The Best Gaming Tablet 2020

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Deciding on what is the best tablet for gaming to buy is a decision that leaves most people in limbo. There are many people out there who might have the best PC at home, but when they are on the go, carrying the entire bundle is impossible and unimaginable. However, there are laptops out there to fix that problem. However, what if you’ve already used up all your funds on that outrageous PC setup and don’t want to shell out a lot of cash for another high-end laptop? Well then, if you are in a situation like this, then buying a gaming tablet could be a solution.

Best Choice

Best conventional

Packs some pretty sweet hardware

Houses a 2.16 GHz processor accompanied by 2GB of RAM


ASUS Transformer Book T101HA

Best device

Performance wise, fully functional

Windows 10-powered machine

Best Value

Designed for gamers

Packed with 3D functionality
Quite remarkable performance

Features a unique 180 degree rotatable 8 MP camera

Although there aren’t many options out there, especially in choosing the best tablet for gaming, we’ve picked out the best tablet options available for you to consider. Even though buying a tablet for a game might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, below is a list of devices that will satisfy your cravings on the go.

Are you looking for the best tablet for gaming that’s portable for on-the-go use? Maybe you want something to play on casually. By the end of this guide, you will either put in an order for a gaming tablet, or you’ll entertain the thought of buying one.


Google Pixel C Best Tablet for Gamers

Back when Google launched the Pixel C, they did it with little hope for success. Being the best tablet for gaming of its kind from Google, the device has lived up to its name and has gained quite a fair number of rivals. The device runs on Google’s Android OS and is only 10.2 inches with a 2560 × 1800 display. This best tablet for gaming has a premium build and aims to bridge the gap between Google’s Chromebook and Nexus’s slates. The keyboard dock turns the Pixel from a standard Android gaming tablet into a hybrid laptop when connected. To make the most out of your gaming, add the Pixel C keyboard to your shopping list.

The design of this Android gaming tablet is quite simple and nothing out of the ordinary. The device weighs around 500g and features a thick bezel. The device lacks a physical home button, which means there is no fingerprint sensor, too. When in landscape orientation, the power/lock key is on the left of the device, where it sits beside the volume rocker on the top left and a Type C USB port at the bottom.

The Type C port present on the device has a lot more to offer than just charging and data transfer; with the help of this port, you can power up and charge other mobile devices, which can be of great help if your phone suddenly runs out of power and you’re stranded without a power supply. There are also dual stereo speakers on either side of the Android gaming tablet, and a 3.5mm headphone jack completes the array of features on the right side of the Pixel C. The 8MP camera is present on the rear of the device, along with the iconic Chromebook light bar shining in Google’s four trademark colors.

The Google Pixel C packs a 10.2-inch display with a resolution of 2560 × 1800 and a pixel density of 308ppi, which leaves you with a crystal-clear display. For an additional price, you can supplement your Pixel C with a full-size keyboard built by Google, alongside the tablet. The keyboard has an automatic pairing feature so getting it to work won’t be a problem. Just make sure Bluetooth is on, and the Pixel will do the rest. The docking system works with the help of a heavy-duty magnet, which means there are no latches or pins to line up here. The connection is strong, and you can pick up the assemblage by either the keyboard or tablet with no fear that the two will come apart.

Performance from this best tablet for gaming is outstanding. The Pixel features an Nvidia Tegra X1 (a 64-bit quad-core chip processor) and 3GB of RAM, which delivers a healthy blast of power. With its crystal-clear display, Tegra X1 processor, Maxwell GPU, and 3GB of RAM, the Pixel C can guarantee a solid gaming session. Load times are quick, and the playback is smooth.

The keyboard offers a better gameplay experience with some games and gives you a PC-like experience. The device houses an 8MP camera on the back and a 2MP camera on the front. Although not the best quality, the images are decent. Where battery life is a concern, Google claims the Pixel C can go for over 10 hours on a single charge, although that depends very much on your usage.

Overall, the Pixel C turns out to be one of the best Android gaming tablets for both gaming and ordinary use. If you aren’t a fan of Apple and feel that Google is a better option, then this is something for you to consider. The pixel comes in 32GB and 64GB variants, with the keyboard coming as a separate purchase.


ASUS Transformer Book T101HA Review

ASUS’s Transformer Book T101HA is one of the best devices out there for low-budget gaming and performance tablets. Windows 10 powers the Transformer Book, offering users a fully functional best gaming tablet that can be converted into a laptop by docking it into the bundled keyboard.

This best gaming tablet might not have the best design to offer, but it surely makes up for that performance-wise. The separate tablet and keyboard sections are both made of a dark gray anodized aluminum, and the Transformer Book has the standard, slightly pebble-like texture as seen on most of ASUS’s affordable convertibles. This best tablet for gaming measures in at 265 × 175 × 8.45mm and weighs 0.58kg.

The ASUS bundled keyboard adds 10mm to the device’s thickness and a further 0.46kg to its weight – though even with this padding, the Transformer Book T101HA is still far from backbreaking. The tablet and the keyboard have a polycarbonate back and might be delicate when you apply excess pressure. The keyboard is small when compared to regular keyboards, but it surely makes up for this comfort-wise. The trackpad is also nicely reactive and recognizes one- and two-fingered gestures.

The T101HA comes equipped with a reasonable range of ports, which include the microphone/headphone jack, microSD slot, micro HDMI socket and a USB type-C charging port. To back this up, the keyboard has a full-sized USB 2.0 port. The Type C port is quite beneficial as it speeds up the device’s charge time. You can also use it as a regular port to connect external devices to the laptop. In these situations, it offers improved data transfer speeds compared to regular USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports. This best tablet for gaming also has a decent 10.1-inch display to offer. The device ships with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 operating system. A few of ASUS’s software come pre-installed.

Performance-wise, this best gaming tablet has a lot to offer considering its price. According to ASUS, the T101HA “breezes through everyday tasks” and delivers “twice as fast graphics performance” as previous Transformer Books. This best tablet for gaming features a quad-core Intel “Cherry Trail” Z8500 processor, accompanied by Integrated Intel HD Graphics and 4GB RAM. Considering the device’s price, this convertible’s specifications are good and perform well with reasonably impressive benchmark scores. The T101HA can offer decent gaming, but if you’re looking for 3D gaming or high-end gaming, then it will leave you with disappointment. However, you can overlook things like that because gaming isn’t its sole purpose.

The Transformer Book T101HA comes with a single 30Wh, non-removable battery. ASUS projected up to 12 hours of video playback life. When in use, this best tablet for gaming offers approximately 8 hours of standby power with general use, and it can drain at a rate of 25% every hour while gaming, leaving you with 3 to 4 hours of backup. The 5MP rear and 2MP front cameras present on this tablet might not work wonders, but they serve the purpose of being there.

We do not recommend that you depend on the cameras for high-quality photos, but in emergencies, they provide decent photos. The front-facing camera is good enough for video calling. The T101HA’s speakers are of poor quality and have a woefully low maximum volume, so the sound quality is fairly poor. The speakers’ low end is close to non-existent, and most times, you would require external speakers or headphones to fix the problem.

Overall, if you’re looking for something cheap, with decent build and performance, then this best gaming tablet is something you should consider. With its price tag, this best tablet for gaming is most probably one of the best Windows 10 convertibles that can be used for gaming.


Apple iPad Pro Review

If you are an Apple fan and prefer light gaming, then this best gaming tablet is definitely one you should consider, as Apple’s old 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the best conventional tablet the company has made. It combines the power of the original 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the thin frame of the iPad Air 2. Although gaming might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an iPad, this best gaming tablet packs sweet hardware and handles that pretty well. The only downside about this best tablet for gaming is that it limits you to the Apple Store.

When speaking about performance, this best tablet for gaming offers great speed when using apps or playing games. The device houses a 2.16 GHz processor, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The display on the device is perhaps one of the best displays you can find on the best gaming tablet. The device has an Apple retina display and has 264ppi pixel density, similar to what you find on some other Apple devices (such as the 12.9-inch model).

The good thing about the iPad is that, unlike some of the best gaming tablets on the market, it has a remarkably good camera that takes amazing photos. If you’re looking to have this best tablet for gaming carried around all day, this one is a good bet. However, the battery on the device is not so great; after a few hours of gaming, you’d be looking around for an outlet to juice it back up. You can purchase a keyboard for the device from Apple’s list of accessories to boost your gaming experience. Other accessories include the “Apple Pencil,” which is Apple’s version of a stylus.

Overall, if you are an Apple fan and want a tablet for gaming that is small and light, then this is one you should consider. The camera is an added benefit for everyday purposes, too. This best gaming tablet is available in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants, and 4G capability comes at an extra price.


Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 32GB)

The Apple iPad entry-level tablet might be the least powerful in Apple’s line of tablets, but it leaves most Android gaming tablets in the dust spec- and performance-wise. On the downside, it costs nearly twice as much as most Android devices with near-similar specs. The new version of this best tablet for gaming features a few updates, but nothing too compelling to warrant an upgrade for the casual user.

However, this tablet for gaming comes with an A10 processor that makes it faster than most iPhones, making it ideal for smooth gaming. If your budget gives you enough wiggle room, you can never go wrong with this iPad tablet for gaming. The only thing that might hold you back might be that the games available for this platform might not be as numerous as those available for Android gaming tablets.

As mentioned above, this tablet for gaming performs slightly better than the previous version, which had a slower A9 processor. So, unless you’re looking for a new device or your old iPad is acting odd, upgrading isn’t likely recommended. The retina display still stands out with its gorgeous color representation and unprecedented responsiveness. This iPad also features a pressure-sensitive stylus pen, which makes it one of the best tablets for creative tasks.

However, as a gamer, the stylus pen is an option you can do without as it adds to the price if you opt-in for one. Gaming on this device could be fun with Apple’s range of games from their store. Adding the keyboard to the device makes gaming on the device even better. Unlike its predecessors, the upgraded entry-level Apple iPad tablet has an improved battery that will last you longer, but that is subject to the tasks you throw at it. Apple, however, claims it will give you up to 10 hours of browsing and streaming juice. It also features faster LTE speeds of up to 300Mbps.

This best gaming tablet is definitely one to consider if you are an Apple fan or if you’re looking for something classy that’ll fulfill your need to game or multi-task on the go. The device is available in a range of colors and memory options, and Apple also has a wide range of add-on accessories, including the keyboard, the Apple Pen, and a few other accessories. This is definitely a must-have device if you’re looking for the best gaming tablet with an excellent camera, and you don’t mind sticking to the store games that Apple offers. However, as an upgrade, it’s just not worth it given the limited upgrades.


Dragon Touch X10 10.6-inch Octa Core

The Dragon Touch is another one of those tablets designed for gaming. This best gaming tablet is more than just your typical Android gaming tablet. The device supports 3D functionality and can take your on-the-go gaming experience to a whole new level. Whether you are looking for something that supports go gaming or even if it’s just for a device to add to your collection, the Dragon Touch is something you should consider buying.

The device is quite different from your everyday Android gaming tablet. Around the body, you’ll find a micro USB port, which you can use for charging and data transfer, along with a micro HDMI port. The left side also houses dual speakers, along with a volume rocker and power button. The sides of the Dragon Touch are designed to hold the wireless controllers firmly yet making them easy to remove when not needed.

The X300 Android gaming tablet boasts an octa-core A7–Cortex ARM (1.7ghz) processor accompanied by an octa-core PowerVR SGX544 MP2–700 MHz GPU. The device also houses 2GB of RAM, along with up to 128GB of additional ROM memory, expandable up to another 128GB via microSD. The display on the device is probably one of a kind; the company claims that the X300 is the world’s first 3D/2D Android gaming console with detachable controllers. That’s right; the device has a 3D-ready 8-inch 1280 × 800 IPS screen that can take your gaming to a whole new level.


The device also has a 4K micro HDMI port and can connect to a TV to enhance your gaming experience. Out of the box, the X300 ships with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. The device also features a unique 180-degree rotatable 8MP camera, so decent picture quality is an added benefit. The battery present in the Dragon Touch is a 5200mah Li-ion battery, and with a full charge, it promises up to 5 hours of game time. The Android gaming tablet weighs 0.65kg with the controller and 0.48kg without the controller.

The performance of the Dragon Touch X10 is remarkable as the device delivers what it promises. As this is an Android gaming tablet, you can access all the great mobile games, movies, and apps the Google Play Store has to offer. It can also do 3D Glasses-Free with its IPS display, and with the octa-core processor and octa-core GPU, it packs enough punch to be a great emulation station.

Apart from being an amazing Android gaming tablet, the Dragon Touch X10 can also hook up to your TV with the help of a dock to enhance your gameplay. You need not worry about how uncomfortable and inconvenient that will be without a long HDMI, cable as Morpheus has already thought of that. The company offers a “controller jointer,” which joins the controllers present on the sides of the device and makes it feel like a console controller, again to enhance your gaming experience. The device goes from Android gaming tablet to gaming console in less than a minute.

If you’re a fan of Android and you’re looking for the perfect Android gaming tablet, then missing out on the opportunity of getting one of these might be a shame. The device has a lot of features and power packed into its tiny body and can keep you entertained for hours at a stretch. Overall, the Dragon Touch X10 turns out to be one of the best gaming tablets and should be something you should consider buying.


Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Review

The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 gaming tablet is not the regular run-of-the-mill tablet for gaming. This is a 2-in-1 Windows 10 beast that combines the practicality of a laptop with the simplicity and portability of a tablet. Like the iPad upgrade, this one also adds a few touches over its predecessors, but nothing worthy of an upgrade if you already own an older one. However, for the best tablet for gaming, you won’t get a better Windows gaming tablet anywhere as this is the best.

Improvements on the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 over the Surface Pro include a faster processor and a more capable battery. Like the iPad, this also comes with an optional stylus and silicon cover, but those will set you back a few hundred bucks, as will the keyboard.

The Surface Pro 6 starts with an Intel Core i5 variant that comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. You can also opt for one with double that storage. Then there is an Intel Core i7 variant, which is pricier and comes with 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. The premium version has a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a blazing 1TB of SSD storage to boot.

However, with the top-spec version of the Surface Pro 6, you have to shell out a pretty penny. To be fair, if you only want a gaming tablet, at the price of the Surface Pro 6, you are better off looking at getting a high-end gaming laptop instead. However, in tablet speak, the Surface Pro 6 offers better value than other tablets as what you get is computer-like performance.

Just like its older sibling, the Surface Pro 6 has similar ports and connectivity options, with the biggest letdown being the absence of a USB-C connector. The USB is still a 3.0, while the standard in 2020 has improved slightly to USB 3.1. The screen is also sharper, but other than that, there is not much else that the Surface Pro 6 has over the Surface Pro.

While this tablet will run most games seamlessly and with relative ease, do not expect it to perform as well as gaming laptops or PCs when running resource-intensive titles like Fortnite or Assassin’s Creed.


Chuwi Hi10 Tablet

The Chuwi Hi10 gaming tablet is hardly the best gaming tablet in the market, but it does the job. The brand is little known, but what matters are the specs and what it can do. It also helps that at its size, with its specs, and being a 2-in-1 tablet, you can have one at a bargain compared to some other tablets on this list.


The Hi10 replaces the Vi10 but comes with some improvements, although it also keeps features from its older sibling. For instance, its dual USB ports popular with its older variant remains similar in the Hi10. In the performance spectrum, this non-Android gaming tablet comes with an Intel Atom X5 Z8300 quad-core processor with a clock speed of 1.84GHz. It has a 12 EU Intel Gen8 GPU, and together with the aforementioned CPU, it does a good job, but nothing out of the ordinary.


At least the chip supports 4K HDMI out at 30fps, USB 3.0, and speedy micro SD. The Chuwi Hi10 comes with 4GB DDR3 RAM, but with it being a single-channel RAM, it is slower than most others you will find in the likes of the Google Pixel C above. As mentioned earlier, the Hi10 is a 2-in-1 tablet that comes with a dock with an uncanny similarity and docking style as that of the ASUS Transformer Book T100.


Chuwi Hi10’s screen is a 1920 × 1200 unit with a 16:10 pixel ratio, which is nothing compared to the retina display on the iPad. However, given the price, the Hi10 can get away with it. Although in comparison with the Chuwi Vi10, there is a noticeable improvement in resolution with the Hi10. With 224ppi, it really isn’t that bad at all. The IPS panel color representation features dark blacks and excellent viewing angles.


There is 64GB of internal storage with a 150mbps wireless card, and as a result, it performs well enough over Wi-Fi. The Chuwi Hi10 comes with Windows 10 Home out of the box that helps it run at acceptable speeds. With such specs, you really should not expect much from this tablet as a gaming tablet. Even light titles, such as Modern Combat 5, will have a problem running smoothly. However, there are tons of other lighter games that will do all right at lower settings.


Overall, this is barely the best gaming tablet, but for low-end games from the store and other similar titles, it will perform with no glitches as long as you don’t push it to the extremes.


Nvidia K1 Tablet

Among the few out there, the Nvidia Shield K1 is another one of those tablets that have been designed for portable gaming. Back when the tablet was released, it was perhaps one of the best in the market and had a lot to offer. When it was released by one of the best graphics cards manufacturers, the tablet could handle anything that came its way and was perhaps one of the best gaming tablets on the market. The device was mainly focused on gaming and turned out to be one of the best high-end gaming devices with multi-functionality.

Where design is a concern, the Android gaming tablet features a solid 8-inch 1920 × 1200 display. The tab also has speaker grids on the top and bottom. The top speaker of the device is cut in half by a 5MP camera and a similar 5MP camera is present on the back. The top of the device also has a micro USB port for charging and data transfer, along with a mini HDMI port, which you can use to connect the device to a TV. On the left edge of the gaming tablet, you’ll find two small holes where you can magnetically attach a folding cover, and on the right edge, you’ll be able to find the power button, volume controls, and a microSD slot that can support cards up to 200GB.

The K1, out of the box, runs a stock build of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Of the 16GB of internal storage, 11.24GB is available out of the box. Buying the device also gives you an option to join GeForce Now (billed monthly), Nvidia’s cloud service that streams popular PC games to the tablet. The app allows you to stream games at 1080p at up to 60fps and can give you a much better experience than what stock Android has to offer.

The performance of the device is outstanding, thanks to an ARM Cortex A15 CPU that clocks in at 2.2GHz, along with Nvidia’s own Tegra K1 192-core Kepler GPU and 2GB of RAM. The K1 offers a lot more than what most Android gaming tablets can offer, even today. If you fancy it, you can connect the device to a TV and use it along with a Shield controller to give you a much better gaming experience. The device’s camera offers pretty decent picture clarity, allowing you to point and shoot when on the go. The K1 packs a 5,200mAh battery and promises up to 6 hours of power (this can vary depending on usage).

If you are looking for something that delivers quality and performance, and you don’t mind how old it is, then the K1 might be a good device for you. Back when the device was launched, it was one of the best of its kind and had a lot to offer. Overall, if you don’t mind the Android interface and you want an able device to satisfy your gaming needs on the go, then the K1 is a strong contender.


Samsung Tab S3 Review

One of the first companies to enter the tablet game is back with another device. Unveiled early this year, Samsung’s new Tab S3 is an excellent choice for those who are looking for the best tablet for gaming. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is slim and fashionable, with high-end specs and a bundled stylus. You can pair the Samsung Tab S3 with a keyboard case, if what you want is productivity on the go. Although on the costlier side, this device delivers all you need for decent gaming and performance on the go.

Where design is a concern, the device features an all-glass back, similar to most of their latest devices. The tab is also thin when compared to the other devices of its kind. The back of the device feels comfortable to hold and touch and isn’t slippery at all. The one bad thing about this device is that is so thin that it does not accommodate a silo for the stylus, which means you’d have to carry it around with the fear of losing it. The borders on the front of the screen are just about the right thickness, so triggering unwanted touch input on the screen won’t be a problem.

On the front of the device, you will find Samsung’s trademark physical home button with an integrated fingerprint sensor, and the silver Samsung logo lies in its traditional top of the screen position. The device houses two speakers placed on the top and bottom, along with the power and volume buttons on the right and a tray that can hold one Nano SIM and one microSD card. On the bottom of the tab, you’ll find a USB Type-C USB port and a 3.5mm audio input socket. On the back of the device is the primary camera, along with its flash and the default Samsung logo. All of these are held together by a metal frame.

Coming to performance, the gaming tablet is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, along with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage (with other options when purchasing). The device has a Super AMOLED screen with an impressively high resolution of 1536 × 2048 pixels. The device has 6000mAh battery, which means it can give you a decent amount of uptime before needing to charge it. With heavy usage, the device can give you around 4 to 6 hours of play time, which is decent when compared to other devices.

Overall, if you are looking for a tablet that’s light and easy to carry around, and you don’t mind being limited to Android gaming, then the Samsung Tab S3 should end your search. This tablet comes with a set of accessories and packs decent features and performance when compared to other devices in its price range.

After reading these reviews, you should be left with much easier choices when it comes to gaming tablets. This guide contains tablets from various manufacturers and software environments, and the tabs are all mainly designed to enhance your gaming experience.

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