Merax Computer Desk Review

At first glance, you may see a simplistic desk that doesn’t seem to have much to offer. Especially in areas that a gamer will typically be looking for such as storage capacity and size. Despite these facts, we are still readily recommending the Merax computer desk as in reality, this computer desk holds quite a bit of potential when you begin looking out of the box, and instead look closer at how this desk will fit you and your desk needs. 

You may be surprised to find that even the simplest modern computer desks are able to hold the most potential. With an enormous amount of versatility limited only by your creativity and imagination, you can use this desk not just for gaming, but for working, studying, and even as a storage option for your most treasured electronics. This desk is designed by Merax for the purpose of both functionality and to play a role in adding a modern touch to your home decor. With available color options of a suave black or sophisticated espresso, you’ll find this Merax computer desk a perfect match to the environment of your choice. Add in the budget-friendly price, and at the end of the day, this is one desk that certainly deserves a second look as it will allow you to focus your spending where it counts, such as the perfect gaming chair for optimal comfort.

Merax 16106 Modern Computer Desk

From the company Merax, this desk reeks of simplicity, but that’s all part of its charm. This desk features compact measurements that somehow manage to still provide more than enough space for a gamer’s needs. Let’s take a closer look at some key features that this desk has to offer.

Merax 16106 Modern Simple Design Computer Desk, Table, Workstation for Home and Office, Black/Espresso
  • Measurements 30 inches tall, 23.6 inches deep, and 47.2 inches long provides plenty of space for a dual monitor plus setup
  • Open concept design allows for this desk to be placed anywhere, anyway, without restrictions of sides or back
  • The top surface of this desk is crafted with solid MDF (medium density fiber board) wood paneling which has been proven to be resistant to heat, stains, and scratches
  • PVC edge band for anti-scratch and waterproof design
  • The legs are powder coated steel for a solid build, providing additional stability with the inclusion of adjustable leg fittings
  • Quick and easy assembly with all hardware and tools included 
  • Lightweight desk at 40 pounds

Feature-wise this deceptively simple yet sleek designed desk has a lot more to offer than we first realized. Many see it as a possible crafting table or even a storage table. However when it comes to gaming in compact spaces, then this Merax computer desk is definitely a desk worth considering. If you’re in the college or university, living in a small apartment or stuck in a room at the parent’s house, then you’re going to want a space that has everything you need. Space where you can immerse yourself into the game - or work - without worry. So now that we know the features, it’s time for a pros and cons review from a gamers point of view. 

Product Review

Merax 16106 Modern Simple Design Computer Desk, Table, Workstation for Home and Office, Black/Espresso


  • Quick and easy to set up - with all hardware and tools included. This desk can be put together by a single person if need be, but like most items that need putting together, two is always better than one.
  • The lighter weight at only 40 pounds makes this desk a great option for just about anybody. The ability to pick up and go with your station while remaining comforted and reassured by its stability is something that not many desk options offer. 
  • Speaking of stability, the inclusion of adjustable leg fittings actually allow for a full inch of lift. No longer will you need to worry about shoving books or wood shims beneath the legs of your desk, just give the right foot the adjustment it needs and you’re back to having a solid, non-wobbly and sturdy work area. 
  • Remember the MDF material? That added heat resistance means if your rig does happen to get a bit hot, you won’t need to worry about it warping your desk surface. Same goes for that late night coffee break. Say goodbye to coasters and hello to complete focus
  • The open concept design makes for organizing a small space easy. Gone is the concern for which way is the front and back and how best to set this part of the desk against this wall or that. Just simply place and go. 


  • Space. Ok, so earlier we said there was a good amount of space, and really there is. However, if you’re a more hard-core gamer or even a streamer, then this Merax computer desk is going to lack some much-needed space for all the equipment. So be sure to measure your area and ensure that the allocated space of the desk is going to be enough for you. 
  • The open concept design, while this is one of the positives it can also be a negative depending on how you spin it. While the open concept does allow for easy placement and ample legroom, it additionally allows for cords and wires to go wherever they please. So, keeping everything neat and tidy will require some form of creativity regarding using zip ties or wire clips.

Overall this desk is sleek, simple, and compact. The perfect gamer desk option for those who need to deal with confined spaces. This Merax computer desk is quite versatile though and has a number of uses. So, this would really make for a great starter desk that can be later used for something else once you decide to upgrade. Let’s take a closer look at some review:


Since I’m someone who drinks a lot of coffee, I really liked the theme of this desk and I wanted to use it to play video games on. I’m a casual gamer who does school work at the same time and this desk was right around my budget, so I had to try it out. It’s been great to me so far.

I set the entire desk up in only a few minutes but I’ve set desks up before so maybe it’ll take you a little bit longer. I don’t do any hardcore gaming and I only have one monitor but this desk has been really good for what I use it for and I don’t have or see any problems with it so I can recommend it to other people.

I have been in the market for a while for a desk to use with my new gaming PC. I looked at least a hundred different models and brands before deciding to give this one a try. I was somewhat skeptical about its quality. I must admit it exceeded my expectations. Its design gives it a truly rock solid stability. it doesn’t wobble in the slightest. very sturdy.

The Results You’ll Get from This Product

You’ll have plenty of leg room and you’ll get a lot more breathing room under the desk for your legs because unlike some other gaming desks, this desk doesn’t have a backdrop at all or any type of wooden panels on the side to accidentally kick or confine you. The table top finish is smooth so you’ll get a smooth gliding motion with your mouse, you may not even have to use a mousepad.

Because of the simple design of this modern computer desk, you can really add your own personality to how you set it up rather than having a desk that already has the bells and whistles. Rather than pay for features you don't need or want, you can add your own touch a little at a time.

The material of the Merax computer desk is what counts with this desk, so it is built to last. The finish is water resistant so spills won't have a chance to damage the look of the stain or color. It is very solid unlike particle board compressed wood desks that can often end up getting frayed and damaged easily. This is even scratch proof, so you don't have to worry about what you out on top of it.



If you’re working within a budget but still want a computer desk that is sturdy, compact, and functional, then the Merax computer desk is for you. The low-end price at just under $100 is fantastic for those who are on a budget but still want to get their money’s worth in the realm of stability, functionality and of course lifespan and get a good chair as well. This desk will last you for years to come, with the versatility it’s only a matter of creativity in what you can do with this simple yet sleek modern computer desk.


While at first glance we had some lower expectations with this Merax computer desk due to its budget worthy price and simple design, we were mildly surprised by what we found as we began exploring its features. Merax computer desk is a pretty solid investment and is definitely a must-have for those who are looking for a sturdy surface to rest their prized electronics. The last thing any of us want is an uneven desk that allows for our monitors to fall off after all!

 The compact size of this desk makes it ideal for smaller spaces. We can’t stress enough how beneficial this is for anyone looking for a good desk that is small enough to fit in smaller spaces yet large enough for its intended use. For these reasons, we highly recommend this modern computer desk from Merax and recommend you get yours today as we doubt this low price is going to last. 

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