Secretlab Titan Review: Heir to the Throne

In the progressive and aggressive world of e-sports and professional gaming, having the skills to win the game is half the battle. The other half? Your gaming equipment. When you are equipped with the best gear in the market, it gives you a significant competitive edge, leading you on your way to victory. Now we are not just talking about computer specs and hardware here; we are also referring to the basic and sometimes overlooked aspect of gaming - the gamer chair.

For casual gamers, best gaming chairs or gamer chairs are not always among the priorities because gaming only serves as a brief pastime. However, if gaming is life and you are serious about it, then having a comfortable best gaming chair is a must. The good thing about this requirement is that there is an awesome company that produces great, if not the best, ergonomic gaming chair selections out there, and that is Secretlab.

Secretlab believe in the virtue that every gamer must “sit comfortably,” and with this objective, they have successfully developed a wide selection of best gaming chairs, particularly the most ergonomic gaming chair variants in the market today. No wonder they have received countless awards over the past years, thanks to their continuous effort to improve every gamer’s overall gaming experience by providing them with the most comfortable best gaming chairs in the market. Showcasing various series depending on consumer aesthetic and comfort requirements, rest assured that there is definitely a perfect gamer chair for you.

Investing in a great, ergonomic gaming chair is perhaps one of the most critical things in setting up your game room or overall gaming rig. Other people veer towards better visual aesthetics, such as PC casings, soundbars, and stuff like that, but a gaming  chair is a very special aspect that makes any gaming experience more enjoyable, not to mention comfortable. You can live with an above-par soundcard or soundbar, but unlike these accessories, the best gaming chairs is of immense importance because you use it every single time you play because you sit on it, and although you may barely notice it, you spend a considerable amount of time using it. Comfortability, features, and durability should be prioritized because this is your cockpit, and you are the pilot who will navigate the flow of the game you are playing. We can’t stress out the importance of the Secretlab chair in this technologically advanced indoor sport.

While Secretlab offers several best gaming chair options, fans have been raving about one particular product that is one of the newer additions to the company’s ergonomic gaming chair lineup. This is one of the most sought-after products of Secretlab because of its uncompromised aesthetics, excellent material, and undeniable comfort factor. Let us talk about the Secretlab Titan chair in this Secretlab Titan review.

Introducing the Secret lab Titan

Whenever we hear or read the word “Titan,” we always associate this word with something massive or epic. The good news is, as early as now, we are confident enough to tell you that the Secretlab Titan chair is here to impress you not just because of its bold looks and streamlined design but its function and value as well. There are a lot of ergonomic gaming chair options in the market, but this Secretlab chair stands out from the rest in more ways than one and you'll know why in this Secretlab Titan review.

Secret lab Titan Features

  • Full-Length Recline Functionality
  • High-Quality PU Leather, which can be upgraded to other upholstery materials, such as SoftWear and Nappa
  • Cold-Cured Core Foam
  • Four-Dimensional Adjustable Armrests
  • Multi-Function Tilt Mechanism
  • Exceptional Build Quality and Ergonomics
  • Hydraulic Pistons (Class 4)
  • Aluminum Base and Extra-Large PU Casters

Colors: Stealth / Amber / Black / Ash

Special Edition Versions: Team Secret / deadmau5 / Cloud9

Free Stuff: Velour Head Pillow

Moving on with this Secretlab Titan review, The Titan sounds like the perfect gamer chair, doesn’t it? With more than three-thousand consumer reviews giving the product four-star ratings or higher, the Secretlab  Titan chair is such a great deal, offering lots of features that will surely win you over. There are a lot of best gaming chairs that take their inspiration from racing car seats, which is a visually and ergonomically sound decision to make. However, the dynamics of gaming, which includes sitting long hours fighting boss monsters or winning tournaments, require a different kind of body support to ensure that circulation is facilitated and comfort is provided over prolonged periods. The Secretlab  Titan’s combination of Full Recline and Multi-Function Tilt feature ensures that you are getting superior comfort and back support without you sinking into the Secretlab chair – a sensation often experienced in bucket seats, which is the most common design language of racing seats. The Adjustable armrests of this Secretlab chair can accommodate both petite and tall players, and the hydraulic system ensures that body weight is properly supported and absorbed by the structure without the cushioning feeling too soft or too stiff. 


You don’t have to be a pro to assemble the Secretlab  Titan. Once you receive the package, the pieces are neatly organized. The product has the usual assembly requirements, and it also comes with an easy-to-follow instruction guide so you are assured that you will not lose your way in the assembly process. The tools and spare parts will not get lost easily because they can be placed in the bag provided with the package.


What we like about the Titan in this Secretlab Titan review, is its noticeable heft. It doesn’t feel brittle or weak, from its disassembled parts to the finished product. This assures you that the product is built to last and will be with you through your challenges and victories.



What can we say? The Secretlab  Titan is a modern, practical gamer chair that looks like a space throne. From the macro-features of ergonomics and construction to the little details, such as stitching accent, and the simple logos and texts that provide a bold statement, this gamer chair is both pleasing to the eyes and even more pleasing to sit on. It can be a great conversation starter for your friends who drop by your game room while watching you record your new top score. While some gamer chairs succeed in comfort and ergonomics, they fail miserably in aesthetics and appear like a generic, bland, black Secretlab chair. Secretlab did the homework on both aspects, and boy, did they deliver!

In addition to the customizable material options, such as the luxurious feel of Nappa or SoftWear, the Secretlab  Titan is also offered in various colors and limited-edition versions, making it an instant hit among consumers who want flair and who aim to step up their game room features and equipment. This product is offered in four standard color combinations, and we really love the “Stealth” variant because that red stitching that contrasts against the black PU leather really adds a nice touch. There is also the “Amber” variant that surrounds the Secretlab chair with rich, amber tones that highlight the gamer chair’s silhouette. Other than these options, you can also check out the “Ash” and “Black” variants.

Now, if you want exclusivity and a bold statement, you can also check out three special-edition options for the Secretlab  Titan, paying homage to popular gaming names and gaming teams, such as Cloud9 and Team Secret. They really obliterated the competition with this kind of variety that consumers can choose from.

Secret lab Titan Comfort Factor and Adjustability

Manufactured with above-industry materials to create one extremely useful and ergonomic gaming chair, the Secretlab Titan boasts cold-cured foam that offers firm support for the upper and lower back, as well as a good amount of padding to sustain long hours of sitting. The full-length recline feature provides a quick break away from the screen, enabling you to stretch your back as you recline. Thanks to the multi-function tilt mechanism, the Secretlab  Titan adapts to your comfort requirements and viewing requirements, especially when the screen is wall-mounted or not mounted at eye level.

In addition, the four-dimensional adjustable armrests provide great freedom in terms of range of motion, which helps you avoid the feeling of being “stuck in a tight armchair” while providing comfort and arm support that adjusts depending on your preferred height. The Class 4 grade hydraulic pistons also ensure that your body is properly supported and absorbs your weight without being too hard to sit on. Lastly, the very durable aluminum base and extra-large casters enable smooth glides and precision movement around the room. The great combination of aluminum structure and PU gives this Secretlab chair ample stability and great movability. 

Free Stuff

The Secretlab Titan comes with a plush neck pillow for added comfort. The high-quality velour case that comes with the package accentuates the overall look of the gaming  chair, as well as provides neck support, which is very important for long plays and intense battle sequences that require the player to have his or her eyes peeled and focused. Also, just like any other removable neck pillows, its purpose goes beyond your gaming room as you can take it anywhere and keep the Secretlab spirit within you, whether you are on game mode or not.

Now, the Downside

Let us get this straight, the Secretlab  Titan is a phenomenal product, but it is not without its faults so in this Secretlab Titan review, we are going to point that out. There are a lot of great things we have mentioned about this highly ergonomic gaming chair, but it is not perfect. Almost the entire structure feels well-built, until you notice the brittle-looking hinge covers that, to be honest, look cheap and spoil the overall look if you are a bit critical or nitpicky. Gamers who are a bit on the heavyset side worry that the gaming  chair will collapse and break apart because it gives off that nagging sensation that it might break down at any time. However, this information is a bit subjective, or might be an assembly problem, so you need to make sure that you have properly connected and assembled all the bits and pieces correctly.

Another downside is that some consumers find the foam a way too firm for their liking, but again, this is a bit subjective. Gaming  chairs were not made to be extremely comfortable (that is, comfortable enough to sleep in), but they should be firm enough to support the user’s weight without constricting range of motion.

These downsides are not really a big deal if you ask us, but we want to show you all angles so you can make an informed decision about this product.

Things We Wish This Chair for Gaming Has

A little bit of nitpicking here, but if there is one thing we wish to improve in the Secretlab Titan chair (after doing this Secretlab Titan review), it would have to be the plastic accents just for aesthetics significance because you don’t want to spoil the whole look by combining high-grade material with something that could mar the product’s overall appeal. These cheap-looking parts need to go, as this product deserves materials that are better looking and of better quality – but that’s just us. Overall, this is an amazing product with a lot of features that are very helpful and functional. Aesthetics are on point, especially with a great variety of material and color combinations available, and for its price point, we can consider this as a bang-for-the-buck purchase. 



The gaming world is massive and extremely competitive, and you have to step up your game, not just in skills but also in equipment. The Secretlab  Titan is one of Secretlab’s best offerings, and this can be a great addition to your hardware for a comfortable and holistic gaming experience. Even though there are a lot of gamer chair options at this price point, getting a product from an award-winning company with a fantastic gaming  chair lineup will always be a great buying decision. If you are after great features, amazing style, and material customization, then this product is something we will absolutely recommend without hesitation.

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