Finding The Best Wrist Rests For Your Comfort And Health

One must take note of the materials, comfort, and size when choosing the best wrist rest. We are confident that the Gimars Memory Foam Set Keyboard Wrist from as the Top Choice. It proactively aids in correcting the posture of your wrist which is an amazing gear for gamers and typists.

Best Choice

​Gimars Memory Foam Set ​Keyboard ​Wrist​

Durable and Child Safe

From an unknown company called Gimar comes some of the best ones available and best of all, they’re pretty cheap. They’re pretty versatile and fit laptops, personal computers and are great for your work environment as well.


​Aelfox Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest

Pure Luxury

​This is a one-in-all memory foam wrist rest. Alefox makes great wrist rests for typing and great wrist rests for keyboard use. It’s not too expensive and it’s incredibly durable along with being soft to the touch. It has grooves to help give your wrists some breathing room.

Best Value

​Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest Black

Durable and Child Safe

​It may not be one of the cheapest keyboard wrist rests for keyboard out there but it’s certainly one of the best wrist rests. It’s very thick with a lot of cushioning, so it’s ideal for gamers or people who spend a lot of time on a computer typing.

​We have tested more than 15 wrist rests for 8 weeks now. We have seen both good and bad.

ImageProductPrice GuideMaterialRatingPrice

Best Wrist Rests

Gimars Memory Foam Set Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad Low $$$ Rubber
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Aelfox Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Low $$$ Rubber
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Glorious Gaming Wrist Pad/Rest – Black Low $$$ Real Leather
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Eastshining Memory Foam Mouse Pad Keyboard Wrist Rest Low $$$ Memory Foam
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AmazonBasics Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest Low $$$ Rubber
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Iwork Wrist Rest Pad for Easy Typing (Black) Low $$$ Gel
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3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards, Soothing Gel Low $$$ Gel
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VicTsing Memory Foam Set Keyboard/Mouse Wrist Rest Pad Low $$$ Real Leather
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NEX Office Mouse Pad with Keyboard Wrist Rest Low $$$ Memory Foam
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BOONA Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest Set Low $$$ Real Leather
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A shocking number of people don’t have wrist rests at all. Wrist rests for keyboard can actually improve your typing quite a bit and let you type for longer periods of time thanks to the added level of comfort your hands will be getting. There are so many wrist rests on the market and thankfully, we’ve narrowed down 10 of the best wrist rests available today. Whether you need wrist rests for typing or for gaming, we’ve examined hundreds of products to make sure you’re getting the best comfort for your hands, wrists, and arms. 

When we look at wrist rests and try to determine what the best wrists rests are, we look at the overall thickness of the foam, what kind of foam is used, how comfortable the wrist rest is, how well it works with most keyboards and how durable the stitching is.

​The Top 10 Things to Consider

  • Consider the overall size of the wrist rest and make sure that it fits perfectly with your keyboard and where your arms are going to be rested.
  • ​The overall fabric should be anti-scratch and should be highly durable so that it won’t wear down over time and you can’t scratch it.
  • ​The base of the wrist rest should be non-slip and a lot of the best wrist rests we found were rubber on the bottom.
  • ​Is the wrist rest washable?
  • ​Is the wrist rest made with a foam that bounces back and doesn’t deform?
  • ​What’s the overall height of your keyboard? You want to measure this beforehand.
  • ​Are you going to primarily work, typing or gaming because there are different wrists rests for typing and gaming.
  • ​What’s the size of the wrist rest from the front to the back and how much of your hand is covered when it’s resting?
  • ​If you have wrist problems, you’ll want to get a wrist rest for typing that’s extra thick for more comfort.
  • ​If you have a special individual need, there are some wrist rests with special grooves made for people with certain conditions.

​How to Pick the Best Wrist Rests

​The first step in obtaining the best wrist rests is to first, determine what you’re going to use it for. Are you going to be doing a lot of gaming or are you going to be doing a lot of typing? The best wrist rests for typing will be extra thick and will give you extra comfort because, for most typists, their hands don’t really move around a lot. In general, wrist rests for keyboard use will always be soft and thick but people who type a lot need them to be really thick or else, you’ll get burned out and hurt your hand after a while.

The best wrist rests probably won’t come with any kind of warranty (although some do), because let’s be honest, most of these wrist rests are only like $10 or less. The best wrist rests also don’t come with any additional parts or accessories. However, if you’re a gamer, then the best wrist rests are going to be ones that cover the entire length of your keyboard and your mouse because you’ll be using both devices equally. ​​​


​Cheap Wrist Rest – Gimars Memory Foam Set

​Gimars isn’t a well-known company but this particular set offered a really squishy memory foam set which we loved so we felt that it was only natural to include it into this list. It’s great for everything from gaming to typing and everything in-between, so you can use it for just about any multi-purpose.


  • ​Comes with very comfortable memory foam
  • The wrist rest was designed specifically for the hands and is great for typists
  • You get a 100% risk-free money back guarantee


  • ​Actively helps to correct wrist posture
  • The rubber non-skid bottom ensures this rest isn’t going anywhere
  • Breathable material helps to ensure the cushion maintains its shape


  • ​It’s rather large so make sure you measure your keyboard ahead of time


​Aelfox Memory Foam Wrist Rest

​Aelfox has one of the most memory foam supportive cushions on the market right now and this particular wrist rest is one of the most comfortable on the market as well. It has little grooves, it’s really soft, it’s great to touch and no matter what you’re doing, your hands will be super comfortable.


  • ​The foam is easily placed where ever you want it so you can get back to your typing or your gaming
  • Comes in at the perfect height and the perfect length that it fits almost any keyboard out there right now


  • ​The underside of this wrist rest is great because it features a non-slip rubber texture
  • The foam used is made of memory medical foam, which is some of the strongest foam currently available


  • ​Decent for the price but it does come with a bit of a smell 


​Hot Value Wrist Rest – Glorious Gaming Wrist Rest

​The size of this wrist rest is kind of large compared to a keyboard but if we have to give them props in one area it’s that it’s extremely large compared to a keyboard and it covers a large area of the arms and wrists. This is why this is such a hot value item, especially for how cheap it is. It’s really cheap and it covers just about anything you could want. This is one of the top wrist rests for a keyboard.


  • ​Has pretty large dimensions which cover most keyboards without a problem
  • Has a very nice design and is very easy to place on your desktop


  • ​Very soft, very easy to rest your hands on and it feels like a cloud
  • It doesn’t succumb to pressure and instead, it will bounce back thanks to the memory technology used in the foam


  • ​They can be kind of hard to find since they run out of stock quite a bit


Bundle Value Wrist Rests – ​Eastshining Memory Foam Mouse Pad Keyboard Wrist Rest

​This is obviously one of those bundle packs and one of those bundle deals but the Comfy Mee lineup is very comfortable and we feel is a really good value. You get packs of 2 and it’s for a very cheap price, so where honestly can you find deals like that anywhere else? The cushion itself feels really soft as well.


  • ​The foam used in these wrist rests are high-quality memory foam
  • They’re very easy to use and they’re very easy to place, no matter what kind of desk surface you have
  • You have a lifetime warranty when you order these foam pads


  • ​They’re very soft to the touch and your mouse will glide across the pad easily
  • You can prevent injuries with this pad and it’s very good at making sure you feel comfortable


  • ​The cushion could be a bit longer


​Best Selling Wrist Rests – AmazonBasics Gel Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

​This is only a mouse pad but we’ve always been impressed with the AmazonBasics series because they always produce really good quality products. They’ve never disappointed us thus far and they haven’t done so this time either. This is a quality wrist rest and is great for any gamer who needs some quality rest on their wrist.


  • ​Thick padding on the bottom of the mousepad
  • It has an approximate measurement of 8 by 10 inches


  • ​Reduces stress and will alleviate pain
  • This mouse pad is filled with gel meaning it provides a lot more pressure relief than other wrist rests


  • ​When you first get it, it kind of smells bad


​Iwork Wrist Rest

​Not a lot of information is known about iWork wrist rest, which is the official name behind this wrist rest. However, we do know that it’s highly praised, it has a lot of people claiming that it alleviates nerve damage and it doesn’t really seem to have a lot of downsides, so we decided to include it.


  • ​The material used in this wrist rest is high-quality and makes your hands feel better to the soft touch
  • The material is breathable so that when you rest your hands down on the material, it will bounce back and won’t leave an indentation
  • If you order something you’re not happy with, you get a 30-day money back guarantee


  • ​The design is completely ergonomic and forward thinking
  • The rest is one of the most comfortable rests you’ve ever laid your hands on


  • ​Depending on the type of table surface you have, it could start to feel sore


​3M Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards, Soothing Gel Comfort

​3M is generally pretty good at producing some of the best quality wrist rests, including this particular model which is great if you’re a gamer and is also great if you’re a typist. Sure, it won’t fit over your mouse and it doesn’t include anything like that but it’s great for any size keyboard, whether it’s mechanical or other.


  • ​Incredibly firm wrist gel support that supports every wrist, no matter your condition
  • The wrist is very easy to clean and you don’t have to put any effort into making sure your wrist will look good


  • ​It comes with a 1-year warranty if there are any defects with the product
  • The size of the mouse pad is relatively large at 18 inches by 2.75 inches


​Great Gaming Wrist Rest – VicTsing Memory Foam Set

​This is one of the most comfortable gaming wrist rests that we’ve ever found. It’s made by a company called VicTsing, which isn’t relatively known to us but after numerous reviews and research, we’ve found that this is a highly respectable company. They’ve done a lot of work in this field, the mat is rather large and you should be able to fit whatever you like on this mat.


  • ​All the materials used in this product are economically friendly
  • This mouse pad is actually waterproof friendly if you for whatever reason drop it in the water
  • The design is curved and it shouldn’t succumb to pressure over time


  • ​The base is non-slip, so you won’t slip at all and your mouse can move freely without moving the mouse pad
  • The material used on the base is extremely comfortable and it feels really good to touch


  • ​The shipping takes a bit long but this product is super cheap so it’s worth it


​Best Typing Wrist Rest – NEX Office Mouse Pad with Keyboard Wrist Rest

​While we’re not too impressed with the overall color of this wrist rest, it’s very comfortable, it’s very durable, it’s very soft and we’re 100% sure that you won’t be disappointed with this wrist rest. It works with just about anything and you can order a different color if you like. This is one of the best wrist rests for a keyboard.


  • ​The dimensions of this rest are fairly large and can fit just about any mouse with ease, no matter what game you’re playing
  • The rubber base of the wrist rest is non-slip
  • The surface is extremely smooth


  • ​The price of this product is really low budget so you won’t have to spend a lot
  • It’s great and ideal with both PC and Mac
  • It’s very lightweight and very thin but durable at the same time


  • ​The color scheme is very ugly and not desirable but it’s a great product


​BOONA Memory Foam Wrist Rest

​This is one of the most visually appealing wrist rests, as it comes with a lot of grooves, it comes with a lot of room and it looks like it’s one of the most comfortable wrist rests on the market. Is it though? Not by our standards, no. However, other people might disagree. The memory foam makes this one of the best wrist rests for typing.


  • ​Has a very ergonomic design and is great for allowing for positive blood flow in the hands and arms
  • The material is made with high-advanced memory foam
  • The deformation process is prevented thanks to the material used in the rest


  • ​It’s great for both the office and gaming essentials
  • It doesn’t slip and has a non-slip rubber underneath the material


  • ​The edges of this rest are fairly uneven

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

​​Q: Does a wrist rest for keyboard honestly make a difference?
A: Yes, it does. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the computer typing then you know how essential wrist rests for typing can be. They relax your hands and allow you to type for longer without tiring you out. They also allow you to type in a more efficient manner because people tend to make a lot more mistakes when they start to get burnt out from typing and the pain associated with consistent typing without comfort.

Q: What exactly does memory foam do?
A: It does exactly as the name sounds, which is why we recommend memory foam in almost every single one of the best wrist rests that we suggest. When you rest your hands on memory foam, it doesn’t leave an indentation and it doesn’t deform the wrist rest, it simply bounces back to its original shape when you’re not using it anymore. Memory foam is often used in mattresses and pillows for special cases but they’re also used in wrist rests too.



There are so many wrist rests out there that it’s almost hard to define what the best wrist rests are so we tried our best to break down wrist rests in terms of comfort and what they provided. We always want to reiterate about the importance of the cushioning, especially if you’re someone who types a lot because the wrist rests for typing are going to be wrist rests with the most cushion you can get. It’s a bit different than gaming. Gaming wrist rests have to cover a wide variety of different areas because your hands will be moving around a lot.

In our opinion, the best wrist rest is going to be one that covers a wide area because your hands will be moving around a lot. We know that for people who type for a living or spend a lot of time typing, your hands stay stationary but what about the gamers? Gamers need to be able to constantly move around and they usually have one hand on their mouse. That’s who we cater to and that’s who we’ve designed our list for. Although, all of our wrist rests will also work well for typing.

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