E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair

Gamers invest in chairs that have been specifically designed with gaming in mind for a host of reasons. Gaming fans spend thousands of hours every year playing their favourite titles, with many sessions spiralling into the early hours of the morning and beyond. No matter which genre you invest the most time in, it’s incredibly important to invest in a chair that is designed to provide you with the support you need so you can avoid a range of health problems. When you use a chair that hasn’t been built with lengthy gaming endeavours in mind, you could find yourself facing problems with your neck, shoulders, back and more. Some problems resulting from using the wrong kind of chair for gaming can even be long-term in nature. The E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair has proved to be one of the most reliable and popular chairs on the market over recent times.

When you have a high-quality adjustable gaming chair to support you, you can avoid strain on the back and risks and achieve the perfect height for your needs. Specially-designed gaming chairs can help you avoid problems with carpal tunnel and even allow you retrieve items from around the room with having to constantly leave your chair.

The health benefits of gaming chairs are an obvious draw, but they can also make you achieve higher comfort levels than ever before. When you don’t constantly need to move around and play with your chair to attain the right standard of comfort, you can immerse yourself fully in the gaming experience, which can also mean better gaming performance as your mind is fully focused on the action on the screen. Even if a non-gaming cheap chair feels comfortable initially, it will eventually start to break down due to substandard frames and foams. A quality gaming chair can outlive a standard computer chair several times over. Even if prices may seem daunting initially, it’s always wise to see the bigger picture and think about how long the chair will last you in comparison to an inferior alternative.

E-Blue USA is one of the fastest-growing designers and manufacturers of gaming chairs, furniture and peripherals in the world. The company has won 16 awards since it was first founded by a team of passionate Japanese and Chinese gamers and has won acclaim from names as illustrious as PC and Gamer Magazine, Disney and countless others. E-Blue has been a leading player in the Asian market for many years and is now gaining a great deal of ground in the European and North American markets. 


E-Blue USA EEC307REAA-IA Cobra-R Gaming Chair

​Features of the E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair

E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair
Features of the RapidX Ferrino Line Gaming Chair  ​.

The E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair has a vast range of features to suit those seeking an ultra-comfortable chair to support them through those extended late-night gaming adventures. The chair offers excellent support for the lower back to deliver hour after hour of gaming with fatigue setting in or back aches becoming a problem. The chair has a breathable mesh backrest for extra support and is constructed with advanced PU leather. The leather is breathable, soft and resistant to sweat. Those looking for a robustly-constructed chair should be pleased to note its TUV certified CUV class-4 gas spring piston, which enables it to hold loads up to 360lbs.

The chair’s armrests are capable of rotating 360 degrees. The seat can be adjusted not only for height but backrest angle too. The product also comes complete with a 1-year warranty, which means you can get in touch with the manufacturer if you do spot a defect within the first year. The ergonomic chair has been designed to provide the highest level of comfort for the body. It has a one-piece backrest, an extended armrest which is injected with PP + 30% Glass Fibre to provide outstanding comfort for the arm and a highly-durable five-star base, which has been injected with Nylon PA66 & 30% Glass Fibre to deliver excellent durability. The features don’t stop there – the chair also boasts silent nylon and PU casters, with the PU ensuring that noise is vastly reduced when it is moved. 


  • Ultra-comfortable

  • Great for office work and gaming
    The chair has a wide base and a steel frame that supports up to 265 pounds, so it’s very durable
  • Outstanding build quality
    A tilt leaning mechanic that will lock in place up to 165 degrees once you’ve found the perfect resting position
  • Cool air runs through the chair to keep gamers cool
    Budget friendly and won’t cost you nearly as much as one of the premiere gaming chairs such as DxRacer or other top brand name chairs while you get the same level of quality
  • check
    ​Silent castors
    Silent castors


  • Some users have decided to replace the wheels
    The back of the chair may feel a bit stiff when you first get it, as it takes a few sessions to sit in to really break it in and get maximum comfort out of it
  • ban
    Can take time to assemble
    Can take time to assemble

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question

Is E-Blue USA a reputable company?

Why does one of the pictures of this product show it inside of a skate park?

E-Blue is a long-standing company that has been designing and manufacturing gaming furniture and peripherals for nearly twenty years. It is now successfully expanding further into the US and European markets. There’s every reason to shop with confidence when you opt for the E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair. 

It’s a highly versatile gaming chair that can be used in a wide variety of locations. Why the manufacturers took a picture of the chair inside of a skate park, we don’t know. We however don’t recommend you try doing any kind of activity other than sitting in this chair as it could be dangerous.

Does the chair make excessive noise when it is moved?

The chair has silent nylon and PU castors to ensure noise is kept to a minimum when it is in use. 

With most gaming chairs, a high-quality steel is used in the production of the base of the chair. The frame of this chair is just the same, made with pure high-quality steel.

Is the chair ergonomic?

How long can I sit in this chair and remain seated comfortably?

The chair does have an ergonomic design to cater for all kind of body types. It also has a breathable fabric net which is designed to prevent sweating as well as overheating, even during particularly lengthy gaming sessions. 

Will the chair deform easily?

Is there a weight limit on the chair?

The E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair has been created to maintain its shape even though years of fast-paced gameplay. The extended seat cushion is made from highly resilient foam sponge material so deformation can be resisted. 

Does it come with a warranty?

Is there a weight limit on the chair?

A 1-year manufacturer’s warranty is included, so you shouldn’t have any trouble replacing it if you do spot a defect within a year of purchasing it.

Similar chairs

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Is there a weight limit on the chair?

One chair that often pops up in the ‘similar items’ section of pages the E-Blue product is featured in is this offering from Ficmax. This chair offers what the manufacturer calls ‘double comfort’, boating a USB electric massager, wide and thick armrests, large sat cushion, an adjustable footrest, a wide chair back, a headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. The chair is made from quality PU leather, which is easy to clean and resistant to fading, and also boasts high-density thick sponge, which is known for its great levels of resilience and permeability.

The chair also offers excellent security features, such as its explosion-proof gas spring which meets international standards, its robust base with castors and its integrated metal frame. It has a maximum capacity of 300lbs and a 360 degree swivel. There’s a backwards movement range of 90 to 180 degrees, seat-height adjustment and a 12-month warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the frame. 


There are several great reasons for investing in the E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair. The chair has won glowing praise from a wide range of reviewers around the world, and it’s clear to the see that the product has been designed with the concerns of avid gamers in mind. Easy to maintain and clean, the chair is ideal for office work as well as gaming and is designed to keep gamers cool throughout hours and hours of play. If you are looking for an affordable yet robust and reliable chair to support you through years of activity, take a look at the E-Blue USA Cobra-R Gaming Chair. 

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