Merax 16106 Modern Computer Desk Review

This inexpensive and simplistic desk can be used in a wide variety of different environments but what is it used best for and does it make a decent gaming desk? The Merax 16106 gaming desk is a very simplistic design and is made with modern ideals in mind. The color scheme comes in a black or espresso theme which a lot of people will appreciate to help give their décor a little bit of a splash. The price is also very affordable and cheap for a lot of people.

Merax 16106 Modern Simple Design Computer Desk​

From the company Merax, this desk doesn’t have a lot to say in terms of the overall design as it’s a really simple and to the point design. We first noticed that the measurements of this desk made it seem much larger than it looks in images, so how does this desk hold up as a gaming desk?

  • Comes with a very modern and to the point design which allows it to fit anywhere in the house due to its relatively small size and how lightweight it is, it’s really easy to move around without assistance or dragging it around

  • The legs are made of a very firm and strong metallic material along with the top surface being made with a high-quality MDF board material, so it’s very durable, even for the accident-prone owner

  • It’s very affordable and costs less than $100, which is quite a steal for a modern design gaming desk today because some desks that look like this can cost up to hundreds of dollars

  • Has adjustable leg room area that will help stabilize the desk on uneven floor which is something a lot of desks should include today but don’t

  • Merax 16106 Modern Simple Design Computer Desk, Table, Workstation for Home and Office, Black/Espresso
    Merax 16106 Modern Simple Design Computer Desk, Table, Workstation for Home and Office, Black/Espresso


  • Comes with what’s quite possible some of the easiest and quickest assembly instructions we’ve ever seen on a gaming desk but that could be because it’s so small

  • The legs of the chair have knobs on the bottom that can be adjusted to raise the legs of the chair by an inch so if you have an uneven floor which a lot of homes have, you can raise some of the legs up to help even it out

  • Has a measurement of 47.2 inches by 23.6 inches in surface space, so you’ll have plenty of room to store and hold anything you need, including multiple monitors or a laptop with workspace material

  • The material used in the construction is incredibly high-quality despite the desk being so cheap as it comes with MDF board and a PVC edge band along with the metallic framework legs

  • ​Cons

  • For a gaming desk, it could use a little more surface space because with multiple monitors, you’re going to have trouble fitting other things on top of the desk, which can be a little problematic but isn’t a deal breaker unless you’re a streamer

  • Testimonials

    Since I’m someone who drinks a lot of coffee, I really liked the theme of this desk and I wanted to use it to play video games on. I’m a casual gamer who does school work at the same time and this desk was right around my budget, so I had to try it out. It’s been great to me so far.

    I set the entire desk up in only a few minutes but I’ve set desks up before so maybe it’ll take you a little bit longer. I don’t do any hardcore gaming and I only have one monitor but this desk has been really good for what I use it for and I don’t have or see any problems with it so I can recommend it to other people.

    ​The Results You’ll Get from This Product

    You’ll have plenty of leg room and you’ll get a lot more breathing room under the desk for your legs because unlike some other gaming desks, this desk doesn’t have a backdrop at all or any type of wooden panels on the side to accidentally kick or confine you. The table top finish is smooth so you’ll get a smooth gliding motion with your mouse, you may not even have to use a mousepad.

    Buying Advice

    First, make sure you have the budget for this desk and while it’s an affordable desk, it’s mostly catered towards budget gamers and people who live in a college dorm room because it features a very simplistic design that was made to save space. With that being said, have a place in your room or house picked out for where this desk will go, so you’re not trying to find somewhere for it after it’s completely put together.


    This is a very simple design and it was made that way on purpose. We didn’t really have high expectations when we first looked at the desk or purchased one because it’s relatively cheap and doesn’t look like much. However, to our surprise, it turned out to be a pretty solid investment and this is definitely one of the must have gaming desks in the budget category. If you’re on a budget and you need a cheap gaming desk for your dorm, your office or your room, we can easily recommend this desk. Get one fast because the low price probably won’t last & also if you are looking for merax gaming chair you check here.

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