Leather Recliners – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Most leather recliners are known for their luxurious feel but you also have to consider the comfort and style of the chair. We believe that Homelegance Upholstered Recliner from Amazon.com is the one to pick. It uses a lever-action for its reclining mechanism and also has overstuffed padding for added comfort and support.

Best Choice

​Homelegance Upholstered Recliner

Recliner top 15

​Warm Bonded

​Gentle pull release mechanism.

Provides the ultimate comfort zone.


Homall Single Recliner Chair

​Prime Durability

​Seat foam is high resilient. ​Steel base & hardwood frame.

​Joints are glued & pinned.

Best Value

​Best Selling Davis Leather Recliner

Best Selling Davis Leather Recliner Club Chair

​Simple Yet Comfy

A great chair for a quick nap or reading a book.

​Uses solid frame & sturdy feet for strength & stability.

We have researched almost 20 leather chair recliners for the past three weeks. We then put together this guide to help you navigate the best and the worst.

Believe it or not, some of the first leather recliners came into existence around 1859. The first invention of a recliner was a Frenchman that wanted to invent something that served as a bed, a chaise and a chair. Leather recliners are the go-to choice for a lot of people because not only are they well-padded but they’re stain resistant as well. Let’s face it, we’ve all dropped food or a drink onto the floor or a chair. Leather recliners were made to be comfortable, professional and to give off a sense of style when they’re added to the room.

Different Types of Leather Chair Recliners

  • Double
    If you and a significant other want to share a recliner, you might want to consider double leather recliners which allows two people to sit comfortably and it almost looks like a loveseat.
  • High Leg
    You’ll notice that there are four different legs on these leather recliners and it’s a lot easier to get in and out of.
  • Home Theater
    The majority of these leather recliners have cup holders and other commodities that are built for helping you enjoy watching movies.
  • Massage
    These leather recliners are a bit more expensive but were built for relaxation in the form of a built-in back massage. Some of them also have leg massage pieces.
  • Easy Roll
    Some leather recliners are built to move. Leather recliners are generally heavy, so some manufacturers have made moveable leather recliners that can be easily transported from one location to the next.
  • Lifters
    For older people that have a hard time standing up, there are leather recliners known as power lifters. These chairs will lift up until the person is in a standing position.
  • Rocking
    If you like the idea of a rocking chair, but you’d like something more comfortable, then there’s rocking leather chair recliners that act as rockers when they’re not fully reclined.
  • Sectionals
    Just because it’s a leather recliner doesn’t mean it can’t be part of a couch. These are individual chairs that can also double as a part of a leather couch, usually in corner or end pieces.
  • Limited Huggers
    When people have limited space, they need to recline back but they need something that doesn’t take a lot of room. That’s what these leather recliners are for. They’ll actually lean forward when reclined so that they don’t hit the wall and they save room.

​What to Look For in a Leather Recliner

There are several things you can look for in leather recliners that’s ideally built for you. You don’t only want to consider the budget but you also want to consider your overall comfort and the overall functionality of the chair as well.

  • First, you can test the leather recliners out by sitting on them and finding out if the chair is comfortable for you. Your overall comfort is what’s more important and any furniture store will always let you test out the comfort of these leather recliners by simply sitting down on it. You obviously can’t do this with products you’re looking at online, so you’ll have to read reviews first.
  • You’ll want to inspect all the elements of these leather recliners as well. You’ll want to make sure that you inspect the frame of the recliner to make sure it’s made with decent parts and it looks solid. There’s nothing wrong with inspecting the underside of the chair, much like when people used to kick the side of cars to ensure the tires would stay on properly.
  • What’s the weight of the chair and how hard is it to move? If you’re doing any kind of moving, you probably don’t want to lug around some 200-pound chair and you definitely don't want to drag your friends over to come and lug around that chair. A sturdy chair with reliable materials doesn’t always have to be heavy but you should always make sure the chair is solid and lightweight.
  • What type of leather recliners are you looking for? There is a multitude of different recliners out there on the market from sofas, sectionals, rockers, doubles and more. Do you like to kick your feet up, do you like to rock back and forth, do you want something that can be transported easily or what are you looking for? Make sure the recliner has all the functionality that you’re looking for before you make any kind of purchase.
  • You also have to remember that shopping for leather recliners at your local department store isn’t always the answer. With the expansive growth of the internet, you have access to just about every product being sold in the world and the real problem items in your local department store are you can’t see reviews on those items in real time. With online items, you can.


​Homelegance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair, Brown Bonded Leather

Homelegance 9668BRW-1

​This stylish old vintage looking chair comes from the Homelegance Company and we really do like the gold buttons on the front facing sections of the armrests. The easy kickback function of the footrest was a nice tough and the back section has a special tilt that is extra comfortable to lay in for hours at a time.

With an easy gliding system, it acts like a relaxing rocker that can ease your mind after a stressful day. When it's time to lean back and close your eyes, the simple recliner lever will recline in a snap without any hand strength needed.

If you're a fan of retro style furniture, you will appreciate the brass tacked finishings of the front of the chair. It is a bit of a throwback to what furniture looked like in the past century to give a bit of elegance and class to the chair.

The cushions are very soft and respond quickly when you sit own, but they are not so soft as to become compacted over time. As this breaks in it will get even more comfortable.


  • ​A smooth gliding motion is included when the chair’s not reclined
  • ​The base and backend of the chair is heavily padded to put you into a deep state of relaxation
  • ​The cover is made of a faux leather body to ensure that it’s spill resistant and durable


  • ​The chair is a bit heavy and it’s pretty hard to move if you ever have to move it


​Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG Contemporary Black Leather Recliner/Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany

Flash Furniture BT-7818-BK-GG recliner

While this chair might not come with the traditional footrest that can be activated with a lever, it’s adjustable and moveable wherever you want it and it’s very comfortable. The footrest of these leather recliners look kind of like a backrest of a traditional leather recliner. It also has a very stylish base which gives it some nice design points.

This is very beneficial to tall people that want to move the footrest where they like it. Often, taller people using leather recliners find their circulation to their feet being cut off since the footrest only comes to their calf. Even short people can put the ottoman right up to the edge of the seat to keep their feet up. Having that kind of flexibility is very attractive. not to mention, you could take the ottoman away and use it at another chair or sofa if needed.

The lever is adjustable for the recliner. in other words, it isn't just an open or closed system. You can set the lever to whatever angle you want to recline as much or as little as you like.

The profile is more like an overstuffed office chair. In fact, many people may want to use it as such. Since many office chairs these days have a recline option that locks in to be able to lay back and rest your eyes, then there is no reason this couldn't do the same. it isn't as bulky as other regular leather recliners that we've reviewed here. The armrests have a nice bit of padding to work comfortably or rest your arms while gaming without it getting too firm.


  • ​Comes with a nice footstool that you can place wherever you want for your feet and is heavily padded
  • ​The recliner has a swiveling functional ball-bearing base
  • ​The comfort level of the chair is enhanced by the over-padded base and back of the recliner


  • ​The reclining of the chair is a bit limited compared to other items on the list


Homall Single Recliner Chair

​This standard and basic looking home living room leather recliner may have more to it than meets the eye. Sure, it looks basic and like something you’d find in the 70s, but it’s rather comfortable to the touch, the seams are well done and it’s very relaxing to sit in. The back is also extra thick and padded which is great.

The padding is overstuffed, but not overdone. You can sink into it, but not feel like you won't be able to get out of it. There is just enough padding to feel luxurious. There is a good bit of cushion on the footrest also when you are in the recline position.

Springs underneath give you plenty of support. They aren't stiff though so they won't end up prodding your backside. Without them then eventually the seat would crater and the chair would be useless. You'll get a lot of years out of the chair due to the backbone the frame and springs give you. The joints of the frame are also very strong, for a resilient durability.

If you are bigger and taller, then the wide seat should accommodate you. Weight capacity is not very specific, but given the strength of the frame, it stands to reason that you could be over 300 pounds and still feel sturdy.


  • This chair is comfortable, skin friendly and easily cleaned
  • ​Only minor assembly is required and all the hardware required is included in the box
  • ​The foam is very resilient, all the joints are glued together with high bond material
  • Springs give you the support you need


  • ​Assembly seems confusing at first but there’s only a few minor steps and instructions are included


Best Selling Davis Leather Recliner Club Chair, Black

Best Selling Davis Recliner Club Chair

This is a leather recliner that’s a bit more budget friendly than some of the other leather recliners on this list but it’s still a comfortable chair to sit in. It’s more for an office space or somewhere with a limited amount of space. It has a very simplistic design, the base stands are sturdy and the tilt of the back makes this a relaxing chair.

This is comfortable enough to enjoy a sit-down. but I wouldn't want to watch TV or read for an extended period of time. What I think this is best for is to have a spa chair in an office or bedroom that you can sit in for a break to kick back for a bit.

The cushions are quite firm, which is good for people that don't like to sink into a big padded chair. And the width of the seat is 20 inches, which puts this out of contention for many big and tall people.

Reclining is easy as it requires no lever. Just lean back and the footrest will click open and the back will ease back. You're not meant to take a nap in this chair as it will only recline another 35° from its original position. Instead, it is meant to get your feet up and offer a gentle position to take a break.

The style is very elegant and reminiscent of a retro smoking lounge from the 1930's Chicago or something like that. It is a club chair after all.

This is an ideal space saving solution for somebody who lives in a small apartment but would still like to have a recliner. It has a very small footprint, doesn't need to be far from the wall since it doesn't fully recline and since it isn't an overstuffed padded chair, it is on the narrow side.


  • ​Is very shiny and has a sleek design, despite being very simplistic and not offering much in terms of style
  • ​The materials used in the construction are bonded leather and sturdy wood, which help increase the durability
  • ​The chair is relatively small for storage purposes coming in at only 17.25 inches high, 20 inches wide and 22 inches deep
  • There’s an additional foot extension if you’d like to rest your feet while reclining


  • ​This chair isn’t for larger people as it’s a relatively small size


​Homelegance Upholstered Recliner Chair, Warm Brown Bonded

Recliner top 15

We really appreciate the large armrests of this chair and how comfortable it is to lay down our arms on them. When you kick up this chair, it’s pretty relaxing and there’s really not a lot of assemblies required which was quite nice because assembling most leather recliners is quite the pain in the rear end.

With huge, overstuffed padding, you will literally sink into this recliner feeling like you're getting a gentle hug. Relaxation at its best.

Perfect for big and tall people that need a little extra cushion and room. The seat is very wide and generous and the weight limit is 600 pounds, which is more than enough strength for just about everybody.

The recline lever is as easy as it gets since it is more of a switch than a lever. Those with arthritis or weak hands will be able to recline much easier thanks to the ease of using this lever.

The base has a swivel, so you can turn around to any position you like. it does not rock, however.


  • ​The pull and tilt of this chair is slow and not jerky like other leather reclining chairs
  • ​The arms are over-padded with extra padded seats and a back end to help you relax better
  • ​The footrest release mechanic isn’t a lever but a simple switch that you can easily pull
  • Has multiple layers of padding for your feet, so you won’t risk blood clots or have ankle strain when resting
  • The reclining lever is an easy to open switch rather than a lever that requires a bit of force, very easy to open


  • ​People who are over 6 feet tall have complained about being uncomfortable in the seat and others say it’s a great chair


​Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Leather Rocker Recliner, Brown

Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG recliner

​This is a rather plain and normal looking chair. It comes with a dark brown physique and design, so much that even the lever for the recliner blends into the chair. The design may be plain but this is still a rather comfortable chair and it’s quite the bargain for the asking price as well. It’s overstuffed and extremely comfortable.

Great for any size body weight or height, it has a wide seat and high back. If you are on the shorter side, around 5' or so, then your feet might only be just touching the ground. Between that height and well over 6', the chair will feel like it was made for exactly your size.

Big and tall people will appreciate the wide seat that just about anybody can fit in, even those with a wide girth. The cushions are deep, so you can sink right into them, but they still offer enough resistance to give you the support you need.

Not that we condone smoking, but the padding is made of fire retardant foam so if you do happen to have an accident with a cigarette while sitting it won't result in an open flame.

It is made with both real leather and PU leather for a soft supple feel that won't make you sweat. Spills are easy to clean up and without any texture, it won't get stained.

A gentle rocking action makes this a great stress reliever.

All in all, it is a solid recliner. It won't win any style awards, but it does what it is supposed to do. It is comfortable, soft and reclines for when you need to put your feet up. What else do you need?


  • ​Has an extra-wide design that allows for larger customers to enjoy the chair
  • ​The padded seats, back, arms and headrest area are made for maximum comfort
  • ​It’s oversized and the padding used in the chair is oversized as well, measuring 40 inches, by 39 inches by 42 inches high
  • ​It comes with a swift lever recliner that smoothly raises the footrest and allows you to kick back


  • ​The level of the chair takes a bit more effort than other leather reclining chairs and some people are off put by the color scheme

What are the Benefits of using these leather chair recliners?

One of the main benefits of people who want to purchase one of these leather recliners is that they’re very hypoallergenic. For people who have allergies and people who have cats that like to roam the house, you know what it’s like to have a stuffy nose. The problem with fabric recliners or sofas is that they absorb all that hair, all that dust and all those pollens floating around in the air while leather doesn’t. The leather is quite resistant to all of those things and it won’t leave you with allergies. If you have allergies, you’ll definitely enjoy a leather chair, sofa or anything much better.

The Appearance
Let’s face it, the appearance of a leather sofa is far better looking and more professional looking than the appearance of a fabric sofa. We don’t know why this is but we think it might have something to do with the shine of a leather sofa. When a leather recliner is shining in the sunlight, they give off a sort of glow and they just look better. Also, leather recliners give off a more professional appearance and this is the reason they’re used in so many professional offices such as therapists.

The Care
This is a big one for a lot of people with either kids or pets. Whether you have either of those things, they’re going to be messy and they’re going to track dirt and other things onto your furniture. With fabric recliners, the general problem is that when something stains them, liquid stains into the fabric and it’s an utter pain to get out. You have to scrub and scrub until your arms go numb and more often than not, you never really get the stain out. With leather recliners and leather material in general, they’re pretty anti-spill, so you won’t have to worry about things like dirt, liquid or anything else damaging the material.

Great For Older People
This one came as a surprise to us but believe it or not, sitting in these leather recliners is actually great for older people who have poor circulation. When you sit down in a leather recliner, it helps alleviate pressure on the joints and helps alleviate all that pressure on areas where circulation is affected most. Things like swollen feet and your ankle can also be helped with a leather recliner and for reasons unknown to us, fabric sofas don’t help nearly as much.

Added Features
Things like the cup holders and any kind of technology that requires wiring is far more common in leather recliners. The reason is, fabric sofas are far more prone to fires due to bad wiring and fires in general. Also, cup holders aren’t ideally a good idea to put into fabric sofas because of how prone they are to being stained. Have you ever tried getting a stain out of a fabric sofa? It’s not easy.

Cons of Leather Recliner

  • One of the main disadvantages of having leather recliners is that the surface area of leather scratches relatively easily. If you have any pets, sharp objects or anything that may poke holes in or scratch leather recliners, you’ll notice it relatively quickly. With pets, some people prefer fabric as the cat’s claws can grip into the fabric a lot easier. Having cats with leather around is asking for trouble in some scenarios, especially if your pets like to jump.
  • Something that bothers some but not others are how cold to the touch that leather can feel. Do you live in an area that experiences harsh and cold winters? One of the main things we hear about leather is that when it’s winter and cold in the house, sitting on leather doesn’t feel comfortable at all. We know heating bills are expensive but this is still something to consider if you want to take the route of a leather upholstery. This is a preferred choice though as some people feel fabric doesn’t feel as good as leather.
  • This is purely something that’s by design but leather sofas and chairs aren’t as colorful as some people might want them to be. What we mean is, some people prefer different color schemes and leather chairs don’t offer as much of a color scheme that fabric does. This might have to do with manufacturing or how leather is made but most manufacturers of leather reclining chairs don’t offer as many color palettes as they do with fabric chairs.
  • Another downfall to leather recliners is for people in hot and humid weather without proper air conditioning might feel the sticky side effect of having a leather recliner. When you put your legs against a hot and humid leather recliner, it can feel sticky and will leave moisture onto the chair, which isn’t something that anyone wants.
  • Lastly, there’s the issue of cost. For some reason, it could be because of the material used and manufacturing costs, leather recliners do seem to cost a bit more. Some people are a little turned off by this and don’t understand why it costs more to produce leather recliners than it does to produce fabric recliners. Ideally, this is something you’ll have to make a choice about as it’ll always come down to personal preference.


Picking out the perfect leather reclining chair or the best leather recliners will ultimately come down to your own personal level of comfort, your budget for a leather chair and what you want out of the chair. These chairs reviewed were all thoroughly tested and proven to be worthy of their label, even if some of their pricing points do seem slightly high. These leather recliners are well worth it in terms of quality and you won’t be disappointed when you sit down in one of them.

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