DXRacer RW106NE Racing Gaming Chair

Easily one of the most colorful DXRacer assortments that we’ve seen and stands out to the eye. The green contrast and brightness of the chair alone is enough to grab your attention but what about the pricing? It’s true that while this chair costs more than your average chair, it’s really not highly priced compared to other chairs.

Is the price worth it though? From the durable material to the practical design, we wanted to make sure this chair held up to DXRacer standards and got an appropriate rating from us. We can say right off the bat that you won’t be disappointed with the amount of comfort in this chair. It’s highly comfortable and the style is really cool.

rw106ne dxracer gaming chair


This is a chair that successfully goes above and beyond comfort. This chair has enhanced the experience of comfort that we’re used to in a gaming chair. The best thing is, it’s not just for gaming but you can use it as an office chair as well with the flat ergonomic design that allows it to blend in with an office desk. If you want to learn back, you can do that.

With the tilt back function, this chair allows you to recline to a position of comfort and once you’ve reached that desired position, simply lock in your position and relax or fall asleep. For added comfort, you can even fully adjust the arms as you see fit, whether it’s raising them up or bringing them down. The only downfall is that the tilt back mechanic only goes to 135 degrees rather than 180 degrees.

Design & Style

This design is a very striking design and will probably stand out more than most DXRacer chairs. It’s hard not to notice when you see the lime bright green color in your face and the green that’s also attached to the very base of the chair as added footrests. The design of most DXRacer chairs is usually the same but there’s several different series of chairs.

Some chairs, like these Racing series chairs prefer to have a wider base and like to accommodate larger people. While some designs like eSports edition chairs prefer to be a bit smaller and cater to the average gamer. One thing about the design though that no one can contest is that this chair is highly durable. It was designed to withstand repeatable adjustments under any condition.


DXRacer stands behind the durability of this chair so much that they even offer a durability and performance guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with this chair, you can get a 100% refund with no questions asked but most people never ask for one or need one. The base of the chair is built relatively strong and the tilt back was designed to withstand a lot of weight for people who like to tilt back and read or sleep in their DXRacer chair.

Features of DXRACER RW106NE Gaming Chair

Comfortable – For an extra security later of comfort, you will even get a lumbar support pillow and a pillow that’s made to help support your neck. You won’t need to worry about aching bones or a sore back when you get up because this chair was designed to support every area of your body.

The Style – We have to mention the overall style of the chair as it stands out more than most of the other DXRacer gaming chairs out on the market today. It’s very stylish and very bright, so it’s something you’ll notice in the room right away when you walk in. The arms may not speak much in terms of style but the base and the rest of the chair does with their green highlights.

Tilt Back – If you want to lean back and enjoy your experience or go to sleep, you can tilt back to a comfortable 135 degree angle and while a lot of DXRacers are able to go up to 180 degrees, this one feels just as comfortable.

Warranty – If for whatever reason, you’re not satisfied 100% with your purchase, DXRacer has offered to let you have a full refund with no questions asked. You’ll have to contact DXRacer for the full specifications and limitations on this warranty.

Things We Liked

  • We really enjoyed the bright green style and thought it added a nice splash of color to any room it was in

  • We love the strong nylon base caps of the wheels and how easily they move across different textures without making a noise or scratching the floor

  • The armrests of the chair were pretty comforting as well to our surprise as most armrests are usually hard, solid and not desirable to have your arms on

  • The extra back support provided by the lean design of this chair was also relatively nice as it allowed for maximum enjoyment whether you were sitting upright or leaning back

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to purchase the pillows of this chair separately or do they come included?
A: The lumbar and neck pillows of this chair that help support positive posture come for free and are included with the packaging of the chair?

Q: Is there any assembly required?

A: While there is assembly required, it’s relatively painless and quick. Also, all the tools you’ll need are included with the chair.

Q: What kind of material is this chair made from?

A: It’s made from a combination of materials. So whether you prefer leather, vinyl or mesh fabric, this chair includes all of those things in various places for comfort and durability.


While it’s one of the most stylish chairs we’ve ever covered, it’s also available from a number of different resources for different prices. Amazon at this time has the best price for the chair and when we wanted to investigate whether it was worth the price or not, it definitely is. This is one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve ever laid our heads on and the bright green style was just an added bonus.

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