Merax Gaming Chair / Executive Swivel Office Chair Review

The pursuit of creating the best gaming chair in the market has never been this fierce. Various manufacturing companies have been promoting engineering and research to devise a good yet economical chair. Manufacturing companies all over the world showcase their products for consumers with a discerning taste for aesthetics and comfort factor. 

Luckily for us, we found one of the most easily accessible and reliable companies for your gaming chair requirements – Merax. Merax was established in California, in the United States, in 1995. It is one of the go-to companies for office chair requirements and other furniture and office peripherals. Providing great product lineup and a variety of options with different price points, Merax is one of the most favored U.S.-based chair manufacturing companies. In this article, we will share our insights about one of the most versatile gaming chairs in the market – the Merax Gaming Chairs / Executive Swivel Office Chairs. Join us as we take a deep dive in our Merax gaming chair review.

If you want to invest your money into the best gaming chair, you must consider something more functional than the other gaming chairs available in the market. Why not try Merax Chair / Executive Swivel Office Chair? This gaming and office chair is designed with a sports car seat look. While most gaming chairs might also look like that, the special thing about the Merax chair is its additional footrest and thicker padding for lumbar and head support. Not just that, but there are more features you may not know about until you try it.

The ergonomic design of this Merax office chair is incredible. It’s as if the engineers who created this have spent years of research and study to come up with such a wonderful piece of furniture. Now, are you getting interested? Then lets’ take a closer look at every detail of the Merax Chair / Executive Racing Series Chair.

Gaming and Executive Chair?

When reading this Merax gaming chair review, you may be wondering about the gaming-slash-executive tag of this swivel office chair because it's like a “business in the front, party at the back” type of situation. The mullet of gaming chairs, but in a good way! Some people might be skeptical about this description because it is like mixing formal and casual in the same unit. 

As you may know, executive chairs are very formal and most of the time come with muted and monochromatic tones. Gaming chairs, however, are almost always dashed with bright colors in contrast to a dark base material to add some sportiness. So, what is the Merax chair doing here?


Surprisingly, the Merax gaming chairs managed to capture both elements and condense them into one very capable unit. The silhouette is professional and elegant. There are colored accents, but unlike other gaming chairs, it is more subdued and controlled, even when the color accents are bright shades like orange and blue.


You may be wondering about what type of sorcery has been used to make the Merax gaming chairs work so well and pass both categories. Your guess is as good as mine. We think this chair can be called the Merax office chair or the Merax chair depending on how you use it in that particular moment. Pretty neat, right?

What is Inside the Box?

The box has some significant weight to it. The materials are well-organized inside. You can see four significant parts in the box: the backrest, the seat, the footrest, and the base. All other parts, like the cylinder, pillow strap, and wheels, are in the small box. You will also find a user manual in that box. The manual contains easy step-by-step instructions for assembling and using the Merax chair.

Important Note: When you’re getting your own Merax chair from a supplier, make sure to check the contents immediately to determine any damage or missing parts. It is unfortunate that there are many consumer reports that the package they received from stockists and online stores miss some important parts which, when unavailable, make the chair useless. As soon as you notice any missing items in the package, contact the store immediately. Merax has decent customer service and they can help you with any unexpected experience after you receive your chair.

Don’t worry if you tend to be confused about this kind of thing because the user manual is very detailed. If you don’t know what you're doing just refer to the manual and read the instructions carefully. If it’s still hard for you to put it all together you can just contact the manufacturer since they're available 24/7 to help with installation. Assembly is easier than most, though, at about 15-20 minutes and everything is included inside the box. You can also check out assembly videos on YouTube.

Feature and Technical Details

The Merax Company came up with a one-of-a-kind creation with the Merax chair. This chair gives users the maximum comfort while also providing convenience because of its functionality. The first thing you might have noticed in this chair is the cushioning. You may wonder why there seems to be too much padding in most parts of the Merax chair. That's to provide gamers or office workers with extra comfort when they sit on this. The added cushioning let's them to sit for hours without feeling any back or bottom pain. A lot of consumers mentioned how unbelievably comfortable the lumbar support is, as if someone molded their lower body build and gave the most effective lumbar support in the market. Like we've said before, Merax put a lot of man hours into designing this one and it shows.

The shape itself also helps with posture improvement. The curves on the sides of the seat keep you in place while in a sitting position. You can see that the back part of the seat is curved down; that's to let you sink into that section and position your lower body perfectly to achieve better positioning. It offers plenty of space for your lower back and thighs. This ensures that the blood circulation to your lower body will not be impeded while sitting. It also has better padding than other chairs.

The backrest enables the chair to do a lot more than act as just another gaming chair. When you are not in front of your computer, you can use this to take a nap or just relax. The chair can tilt up to 180 degrees. Combine this feature with the footrest and you’ve got a chair that can also act as a bed.

Considering that this chair has an amazing ergonomic design, you can enjoy sitting on it as long as you want. Have you ever had an intense gaming session that lasted for hours? Or have you ever had a rough day at work? No problem! This chair brings it when you're looking for relaxation. When you use it as a swivel office chair at your home office or your actual office it offers great versatility to catch up with your sitting requirements and comfort demands whether at work or at play (insert cheesy commercial jingle here).

The chair also features 360-degree rotation. The wheels are strong enough to support heavy loads. The height adjustment is very easy to control. With all of these flexible functions, you can definitely rest assured that this chair is worth every penny you’ve spent.

Merax Swivel Office Chair Review

Pros of the Product

• Well-crafted ergonomic design

• Additional comfort because of the footrest and thick paddings

• Very functional backrest with excellent lumbar and head support

At this price point, we can say that the Merax gaming chairs / Merax office chair is well-equipped and very comfortable, thanks to its thick paddings. There are some identified areas of improvement, but if you can live with them, then they should not present a major problem. Ergonomics are quite on point, which really surprised us as its looks will pass for both gaming and office aesthetics. Hats off to Merax on that one.

Cons of the Product

• The headrest is not that adjustable

• Footrest can block your legs from reaching the base while playing

• The armrest is not adjustable

Because the very limited adjustability of the headrest and armrest, the overall comfort factor dimmed a little for us because you can have very plush and well-padded seats, but the support must be holistic. If the headrest and armrests are not adjustable at all, straining of the upper back and arms is inevitable, which can compromise the overall sitting experience and in turn will reflect on your gaming experience and performance. If you are an average-sized person and can live with the dimensions of the chair and the armrest and headrest configurations, then this will work great for you. But for big'uns and small'uns this will be a challenge, especially when the armrest is either too low or too high for the normal resting position.


There is also a noticeable flaw we observed in the footrest because we think it has been oddly placed and can block your legs, especially when reaching the base. It feels a bit weird and out of place and it might need some getting used to.

Quality Control

Our Merax gaming chair review has to mention that there is some concern about the quality control for the Merax gaming chairs / Merax office chairs. There is significant feedback about items being delivered with incomplete parts, which is bound to be annloying. Make sure you get this chair from a reputable supplier to ensure the quality of your purchase, especially nowadays when almost everything can be counterfeited (remember those Apple iPads Target was selling a few years ago that were actually painted blocks of wood in the box?). In addition, noticeable wear can be observed as early as few months, but this is a very subjective observation and the usage may vary. Just like most office furniture, the Merax gaming chairs / Merax office chairs are very prone to fading, tears, and buckling as part of the usual wearing process. However, as previously mentioned, this completely depends on use and care for the chair. 


Closing Thoughts

It's time to wrap up our Merax gaming chair review. Gamers are not always in front of the computer. There are times when you just like to sit on a comfortable chair, breathe calmly, relax, and probably have a nap after long, stressful hours of work or gaming. That is the main purpose of this particular chair. Comfort is its best asset. The ergonomic design is perfectly suited for relaxing. The materials are sturdy and durable and can last longer than average chairs.


Above all these considerations, the versatility of the Merax office chair shines like a bright beacon of engineering for gaming chairs and office chairs. Being one of several swivel office chair options available in the market at this price is really a great feat for an established U.S.-based company.

With Merax gaming chairs or Merax office chairs, depending on how you want to call it, you can’t really ask for more. After reading our Merax gaming chair review, we hope that you find this chair suitable for your requirements.

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