on black. A very elegant combination of colors, looking good from the inside and out.

From the extra padded base cushion seating, to the high headrest and detachable neck pillow: this chair is a bonus and a half full of features.

Fun trivia fact: the DXRacer Zero was the base model for a lot of e-sports themed gaming chairs that the brand created.

They’d taken a tried and tested gaming chair proven to deliver optimal comfort and keep performance scores up, and used it to produce a line of gaming chairs that e-sports teams could customize to their liking. Many big league teams still use DXRacer chairs and are sponsored by them.

The arms of the DXRacer Racing Series Zero chair are a bit different than you’re used to seeing on some other DXRacer models.

You might notice they are are a bit off in terms of their direction and how high they can be adjusted. These are 90-degree four-dimensional (4D) armrests. Even the base of the chair has a nice gloss over effect with the blue padded footrest and wheel covers.

While the unique finishes on each armrest do look pretty cool at first, after a couple of hours you use, we started to notice that they had a bit of a nasty habit.

Before our more in-depth review, a word of warning:

The armrests have a tendency to track sweat and they can be a little icky to clean off. We only expect this to get worse as the coating on the armrest pads begins to wear off. 

Luckily, there's some darn good manufacture quality here. So if you're OK with cleaning the armrests on a more regular basis, this shouldn't be too much of an issue. 

If you want to make a style statement at the office or to your gamer buddies, then the DXracer Zero will fit the bill perfectly. Everyone in the UGC team simply loves the refreshingly sharp colors, compared to the other wilder color schemes out there.

We don’t often see three color palette gaming chairs that look this good, and trust me if there’s one thing we see a lot of, it’s chairs.

Let's take a deeper dive!

Initial impressions of the DXRacer Zero series


The overall comfort of this DXracer Racing Series Zero gaming chair is solid. We have this extra-large padded seating base cushion that comes with an extra sinking feeling when you sit down.

It doesn’t sink quickly either, when we first sat down, it took a couple of seconds to fully adjust to the position. From there, we could adjust the height of the base of the chair and then we could adjust our armrests to accommodate the height of the desk.

The foam is cold cured for extra durability.
It will soften as it breaks in, but won't ever get too soft due to this curing system. The DXRacer Racing Zero is designed and built with long working or gaming hours logged on their chairs. To make sure you are comfortable to be able to stay focused on your work or game, you'll find they engineered them perfectly.

DXRacer Zero is the perfect companion to have over a long, cold night of gaming. It’s been braced for both temperature zones. 

It doesn’t absorb sweat when it’s too hot and is breathable, yet it’s also very snug and thermally insulated by its high-density foam. This keeps you warm enough that you don’t need to throw pillows or a blanket between yourself and the chair when you’re gaming while it’s cold out.

We also like the fact that the headrest on this chair protrudes just a tiny bit. This provides great support for your neck. While the seatbelt cavities do let in a bit of a draft, you can throw on the optional DXRacer neck pillow for a comfortable gaming session.

Here's a great, albeit rather long video showcasing what the Zero is about:


This chair includes a pair of pillows that come complimentary to the chair. The lumbar cushion, in particular, is a noticeable improvement and I personally like to have it fitted the backrest whenever I use the chair. It isn’t to the liking of some folk, but I guess that it really has to do with your stature and posture.

Design & Style

The main look of DXracer Racing Series Zero gaming chair is the carbon exterior vinyl cover. You can tell immediately upon looking at the chair that there’s some vinyl covering because there are a few obvious wrinkles on the very head of the chair.

The leather exterior compliments the rest of the design nicely and it’s not something that is sacrificed for comfort either because the chair is very comfortable.

The bar base of DXRacer racing zero chair is inlaid and somehow allows for the arms to turn at 90 degrees. It’s not something that a lot of people ask for but it’s a nice feature to have if you ever want to use that particular feature.

The white long streak on the back of the chair is complimented nicely by the stroke of blue outside that white. The rest of the chair has small strokes of blue and white all around the chair and blue on the bottom of the base for a footrest.


The DXRacer racing zero is a solid chair with a highly functional base made out of aluminum. The armrests themselves come with specialized casters that allow them to tilt without ever gaining that annoying squeak effect or blowing out your eardrums.

The base had to be built extra strong because of the capability to turn the arms up to 90 different degrees.

The overall condition of the vinyl and leather cover is superb as well. It’s pretty spill resistant as far as we could test but we weren’t trying to make a mess when we tested out this chair.

The material is breathable and holds up relatively well, thanks in part to the carbon exterior. The bar base comes with some nice PU casters which help hold the chair up quite nicely.

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RV118/NBW

5 things we liked

  • We liked the overall color span of the design and how many different colors there were overall as a lot of chairs usually come with only 2 colors overall

  • We like how customizable the armrests are and they’re never in the way if you want them to be completely gone

  • The carbon look was quite impressive to us and the nice vinyl cover felt so good to lay your back on

  • How flexible and easily adjustable the seating position was

  • The depth of the seat cushion is just right as long as you don't exceed the maximum of 265 pounds weight rating

...and 1 thing we disliked

The Zero requires a bit more attention when it comes to cleaning. We mentioned the armrests before, but another part of this chair that makes it a little difficult to deal with when cleaning is the toe rest rubber grip.

The grip is rather fine and can trap dust and grime very easily, but trying to get that dirt out is a whole other struggle.

Vacuuming doesn’t seem to work with the rubber and using a brush that’s too stiff tends to damage it. It requires a bit more care and thorough work to clean.

Features cheatsheet

  • Sleek Design – One of our best reviews designs to date as this design comes in with three different colors. When you gaze upon the sleek white that dips below the Zero logo, you’ll notice a nice blue stroke around that white and the rest of the chair in nylon leather black that compliments any rooms.

    If you work in an office that isn't too stuffy, then you may find the style just right to make a statement at work while working in total comfort.
  • Customized Arms – If you want your arms to fold down or up, go for it. We loved that you could do whatever you wanted with the arms. Some people don’t particularly like armrests on gaming chairs and some do.

    This is because a lot of gaming chairs come with relatively uncomfortable armrests and we can’t blame them but this chair allows for a lot of customization of the armrests alone. One downside is that the cushion on the armrests doesn't have a lot of giving to them. They will last longer because of this, but they may not be as comfortable as some people like them to be.

  • PU Casters – The casters of this DXRacer Racing Zero chair are relatively strong and won’t let you go anywhere anytime soon. They’re 3 inches in dimension and very strong. There’s also a nice inlaid color bar base for added support and extra strength for the chair. They glide easily across surfaces and are very quiet.

  • Flexible – The overall flexibility of the seat is a solid 10/10 because not only can you adjust the seating to lean back but the back is adjustable as well. You won’t be disappointed with the resting position of the DOH/RV118/NBW. You can lock in your position securely even if you are leaning the chair back with the tension knob underneath the seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I spill anything on this chair, what kind of cleaning product should I use?

A: Thanks to the vinyl and the carbon material used on this chair, any kind of product should be just fine. Even just a wet wipe or some water will get most stains out just fine but we’d recommend not eating in your chair and that goes for any gaming chair.

Q: What kind of weight limit does this chair have?

A: While DXRacer racing zero chair supports a lot and can withstand a lot of pressure thanks to the strong base, this chair comes with a 265-pound weight limit, which fits most people. The marketing is a bit misleading as they claim the DXRacing Zero can handle up to a ton of pressure, but then at the same time say that it is meant to be used for people under 265 pounds.


It goes without saying that we absolutely love the design and it’s one of our favorite themed DXRacer chairs. The price is also very reasonable and it comes as a highly reviewed product as well which always helps.

The arms are highly adjustable which is great because arms do tend to get in the way sometimes. Also, the strong casters on the base of the chair help with not only the durability but the overall longevity of the chair as well. We can highly recommend this chair to any gamer or anyone looking for a nice outlet for relaxation that’s not too expensive.

The DXracer Racing Series Zero is built to last and will give you years of comfort while looking cool while you work or game.