How To Choose The Best Gaming Headset

Comfort, feature, and design - these are what you need to take note in picking your gaming headset. We believe that the BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset from is the right one for you. It has clear sound, strong bass, noise-cancelling feature.

Best Choice

​HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

​Ideal Headset.

​From HyperX, a trusted leader and you can always rely on them to deliver the best gaming headset for ultimate gaming. The memory foam is super comfortable and the volume control is actually on the ear cup. You can activate noise cancellation by simply swiveling your position.


​​HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

​Enhanced. Optimized.

​This headset is multi-console compatible, including PC, Xbox, PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. Super durable and comfortable foam pads and provides a high-quality surround sound that could also be used for movies. ​Has great noise cancellation technology thanks to the built-in sound card.

Best Value

​BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset

​Flexible. Elegant.

​The BENGOO G69000 is a super cheap and highly-reviewed gaming headset that’s compatible with not only your computer but your PS4 and Xbox One. Surprisingly great sound quality with noise cancellation technology built in. Looks like the same headset the professionals use in gaming tournaments.

​Last month, we did a research for console gaming headsets. We have tried and tested more than 20 of them and have seen the best of the best.

ImageProductPrice GuideMaterialRatingPrice

Best Console Gaming Headphones 2020

BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
BENGOO X-40 Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
ONIKUMA Upgraded Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset – Lightweight Design Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
VersionTECH. G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
Corsair CA PRO RGB USB Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset – 7.1 Surround Sound Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Stereo Sound Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on
NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset Low $$$ Real Leather
Check Price on

​When you’re doing some serious gaming and you need to outplay your opponent, you need the best gaming headset available. You need to hear the enemy coming, you need that audible advantage to get a lead over your opponent. No matter what your budget is and no matter what games you play, we’ve done a full and extensive review of the best gaming headsets available right now, including the best cheap gaming headsets available. Only headsets with the best audio quality, the best ratings, and the best durability were selected for this review.

​The Top 10 Things to Consider – 200

  • The platform your gaming on such as a PC, PS4 or Xbox One will help you choose the best headset available for you. Not all headsets are compatible with every device. 
  • If you’re on a tight budget, then we’ve gone the extra mile to find affordable headsets to help you find the best cheap gaming headset.
  • To be considered as one of the best gaming headsets, you need to have a comfortable ear pad. It needs to be non-intrusive as well, which will allow you to hear the gameplay better.
  • Your ears also play an important role because some headphones have extra large ear covers and some have smaller ear covers. Do you want your ears to be fully covered or do you just want something that seamlessly fits?
  • The best headsets should always have a microphone available because when you play co-op games, it’s vital that you have a line of communication.
  • Does the headset have an open or closed exterior? This will determine how much sound can or can’t get through from the outside.
  • Even the best cheap gaming headset should last you for a year. Not all brands are equal and some brands last longer than others. Look at the material used to make the headset.
  • While being able to hear the sound is great, what is the overall sound quality like? We like our headsets to have a 7.1 channel surround sound.
  • Does the headset you ordered come with any spare parts just in case you need them? A lot of headsets today do, such as earbuds and extra jacks.
  • What are people saying about the headset online? What are real customers saying? It’s always beneficial to look at real customer reviews.

​How to Pick a Gaming Headset​

Picking the best gaming headset for you ideally boils down to your budget, what you need the headset for and what kind of features you’re looking for. If you’re not looking for sound cancellation and you live in a quiet environment while you game, the best one might be something that’s relatively cheap and provides basic functionality. What are you willing to pay for and what is your ultimate budget? The best cheap gaming headset should still provide essentials for gaming without costing an arm and a leg.

You need to have perfect sound quality without too much interference from the outside and you need to have a headset that rests comfortably on your ears for the duration of your gaming. Also, if you’re looking for a good gaming headset, consider the cord length of the headset as well. Extra lengthy cords can be rolled over by chairs or get caught in areas where you don’t have a lot of room. This is why we generally refer people to headsets with relatively short cords.  Whether you’re looking for the best cheap gaming headset or a professional gaming headset, we consider the essentials which are budget, needs, and features. 


​Best Budget Gaming Headset - BENGOO 69000 Stereo Gaming Headset

​With support for every major console and pc, we’re honestly surprised this isn’t priced more expensive. They were having a sale at the time we found it but this is easily the best gaming headset for anyone that’s on a tight budget. It’s highly durable as well, so you won’t have to replace it anytime soon. There’s even a bass-surround sub-woofer included.


  • ​Great noise isolation for anyone who doesn’t want to pick up outside interference
  • ​The volume control is easy, smooth and has a very wide range
  • ​The design is super cool and it’s very cheap to buy
  • ​Has a nice strong-braid design so that it can’t be pulled easily


  • ​Has several different stress-tested copers inside of the braid so that your headset cord won’t break
  • Has its own USB plugin for the LED light
  • A small and high-quality 3.5mm plug gives you a pristine audio quality that gives you the advantage


  • ​The headphones do fit most people but they can be rather large if you have a smaller head


​Best Console Gaming Headset - BENGOO X-40 Gaming Headset

For console players, this is one of the most compatible headsets on the market and it has a very wide head frame, so people with larger heads will be able to fit this headset comfortably. It’s the best gaming headset for anyone who plays a lot of console games and the microphone is extremely high-quality.


  • ​The headphones have a very wide base for most head shapes
  • There’s a sub-woofer included for extra bass and sound quality
  • The design is super cool and modern to match most eSports headsets today


  • ​Isolates noise at a very high-quality, so you should only hear noises coming from in game
  • The volume control is effortless and you can do so at the touch of a button
  • Has a 40mm magnetic driver which ensures crisp audio


​ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

​The sound of the ONIKUMA gaming headset is unlike anything we’ve heard before. The audio is insanely smooth, crystal clear and the microphone’s really great too. We love the LED lights which are bright and give the headset a fierce look. The microphone works from 360 degrees, so no matter where it is, it’ll pick you up with minimal background noise.


  • ​Has ridiculous high-quality audio with a 50mm driver and a 16 Ohm independence
  • Is great at canceling noise in your surrounding environment
  • A super strong cord ensures no pets, children or roaming chairs will break it


  • ​The durability of the headset is extremely strong and is super hard to break
  • The top rest pad for the headrest is very high quality and rests greatly on your head
  • Offers a completely immersive sound experience you can’t get from most other headsets


  • ​Some people have reported that when playing Nintendo Switch Fortnite, the microphone doesn’t work well but that’s it


HyperX Cloud Stinger Gaming Headset

​HyperX always makes quality products, especially when it comes to headsets. HyperX headsets are always very lightweight and have some of the best sound quality. This isn’t the best gaming headset but it’s pretty close, only to be compared to the HyperX Cloud II, which is a step above this headset.


  • ​Extremely lightweight and doesn’t leave indents on your head
  • Is backed by HyperX which offers great customer support and superior products
  • Has great multi-console and platform compatibility


  • ​You can control the volume based on your settings on the ear cup which are easy to change
  • The memory foam on the ears are based on the HyperX signature foam
  • High-quality audio precision delivers high-performance peak audio


  • ​The cord for this headset is relatively short so you’ll have to adjust for that or make sure you’re within short range of your tower


​Best Looking Gaming Headset - VersionTECH. G2000 Stereo Gaming Headset

​The first thing you’ll probably think when you see this headset is, “what a cool looking headset”. It’s one of the least expensive headsets you’ll find but it’s also one of the best gaming headset options out there too. It comes with great memory foam ear covers, a high-quality microphone, cool lights, and comfortable headrest.


  • ​Comes with really bright and cool looking USB lights
  • The plugs provided with this headset should work on most computers
  • The mute button and volume control are very close together


  • ​Is one of the best sellers (#1 seller) on Amazon at this point in time
  • Has a retractable design which makes it easy to store and it’s a very durable headset
  • High-quality sound thanks to the 50mm drivers made out of magnetic neodymium


  • ​When you get the product, it feels like it’s made out of cheap plastic but it’s still very durable


​Most Comfortable Gaming Headset- Corsair CA PRO RGB USB Gaming Headset

​Corsair has always delivered quality products but when it comes to their headsets, they always make sure they put audio quality and comfort first. Which is why the Corsair CA PRO RBG USB is the most comfortable gaming headset available right now. The microphone is optimized to pick up audio in the direction of travel and it comes with RBG lighting too.


  • ​The mesh fabric used in this headset is super soft to the touch and on the ears
  • Comes with the Corsair guarantee for quality
  • The drivers are high-quality and give you a nice range of sounds


  • ​Completely customizable backlighting which is controlled by RBG
  • Comes approved officially by Discord for one of their best headsets
  • Has 7.1 surround sound for completely immersive sound


  • ​Some games may give you some static noise but it’s nothing noticeable


​Best Gaming Headset - HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

The most comfortable, the highest audio quality and simply, the best headset for gaming available today. Surprisingly, the price isn’t that high and it’s multi-compatible with PS4, PC, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and even Xbox One S. It comes in a pretty plain design but it’s what on the inside that really counts with this beast. 


  • ​Highly compatible with both computers and PS4/Xbox One
  • ​Has a high frequency ranging from 15Khz to 25Khz
  • ​Has very soft memory foam ear pads and you can even detach the microphone


  • ​Has higher quality drivers than most that come in at 53mm
  • ​Is sponsored and endorsed by TeamSpeak as an official headset
  • ​Works with both PC & Mac devices


​SADES Spirit Wolf 7.1 Surround Stereo Sound USB Computer Gaming Headset

​The SADEST Spirit Wolf 7.1 is another well-designed headset that we really enjoyed. It looks great from the outside, it’s comfortable to rest on your ears, it’s compatible with both your laptop and computer. It does a pretty good job of noise cancellation too.


  • ​Has a magnetic NDFEB driver which makes everything seamlessly smooth and easy to control
  • ​Cancels out external sound effectively and only captures what’s near your microphone
  • ​Highly compatible with most modern devices including the PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • Comfortable ear rests engulf your ears in a feeling of warmth and surround sound


  • ​The headset fits very comfortably and rests over your ears, regardless of size
  • ​Easily convenient as the microphone retracts on a whim with a simple hand movement
  • ​Made with strong brass, means this headset will last for years to come
  • ​Is one of the coolest looking gaming headsets out on the market right now


  • ​Depending on the game and how loud it is, the audio output may be slightly inconsistent with super loud games


​Gaming Headset with Best Sound - Mpow EG3 Gaming Headset

​We know that this headset isn’t the prettiest headset out there and it’s not the best gaming headset out there but it’s really good, it’s super-cheap and we felt it was worthwhile to share it with everyone. The ear muffs are extremely comfortable and the volume is easy to control as well.


  • ​Great immersive sound thanks to the 7.1 surround sound
  • Gives you fingertip control with easy to access control buttons
  • Highly durable thanks to the metal design which should last you for a lifetime
  • Thick ear pads give you ultimate comfort


  • ​Has 50mm drivers to ensure you’re getting premium sound
  • ​Has high-quality noise cancellation to ensure nothing in the background is being picked up
  • ​Compatible with various platforms including the PC, the PS4 and the Xbox One
  • ​Has a USB connection to your PC for the best quality sound and surround sound environment


  • ​It does a USB instead of an auxiliary connection so if you don’t have a USB connection free, you won’t be able to plug it in


​NUBWO N2 Gaming Headset

​NUBWO isn’t a company that’s known to a lot of people but they do make a lot of decent headsets on the market. This headset is very compatible, it’s got great 50mm sound drivers and while the microphone leaves a little to be desired for, it’s still got great sound quality.


  • ​Great compatibility between sources such as your Xbox One, PS4 and your PC
  • ​Has great sound coverage and pristine drivers which are easily updatable
  • ​The headband is super comfortable and it doesn’t put any pressure on your head
  • ​Has great features like adjusting the volume level of your headphone on the ear cuff


  • ​A premium microphone picks up sound from every direction
  • ​The controls are easy to adjust and they’re not touchy like other headsets
  • ​It’s very lightweight and the headband doesn’t feel like it’s gripping your head
  • ​The sound comes with a 50mm driver which gives you a nice sound free of distortion


  • ​The mute mic button could be in a more easily accessible place as it’s on the mic itself

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How do I know if a gaming headset will work on multiple consoles and not just a PC?
A: When we review a gaming headset, we make sure to include information regarding what kind of device that a gaming headset will work on. The best headsets for gaming that we review work on multiple devices, including multiple consoles such as Xbox One and PS4.  

Q: A couple of the headsets recommended are really cheap? Are you sure they’re good?
A: Some of the best gaming headsets on the market aren’t expensive. We don’t look at the price, we instead look at the features and what kind of real reviews by real customers are being left about the headset. When we look for the best headset, we make sure that it’s pristine quality.

Q: How much of a difference does the headset actually make?
A: The best gaming headset will make a world of a difference. First, there’s the sound quality and how crisp the audio is. In low-quality headsets, you won’t hear the bad guy coming until it’s too late. With the best gaming headsets, the ones we review, we prefer headsets with 7.1 surround sound so you can hear everything around you in every direction.



​The HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is easily the best gaming headset on the market right now. It’s not too expensive, it’s multi-compatible with different devices and the noise cancellation is excellent. Having control over the surrounding environment and what you can hear is a huge advantage over your opponents. The ear rests are super comfortable as well. A lot of the headsets we recommend are designed to work with voice control applications such as TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, and Discord.

If you want something affordable and something effective, we highly recommend the BENGOO G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset. Not only is it extremely cheap, but it has a lot of great features and we personally think that BENGOO is undercharging for this headset. It’s one of the best gaming headsets out right now and the thousands of positive customer reviews don’t lie.

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