N Seat PRO 300 Series Racing Gaming Chair Review

One of the main problems of hardcore gaming today is that your arms/elbows and wrists get so sore and tired after sitting in a chair for extended periods of timing. This is why we’ve gone out of our way to make sure we’re reviewing some of the highest quality eSports level chairs that allow players to sit in a gaming chair for an extended period of time.

Gaming for long periods or even working for eight hours or more a day, can be very bad for your health. Not only is it bad on your posture, but your back, legs and hands can end up with some problems after years.

It's important to have the best chair that your budget allows for so you can avoid the most common problems from being sedentary. 

This gaming chair is ergonomically designed to keep your spine in the right alignment and prevent back aches. Your lower back is supported by the lumbar region of the back rest specially designed to support your sacral area.

The armrests are cushioned well to prevent fatigue in your hands and improve circulation to your fingers. In fact, many gaming seats have no cushion at all on the armrests which can make for an uncomfortable situation in general.

The shape of the seat has a slight waterfall front edge to it so the circulation is not cut off from your legs. 

All of this is not only just for preventing back aches and overall fatigue, but this improved circulation can keep your focus sharp and allow you more hours of productivity. Whether it is to get more work done in less time, or to keep you on your toes during an intense gaming session, the benefit to having the right gaming chair is immense.

Here, we have the N Seat Pro 300 gaming chair with Pillows. It’s reasonably priced, at least it’s far more reasonably priced than say chairs like the DXRacer but they’re in a league of their own. The main question we’re here to answer today is if the chair is worth the purchase.

N Seat Pro 300 isn’t a company that’s particularly known well in the gaming industry or known for making high end gaming rig chairs. That’s why, we wanted to set out to make sure we were bringing you quality and we wanted to explore in-depth what this chair had to offer first hand. The first thing we looked at was the overall design and comfort level of the chair. This chair doesn’t really seem to offer much in terms of design.

It seems like a pretty standard and niche design that we see on a lot of gaming chairs being released today. However, the level of comfort was something else that we felt was really high quality. The overall cushioning was great and it felt like a really solid chair or investment decision for anyone who was going to be spending a long time in front of the computer. The aesthetics are okay, but how does everything else on the chair hold up and is it worth the price tag? We investigated further to find out.

Design of N Seat Pro 300 Racing Gaming Chair Series

There’s not really too much that can be said about the overall design of this chair but it’s aesthetically pleasing to a lot of people, at least according to real reviews that we’ve read. A lot of people really like the leather seams that are attached to the chair, particularly the small leather seams that travel straight down the back of the chair.

The design of the armrests however is a bit different than what we’re used to seeing because most armrests generally just feature the typical plastic standard arms. These are uncomfortable to rest your elbows on and usually result in red elbows or leave you tired after just a couple of hours of hardcore gaming.

Something we constantly try to look for is comfort in every area of the chair, including the armrests, which this chair excels on. There’s extra heavy padding which doesn’t deteriorate and it’s especially comfortable to the touch. The design of the head pillow is rather plain looking and features the N Seat logo but is extremely comfortable to lay your head back on. Maybe it might even replace the pillow in your bed.


When examining the overall durability of this chair, we had to look at a few different things. First, there’s the overall comfort level of the padding used in the chair and how long it holds up. Next, we had to look at the base of the chair to make sure it could withstand long periods of prolonged use. One of the most important things in a gaming chair is the comfort of the padding and the base.

The base of this chair is relatively solid and made with a strong metal type frame. No matter how long you own this chair or how often you plan on using this chair, this type of frame isn’t one that’s prone to bending or weakening over time. You can always rest assured that you’ll be safe and sound on the tight knit frame. The leather used in the chair is also highly durable as well and easily washable if you ever get stains on it. You obviously shouldn’t be eating or drinking in the chair but as accidents happen, you can rest easy knowing it’s easy to clean with the PU & PVC leather.

The caster wheels are solid and glide well over any surface and provide a stable base for the chair.

N Seat PRO 300 Gaming Chair

N Seat PRO 300 Series


  • Easy slide wheels that won’t scratch or damage the surface of your floor, even if you have hardwood flooring
  • An easy tilt function allows you to completely tailor the angle and the comfort of your chair to your standards
  • The extra padded pillow is comfortable for your head and supports positive neck reinforcement
  • The lines and aesthetics of the design give the chair an extra personality which some people might enjoy and some might feel neutral about
  • The chair only weighs 33 pounds when fully constructed which is great for moving the chair around and the parts are easy to carry
  • The leather of the chair is made from high quality PU material and while there is some assembly required, it’s quick, painless and easy


  • This chair does take a little bit of getting used due to the padding material used in the chair but is very comfortable

Features of N Seat Pro 300 Series Gaming Chair

Unique Design – While it’s not something we were particularly impressed by, a lot of people raved in the reviews about the aesthetics and the overall design of the chair. This is a racing inspired chair that’s meant to mimic that of a race car seat and put you in the driver’s seat of ultimate comfort. You’ll notice the lines that go horizontally across the chair and the leather strips along the chair that give the chair a unique look.

Shiny accents stand out and give the appearance of a high quality product. The overall shape is also interesting as it combines the best features of a racing chair and incorporates them into its ergonomic design.

Thick Padding – This chair features a lot of high quality padding inside, which is great for comfort and your back support. The leather featured inside the chair and the padding is made from high quality PU. The thick padding of the armrests was also a nice added bonus, because it’s hard to find chairs like this with such nice armrests. Also, the padding doesn’t deflate over time, which we felt gave this chair an easy 2 thumbs up from us.

Breathable Material – Speaking of the thick padding and the material, one of the great things about this gaming chair, is that it’s breathable. This means, no matter how long you’re sitting in the chair, your padding will come back to its normal form immediately after you get up out of the chair.

Adjustability – One of the key things we like to look for in a chair is adjustability and customization because we want people to feel like it’s their very own chair and that they have complete control of the chair. You’ll find your own level of comfort based on the many things you can adjust on the chair. You can adjust the tilt relatively easy with a single easy to reach lever. The locking function also allows you to lean back to a position you’re comfortable in and will lock you in place, preventing you from moving.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: Is this a noisy chair?

No, it’s relatively quiet, even when you’re leaning back in the chair. The frame of the chair is pretty high quality and you won’t notice too much noise out of it.

Q: What’s the overall height and weight of the chair?

A: The height of this chair when it’s fully assembled is anywhere from 45 to 49 inches and is completely adjustable based on what you like. Also, the overall weight of the chair is 33 pounds, which is great for mobility and doesn’t leave a hard lasting impression on your floors.

Q: Is this chair only for kids or does it fit adults too?

A: This chair seems to be pretty versatile in the sense that it fits everyone. No one that we know of who tested it has a problem fitting in the chair or enjoying the tilt lean back mechanic of the chair.

Q: Other Chair from N Seat Gaming Chair?

A: Yes they have this Best Selling N Seat 600 Pro Gaming Chair



The ergonomic design of this chair is a nice refreshing breath of air in terms of the design. The one thing that really struck out to us that we can’t recommend enough is the thick padding that comes with the chair, especially on the armrests. The padding of the base is thick and comfortable to sit on as well, so we had no issues with the overall comfort level of the chair.

The color that this chair comes in is a standard black on black but N Seat sells a lot of different color schemes for this chair if they’re available. This item’s usually in stock and is moderately priced, so it’s not going to be too much of a burden on your wallet. If you’re looking for a budget friendly chair that’s easy to sit in, easy to assemble, easy on your floors and great for gaming, this is the chair you’re looking for. It may not be DXRacer quality but for only a fourth of the price, it still comes pretty close to it.

Expert's Rating (Mark Thompson)
  • 7/10
    Design - 7/10
  • 8/10
    Comfort - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Durability - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Strength - 8.5/10

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