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Whether you’re a PC gamer or a console gamer, and whether you built your PC on your own or purchased it pre-assembled, a specific area that a lot of consumer pay no particular attention to is networking. “Just plug it in, and it works, right?” While that may be technically true, there’s a lot more to it than that, especially for those on wireless. Read also our guide on the best VPN for gaming

Unlike articles published in the past, I am passing up on giving a long-winded explanation of networking and wireless connectivity, as it would simply be too much information for this article. However, if you would like to do a bit more studying on your own, you can read up on wireless networking and LAN. We are going to focus on what the best routers for gaming is.

Best Choice

Great Product

Features dual-band wireless

Has up to 4 LAN ports for direct connections


Linksys WRT AC3200ACM

Decent router

Designed to promote and support open source router software

Has 4 LAN ports

Best Value

Netgear Nighthawk X4S

Best for gaming

Offers dual-band wireless, MU-MIMO technology

With multiple antennas

Something important to mention is not to be deceived by the Wi-Fi speed that the best routers for gaming boast. When looking for the best wireless router for gaming, the more important part is the hardware, such as what processor it has, how much RAM, the number of antennas, and many other technical details.

Moreover, it’s important that you’re aware that even the best routers for gaming will do nothing for you unless your devices and workstations are equally as strong. Otherwise, you’re risking wasting the potency of your brand-new router.

To condense the entirety of networking in just a few short lines is a near-impossible task, but here goes: you have an internet connection that comes into your home. You plug your modem into your wall and your router into your modem.

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Netgear Nighthawk X4S
  • LAN Ports: 4
  • Wireless Radios: 2.4/5Ghz Dual-Band
Check Price on
  • LAN Ports: 8
  • Wireless Radios: 2.4/5Ghz Dual-Band
Check Price on
Google Wi-Fi
  • LAN Ports: 2/per
  • Wireless Radios: 2.4/5Ghz Dual-Band
Check Price on
TP-LINK Archer C5400X
  • LAN Ports: 8
  • Wireless Radios: 2.4/5/60Ghz Tri-Band
Check Price on
ASRock G10
  • LAN Ports: 4
  • Wireless Radios: 2.4/5Ghz Dual-Band
Check Price on

The best wireless router for gaming should enable all wireless functionality within your house. Plus, you can also connect a device directly to it. This is ideal for gaming, as wireless can be unstable. Today, we’ll be focusing on some of the best routers for gaming.


Netgear Nighthawk X4S – Best Router for Gaming Review

The Netgear Nighthawk routers are often considered as the best routers for gaming. Aside from MU-MIMO technology, this gaming router provides dual-band wireless and several antennas that deliver a strong, far-reaching signal. So, there’s no reason not to go for the X4S from Netgear.


Another great capability is its capacity to prioritize packets for gaming. What does this mean? Well, packets that carry data on the game you are playing will be giver higher priority than others, making sure that you enjoy a fast, stable connection.


The X4s has 4 LAN ports, making it the best wireless router for gaming for connecting all of your important devices directly to the router.


To install this gaming router, you’d typically need to read the instructions (unless you already know how to install a router). Fortunately, Netgear boasts an excellent phone application that will break the process down for you.


The app is called “Nighthawk,” which can be downloaded on any iOS or Android device. The Nighthawk app will guide your through the installation process in a straightforward way.


Don’t forget that you can find username and password information labelled on your router. You’ll need that information to access the Nighthawk app once you’ve downloaded it. Apart from helping you to install the gaming router, you’ll also see many more options to set up your best gaming router as you wish.


One of those options would be the number of devices connected to you, Wi-Fi settings, traffic meter, speed test, and even parental control. The parental control is a quite unique feature that this Nighthawk app has because it partners with “Circle with Disney” to enable parents to be confident that their children will safely surf the internet.


The dual-core processor is quite impressive because it boasts 1.7 Ghz. That is a lot, even compared with the best routers for gaming. Also, as it’s a dual-band router, it operates in up to 800+1733 Mbps bandwidth.


A last thing to mention would be the price of this best wireless router for gaming. For under $240, you can get the potentially best gaming router sent to your home address with Amazon. 


Great Router for Gaming – D-Link DIR-890L/R Review

Let’s be honest. The D-Link DIR-890L/R gaming router appears to come straight out of a sci-fi movie. That said, it’s one of best wireless router for gaming. Like the X4S we covered above, the DIR-890L/R features tri-band wireless with six antennas, and packet prioritization, and this best router for gaming comes in at a decent price.


That being said, “decent price” is not cheap. Remember you’re spending to obtain quality because the best router for gaming should be built to last. It also has up to 4 LAN ports for direct connections into the gaming router. That’s more than enough for your PC, gaming console, and other devices, even an NAS.


Remember that this is a powerful tri-band wireless gaming router that will only provide you with good connection if your devices are good enough. What does this mean? Well, simply said, routers and devices communicate, so if your device is old and doesn’t communicate back well to your router, then you’d have bought one of the best gaming routers for nothing.


That is just a recommendation. Even though this a super cool router with six antennas, it will not give you a powerful Wi-Fi connection unless your devices are also cool enough.


Now getting a bit more technical here, you can find that the tri-band can connect to one band of 2.4 Ghz up to 600 Mbps and two bands of 5 Ghz up to 1300 Mbps. That is why we advise you to make sure that you need such a powerful gaming router before purchasing it.


It has a dual-core processor of 1Ghz, which is not superb but pretty understandable considering it is a tri-band router with a reasonable price. It definitely does not disqualify this device as the best router for gaming.


This could be the best wireless router for gaming in a scenario where you have multiples devices at home. It’s also fantastic if some of your devices can connect to 5 Ghz.


Good Router for Gaming – Linksys WRT AC3200ACM Review

The WRT gaming router, based on its name, signifies that the router is designed to encourage the use of open source router software, which is a boon for tinkerers. Not only that, but the Linksys brand has always been associated with quality for a long time now, and that’s for a very good reason.


Although this best gaming router might not look like much, it’s definitely built with power users in mind. This best router for gaming might not be particularly suited to gaming and gamers, but boy, will it not disappoint them. Like the other best gaming routers in our lineup, this one also has 4 LAN ports.


Among all of the previous best routers for gaming on our list, this one has a mix of colors between blue and black, and it doesn’t look like a spaceship when placed side by side with the D-Link DIR-890L/R. The mix of colors will also match your gaming chair if you happen to have one.


There four feet made of rubber that will enable the gaming router to ventilate properly. On the front part of the case, you’ll find 13 white LEDS that will give you all of the information you’ll need to understand what your router is doing.


On the bottom part of the gaming router, there’s useful information, such as the username and password for the wireless router, apart from other details like the available bands.


Now if you flip it around, you’ll see some USB and LAN/Internet ports that will allow you to make all of the required connections. There’s also a red reset button (press it for 10 seconds and it’ll work) and a power button.


This candidate for the best router for gaming has an impressive CPU of 1.8 Ghz, 512 MB of RAM, and 256 flash memory. In short, this gaming router doesn’t fall short at all, especially if you consider its interesting feature called “Stream 160” that supports 160 Ghz in 5 Ghz.


ASUS RT-AX88U Review

The ASUS RT-AX88U gaming router is Asus’ answer to Netgear’s X4S from Netgear, as well as D-Link’s DIR-885L/R. Given that this is comparably priced and has a similar appearance as the other two, it’s definitely a great product, so long as you look beyond the gamer aesthetic.


One major difference between this and our other proposed best gaming routers, and the reason why it made our list, is that it features 8 LAN ports, which is double what seems to be the standard. It might actually look like a bit too much, but for people with a myriad of equipment to connect, this is a no-brainer.


Coming this far along, most of the advertised offering simply become one big blur among these products: dual-band wireless, four antennas, strong 2.4 Ghz / 5 Ghz performance, and so on. That being said, it’s not a bad product by any stretch of the imagination.


Once you request this product from Amazon, you’ll receive a small box with the best gaming router, power adapter, an RJ45 cable, a warranty card, as well as a start-up guide. Did I already tell you that this gaming router operates with Wi-Fi 802.11ax? That’s new technology that airports and hotels are incorporating nowadays to improve connection.


At the front of the router, you can find 8 LEDS that will allow you to know how the router is interacting with devices. At the back, you’ll find 8 LAN ports, together with the power button, USB button, reset button, and more.


Something that might be a bit off-putting would the design. It all comes in black, and then suddenly, there are golden lines in the antennas. From a distance, those golden lines are what draw the most attention to the router.


Although that’s not important at all when it comes to Wi-Fi signal strength, that’s something we wanted to mention. Overall, this is a product worth buying if you have bandwidth-hogging apps that require a best router for gaming.


Good Router for Gaming – Google Wi-Fi Review

To say the Google Wi-Fi is a unique product would be an understatement. While it might not be as comprehensive or power user-friendly as some of our other mentioned best gaming routers, it’s still a very exciting product in its own right. The Google Wi-Fi is Google’s affordable foray into Mesh Networking.


Effectively, what this is, is a wireless network “enveloping” your home to guarantee you have a stable connection no matter where you are in your house. The way this is accomplished is by purchasing additional Google Wi-Fi pucks. These are then connected to your primary network and can be distributed through your house.


Google touts that you’ll only need one for a traditional apartment, two for a medium-sized home, and three for a multi-story home to have a strong signal all throughout. For the cost, this is a reasonable option to guarantees that you have a powerful wireless signal throughout the house. The Google Wi-Fi is not a traditional product, but it’s definitely an interesting one and could work as the best router for gaming.


The Google Wi-Fi router is under $300, and you’ll receive 3 packs. To install this router, you can download an app that will guide you through the process. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.


If you haven’t understood how the packs work, just imagine that one pack will allow connection for an entire apartment up to 1.500 square feet, two packs for up to 3.000 square feet, and finally, a large home will require 3 packs that reach up to 4.500 square feet.


For example, if you’re in a large house, and you have 3 Google Wi-Fi points distributed, then your device will automatically connect to the closest point so it gives you the most powerful Wi-Fi connection in that area. That way, there’s a better distribution of signal among all of the devices.


That’s a super cool feature if there are multiple gamers at home.


TP-LINK Archer C5400X Review

We have a complete monster of a router here. This tri-band, 8-antenna gaming router knows no limits. With certainty, this is one of the strongest outers that you can find in the market.


Even though there are even stronger routers that cost up to $2.000, you won’t need to buy one of those unless you have your own company with a few dozens of devices and workstations. The TP-LINK Archer C5400X is already at the TOP for advanced gamers with high-end workstations at home running GPU-intensive games.


To begin with the features, first thing you’ll want to know is how good the processor is, and you’ll be happy to know that the Archer C5400X boasts a quad-core processor with 64 Ghz. That’s outstanding and difficult to find in most routers.


If you’re not tech-savvy, then we want to explain to you that even though the connection speed is important, if either the router’s hardware or your device’s hardware isn’t good enough, then you will not get the most out of it. That’s exactly why a quad-core processor is so significant here.


Now with that brief explanation there, let’s continue with the RAM. This router will greet you with 1 GB RAM, which matches well with the powerful quad-core processor. Also, as it’s a tri-band router, it connects two three bands.


It has one 2.4 GHz band with a theoretical speed of up to 1.000 Mbps, and 2 bands of 5 GHz with up to 2167 Mbps. Remember that most devices connect to the 2.4 GHz frequency band, so if you don’t have the newest workstations and devices that support 5 Ghz, then this router won’t serve any purpose.


In case the whole gamut of your devices supports 2.4 frequency bands, then we do not recommend that you get such an excellent piece of technology.


Similar to most of the best gaming routers in this list, the Archer C5400X includes parental control and even a protect tool that will keep hackers far away from doing anything suspicious in any of your devices.


For streaming – ASRock G10 Review

The ASRock name is often linked to motherboards. However, don’t be fooled. The ASRock G10 is a very capable, very good gaming router at a comfortable price. With a design that seems to mimic the Nvidia Shield or PlayStation. We definitely award the G10 with plus points for “unique router design.” 


This best router for gaming features 2.4/5 Ghz Dual-band Wireless, 4 LAN ports, and 8 antennas to ensure great signal in every area of your house. Like the X4S we mentioned earlier, it has Mu-MIMO technology. ASRock also touts it as being the “World’s Fastest 4T4R 802.11ac” router. With this claim, this router is definitely worth a closer look.


In this review, we want to be honest; the design is quite unappealing and doesn’t fit well with any interior decoration. Even though it’s almost entirely black, we can’t say this is good for offices since it’s "trimensional” look doesn’t match well with other pieces. Likewise, the router doesn’t go along with racing gaming chairs


This is just a subjective opinion. If you happen to like alternative designs, then you’ll love this device as it definitely is one of the best routers for gaming. Not many best gaming routers boast this design, so we might say that as regard being unique, the ASRock G10 is a winner.


A good thing to know is that the ASRock Router app is excellent. You can manage all your devices from the app in a straightforward way.


Lastly, ASRock states that this gaming router is capable of controlling your home appliances. Neat!


Closing Thoughts

While this may be a shorter article about the best routers for gaming than what you might typically see, we do not really have anything more to add. This is just a brief review. To be fair, each router could have its own page full of content to explain all technicalities.


What’s important here is to have a good idea of what the best routers for gaming are and, overall, to understand that even the best wireless router for gaming will serve no purpose unless your devices and/or workstations are capable enough to receive and send high-performing signals to your router.


More than a best router for gaming review, this article also contains useful information that gamers who are starting out in technology should know so that they get the most out of their investment.


Our top three best routers for gaming are, with no doubt: D-Link DIR-890L/R, Linksys WRT AC3200ACM, and the Netgear Nighthawk X4S. We believe that these offer the best features at quite reasonable prices.


Our favorite best router for gaming now is the D-Link DIR-890L/R. Although a bit pricey, it is reasonable, considering it has 6 high-performance antennas and a dual-core processor of 1 GHz.


We hope you identified something that would work for you and fit your budget! No matter what you choose as th​e best wireless router for gaming, any of the options we gave here will work excellently for you.

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