DX Racer FD01/NE Racing Bucket Seat Chair Review

The Basics about DX Racer FD01/NE Gaming Chair

Basically, if you are looking for the Ferrari of gaming seats, you'll find it in the DX Racer FD01 product. It's office chair design may look a little clunky, but it makes up for it in comfort and features. This chair is fully adjustable, comes in a variety of slick color options, and is extremely mobile due to the high-quality castors it rests on.

DX Racer FD01/NE Chair

Top 3 Features of DX Racer FD01/NE

  • When considering all that the DX Racer FD01 has to offer, it's clear that it's adjustability (and to be honest, its versatility in general) is one of its best features. No matter what position you prefer to play in, this chair can accommodate it.

  • Another great feature is that assembly seems to be relatively painless. If you've ever succeeded at putting together boxed furniture before, you shouldn't have much of a problem with this chair. We managed to get this one up and running in about 10 minutes.
  • Finally, if comfort isn't in the top 3 features, then there is a problem with the overall usability of the chair. The DX Racer FD01 has no problem with this. The product offers full body support from the premiere headrest down to the lumbar support it provides.

What We Like about the DX Racer FD01/NE

  • It just looks good. The sleek styling and contemporary design is going to be a conversation starter to anyone who gets a look at it. The chair comes in a variety of colors to suit all tastes and sports a futuristic look that is sure to please even the most traditional gamers. For more traditional players who want their chair to blend into more of an office environment, this product has you covered. With some of the tamer color options, this chair can look like a high-end piece of office furniture.

  • We liked the fact that the assembly was fairly painless. The instructions were run-of-the-mill in the sense that they could have been organized a little better, but the actual work involved in getting this product set-up was minimal.
  • This chair comes with a lumbar pillow and additional headrest pillow which makes for some serious comfort. Relaxation is key to any gaming experience and that is where this product shines. It's fully adjustable back makes playing in any position not only possible but easy to achieve.
  • Portability is a big plus with the DX Racer FD01. The chair sits on high-quality castor wheels and moving it from place to place is a breeze. We especially like this feature because the chair runs on the heavy side and may not be easily lifted by some people.
  • The chair is not only fully adjustable when it comes to the back, but also the height. A big problem we see with gaming chairs is the fact that they have trouble catering to taller and heavier individuals. If you've noticed this as well, you'll want to at least check out the DX Racer FD01.

What Needs to be Worked on DX Racer FD01/NE

  • Let's be honest here, this chair is going to set you back. It's not like you won't be getting anything for the money, it is a high-quality product, but for those on a strict budget, this particular product may fall outside of your comfort zone.

  • We generally prefer audio in our gaming chairs and this particular product is strangely devoid of it. If you like your sound right in your ears without the use of headphones, this may not be the chair for you. You'll need to head out and purchase additional audio accessories if you don't already have them.

For us, what really sets this chair apart is the comfort level it provides. It's adjustability, durable armrests and additional lumbar and headrest accessories that come standard with the product ensure that even marathon gaming sessions won't become uncomfortable eventually. We value the comfort of chairs above most other features but won't rate it above everything else collectively - but this chair has enough features to carry a recommend from us. If you value comfort, this chair is for you.

At the end of the day, we really like this product in spite of its price tag. It provides an unparalleled level of comfort, it looks stylish, and can be easily transported. We do wish there were audio features and will look forward to seeing future models with this included - but for now it's a great chair that you'll need to shell out for. When looking at all of the chair's features, comfort level and styling, we will double down on our claim that this is the Ferrari of gaming chairs. If you have the money, this is where you'll want it to go.

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