Furmax Racing Chair Review

When we review low priced chairs, we’re always a little concerned at first because you typically get what you pay for. The Furmax Racing Chair in PU Leather is a high-quality and well-crafted gaming chair for a fraction of the price. 

So, what’s the catch? Surely to get a gaming chair for under low $XXX there has to be some kind of ridiculous catch, right? If you find one, be sure to let us know because we couldn’t find any on our own. The design of this Furmax gaming chair is a little bland but special in its own way. However, you’re paying for comfort with this chair, not design or flamboyance.

Part fabric and part leather, we didn’t know how we felt about that originally because the combination of the two materials used doesn’t have any kind of special effect on comfort. However, the stitching job goes together quite well and it’s built well. One of the reviewers we have didn’t care for the color of the stitching but that doesn’t take away from the quality of the chair what so ever and it shouldn’t really impact your judgment on whether or not this chair is high-quality or worth the purchase.

Our main area of concern before reviewing this Furmax Racing Chair was durability because cheap chairs infamously like to cheap out on this part. However, this chair doesn’t seem to have cheated out at all and in fact, it’s one of the more comfortable chairs we’ve sat in. We’ve reviewed chairs for over high $XXX that felt far less comfortable than this chair, which was quite surprising to us because this looks like a chair you could pick up at Walmart. Let’s face it, retail stores don’t sell good gaming chairs but the comfort of this chair was quite superb in our opinion, especially given the price and lack of pillows.  


Comfort is another area where this Furmax gaming chair excels in because sitting down in one is amazing and surprisingly comfortable. The cushioning of the chair on the base doesn’t seem like it’s too much or over the top but it’s pretty comfortable. At least, it was more comfortable than what we were expecting because a lot of common household chairs are set up like this and look the exact same. We loved how your arms rolled off of the armrests and how the chair promotes healthy air flow through your body while sitting.

​Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Gaming Chair

furmax gaming chair


  • Padding
    Not only is there a lot of padding on these Furmax Racing Chairs, but there’s extra thick padding which is great for your comfort and your relaxation. This is a huge plus and it’s something we always look for on the gaming chairs that we personally review and use. When you lay your arms down on the armrests, it’s great once you feel the extra padding hitting your skin and something that will surely sway you over. Some people think the extra padding alone is worth the purchase. You’ll have to determine that for yourself.
  • Strong Base
    The base of this chair is made with 5-star materials and with quality in mind. Not only is it a nice 360 swivel degree base, but it doesn’t creak or make any annoying noises that other chairs do, so you won’t have to worry about annoying your neighbors or anyone in the same room when you turn your chair. Also, it’s great on floors and it’s great for running on wooden floors which a lot of people have today.
  • Seat Adjustment
    Whether you want your seat to be at a low 16 inches or a higher 19 inches, you can easily adjust the seat height with an easy button and its fluid range will easily guide you to wherever you want. The seating area dimension is rather optimal as a 20 inch by 20-inch square and will easily sit most people of any height or weight in the chair.
  • Free Replacement
    Something that some companies don’t offer much of anymore is the free place of their chairs. If you have any issues within 30 days of this chair, you can easily send this chair back for any repairs or refunds that you may want to process. The company won’t hassle you and Furmax is really good about customer service, so you won’t have to worry about that.


  • ​Comes with a relatively high back which allows people who are of the larger caliber to enjoy the chair and to easily rest their head back on
  • The base of the Furmax Racing Chair is actually rated 5 stars because of the high-quality material used in the construction of the chair
  • ​The design of the Furmax gaming chair allows for the chair to be rocked back and forth relatively easily and allows you to simply relax on those long stressful days


  • ​The chair doesn’t come with assembly instructions but it’s relatively to put together

​FAQ ​(Frequently Asked Questions)

​I’m a bigger person of up to 300 pounds and I don’t know if this chair is for me. Will it support me?
Some people even over 300 pounds have reported using this chair without any issues what so ever and while the manufacturer hasn’t provided a lot of specifics on what this chair supports, it’s a solid chair.

​Am I missing the instructions to the chair?
Thankfully, this chair is easily put together without instructions and isn’t reliant on them because this chair doesn’t actually come with any instructions. With that being said, you should have no trouble putting this chair together, even without instructions.



Really, the only thing we noticed about the Furmax Racing Chair, High Back Ergonomic Racing Chair, Headrest, and Lumbar Support is that it doesn’t lean back as far as other gaming chairs do. Sure, that might be a disadvantage to some but it certainly doesn’t minus any points from us because this is a relatively solid chair that we think you’ll come to love just like we did. 

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Editor's Rating
  • 8.9/10
    Design - 8.9/10
  • 8.9/10
    Comfort - 8.9/10
  • 8.9/10
    Durability - 8.9/10
  • 8.9/10
    Strength - 8.9/10

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