DXRacer FH11NB Gaming Office Chair

Thankfully, we were able to get a hold of a FH11/NB DXRacer chair before they were sold out again. Sure, DXRacer is always on top of restocking their products from Amazon but it’s hard to get a hold of one of these things due to how popular they are and how much people love them. The chair doesn’t look like anything special, so why are they so popular?

The design of the chair is pretty happening and there’s a lot going on. This chair also has a nice smooth combination of both vinyl and mesh material on the exterior which make for not only a stylish but a rather relaxing experience. We wanted to dive in and see exactly what this chair was about and if it was worth the price tag.

fh11nb dxracer DX RACER GAMING CHAIR


As far as comfort goes, we wanted to start with one of our main problem areas, the armrests. When it comes to comfortable arms and elbows, most gaming chairs don’t deliver and actually struggle in that area. What was so great about the FH11/NB was that you could actually adjust the armrests which took a lot of strain off of our shoulders and upper arms.

Also, there’s nice padded footrests for people who like to lean their foot back into a position where they’d be sitting on the footrest. They were very comfortable and they feel great to the touch when you’re tiled back as well. A nice strong mesh was great to relax back in when the chair was in full tilt as the material didn’t sink in too low and still felt comfortable.

Design & Style

Black and blue is a pretty common trend among a lot of popular DXRacer gaming chairs, especially ones like DXRacer. However, if you’re not too keen of the black and blue color scheme, you can get a lot of other different color schemes from the manufacturer and most of them don’t come with an additional price. With the design of this chair, it’s very comfortable in terms of leaning back.

This is in part due to the angle adjuster when you’re leaning back. The base of the chair has these specially aligned footrests that cover a long strip down every single leg of the base that we enjoyed. When we kicked our feet up on them, we had no problem relaxing and they were comfortable to the touch.


The base of the chair is relatively strong so we weren’t too worried about the overall durability of the chair. How did the chair and the back hold up though? When we tilted back at a nice 180 degrees, the chair held up, it didn’t creak or crack and it didn’t give us any jump scares with noises indicating that it might break.

It was solid and smooth when it came to leaning back and the armrests held up great as well. The pieces were adjustable and we tried every single position to see if there was any weak spot in the armrests when it came to durability. We couldn’t find any.

Features of FH11NB DXRACER Gaming Chair

Extra Cushions Included – If you’re like us, you need to make sure you have a nice headrest spot or something to help support your lower back. With the DXRacer FH11/NB, there’s a nice lumbar support pillow and a headrest cushion that will fully support both your back and neck.

High Bracket For Your Head – With most gaming chairs, you’ll notice that your head kind of hangs off the top of the chair. With this chair and a lot of other DXRacer chairs, we wanted to make sure that you could comfortable rest your head on the chair with your head being entirely supported. This chair did just that and was almost enough to put us to sleep.

Design & Material – This chair came with an ergonomic design and the material was breathable. We didn’t have to wait after getting up for the PU foam to go back to its original shape before sitting down. It sprang back up quickly and was very durable.

Spine Support – This chair includes an extra high headrest so that you’re not bending your spine to help you see. If only more chairs did things like this and supported features like this.

Things We Liked

  • We thoroughly enjoyed the design of the chair and we loved the extra padded footrests which were durable and comfortable for our feet to rest on

  • We love the extra high backrest which lets our head rest comfortable for non-focused moments such as watching a movie or playing a slow paced game

  • The armrests were surprisingly very soft and comfortable compared to other chairs

  • The vinyl cover was fancy and comfortable to lean back on along with the mesh exterior cover

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the lumbar support pillow and headrest pillow come for free?

A: Yes, the support pillows come for free which include a lumbar support pillow and a headrest pillow.

Q: I’m 6’ tall, will this chair accommodate me just fine?

A: Yes. DXRacer chairs in general are known for having an extra tall neck or headrest. This is done to not only support the average users’ head but it’s also made for especially tall people so they can enjoy the chair as well. If not, there’s plenty of DXRacer chairs out there with adjustable headrests.

Q: What special tools will I need to assemble the chair?

A: All the tools needed come packaged up with the chair and assembly is relatively easy. You can be done in a few minutes.


The tilt mechanism on this chair comes with different angles and even an angle adjustor. It’s fairly easy to use and once you get the hang of it, you can easily lean back into a comfortable reading or sleeping position. The footrests while they may not be beneficial to a lot of people are a nice extra added touch to the design and compliment the chair quite nicely.