The Best Gaming Desk For Your PC

Best Choice

Bush Series A 72W Desk

Simple yet Elegant

Can fit your entire gaming rig on the desk.

Built from the best thermal paste infused laminate wood surfaces.


DXRacer DGD 1000 NR

Finest Craftsmanship

Choose the color that you want to suit your setup.

Allows to place your hands comfortably on the best gaming desk while playing.

Best Value

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Plenty of Features

Worth considering when buying a budget best gaming desk.

The desk has a ton of places you can store your gaming peripherals at.

The Best Gaming Computer Desks in 2020

DXRacer Gaming Desk
  • Dimensions: 47.3 inches x 31 inches x 31.50 inches
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Atlantic Gaming Desk
Atlantic Gaming Desk
  • Dimensions: 40 inches x 23.5 inches x 29.5 inches
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Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W Desk
  • Dimensions: 71.54 inches x 26.8 inches x 29.8 inches
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Convenience Concepts Desk
  • Dimensions: 16″D x 47″W x 30″H ; 44 pounds
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Techni Mobili Black Glass Corner Desk
  • Dimensions: 61″D x 55″W x 30″H; 102 pounds
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The top budget gamer desk


Atlantic computer desk review


  • Sturdy.
  • Has plenty of features.


  • Cannot fit a big gaming rig.​
  • Black aesthetic might not appeal to everyone.

The best gaming desk for gaming should always be sturdy because gaming stuff aren‘t light. The Atlantic computer good gaming Desk is one desk that you should look into if you’re looking for a robust desk to put your hard-earned gaming setup. This is the best cheap desk.

The Atlantic PC Desk measures 40 inches in Length, 23.5 inches in width, and it has a height of 29.5 inches. As you may have known, the gaming computer desk isn’t that long and it can only put so much on its surface. Because of this, your gaming PC will have to be put on a separate desk or on the floor.

But do not worry, for your actual gaming setup, this desk is perfectly fine. It can support a monitor up to 27 inches and has a maximum weight of 40lbs. The surface of the desk is actually made of black carbon fiber which is durable enough for those people who have the knack of banging on the table when they lose a certain game.

The table also has four steel rod feet that provide a durable base for the entire gaming desk. The surface actually dons a black aesthetic which is great for most gamers. But, because of its color, it might not appeal to many, especially for those people who want a more “wooden”-looking gaming desk.

Its overall durability is pretty good, but it is not the reason why this is one of the top gaming tables out there. It is popular because it has a ton of features. First, the gaming table has a lot of places you can store your gaming peripherals at. You can store up to two controllers, 5 game cases, two speakers, a pair of headphones, and it also has a large compartment so you can put your favorite beverage in it!

Despite its long feature list, some people might not like this good gaming desk because aside from the things mentioned above, you cannot put your gaming PC on it because of its compact surface area.


But even though that is the case, for most gaming purposes, the Atlantic gaming computer desk is something that is worth considering when buying a budget best gaming desk.


Ameriwood Home Larkin 2 in 1 L desk


  • Plenty of room to put your gaming setup.​
  • Extra side storage. Easy to set up.​
  • Convenient grommets for cable management.


  • Might be too narrow for some.
  • No so easy to assemble.

If the Atlantic computer gaming table did not appeal to you because it doesn’t have a lot of space to put every component of your gaming setup, then the next gaming table will. Ameriwood Home Larkin 2 in 1 L desk is a pretty big computer gaming desk. As you can tell from the product name, it is an L-shaped desk which gives you plenty of room to put all of your gaming components on it.

There is plenty of space so that you can put every gaming peripheral, two-three monitors, and even your gaming rig on it with plenty of room to spare!

Furthermore, it comes with a mini bookshelf located at the upper side of this office desk. Of course, you can use this space to put your gaming peripherals such as headphones for gaming, game controllers, and other things. You can even put some of your toy collection on the shelf as well.

Despite the fact that this best gaming desk is spacious, some people report that it is narrower than they thought it was. This isn’t too big of a deal considering that you have plenty of space to put all of your stuff on it. Just remember that it can only support objects that are up to 100 lbs of weight. But in most cases, it is certainly adequate.

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks of this product is that it isn't so easy to assemble. You might need around 1 hour or more to set it up. We recommend that a friend of yours help you out so it doesn't feel like you're spending too much time on it.

Also remember that once you assemble the best gaming desk, you can separate it into two parts. That means that you have two set up configurations. You can either put the storage cubby next to the other one or place it on top of the bigger one. Isn't that awesome?

Top gaming computer desk in 2020


Bush Business Furniture review


  • Can fit your entire gaming rig on the desk.
  • Simple yet elegant.
  • Durable.


  • Quality control is questionable.

I don’t know about you guys, but I want to place my gaming PC on top of the desk. That is because I have a lot of RGB components inside and it would be a waste if I am not able to marvel at its beauty. I think I share the same sentiment to that of a lot of PC enthusiasts as well.

So, if you’re looking for the best gaming desk that has enough space to fit your entire PC gaming setup on it, then the Bush Business Furniture series A 72W desk is a great choice. Because of its long name, I will just call this good gaming desk as the A 72W for brevity.

Anyway, the A 72W is a simple yet elegant best gaming desk. You can actually decide what color you want the surface to be. The default hansen cherry/galaxy color is the most popular, but there are also various options you can choose from to complement your room’s motif.

Cable management is a pain in the neck and a lot of gaming desks do not have convenient grommets so that you can hide those unsightly wires. But, not the A 72W! It has some rubber grommets that allow you to tuck in the wires and keep them out of sight. This is perfect if you have a lot of wired peripherals going to and from your computer.

People would be very pleased with this best gaming desk because it has an open-leg design which allows your legs to move freely without fear of kicking the table. This is perfect for gamers who play for more than 4 hours as they need to stretch their legs from time to time.

For its dimensions, the A 72W has a width of 71.54 inches, a depth of 26.8 inches, and a height of 29.8 inches. You can pretty much put a dual monitor setup, your gaming peripherals, and even your gaming PC on the desk without any problems; just make sure that the monitor is at 27-inches at the maximum if you want to put two monitors on it.

As for its durability, this good gaming desk is built from the best thermal paste infused laminate wood surfaces that increase its durability from any external forces (pets, scratches, and even those fits of rage). Couple that with the variety of color options you can choose from, and you have the best gaming desk that is tailor made for your setup.

There are some minor problems here that some people got. When they bought the A 72W, it came with a few scratches already. Some of them have problematic screws that just won’t fit in its place and the quality control is just not that good, at least for some. But for the vast majority who bought this good gaming desk, they are satisfied with their purchase.

The Bush Business Furniture Series A 72W desk is an elegant good gaming desk that has enough room to put your entire PC gaming setup on it. If you have less than $300 to spend on a PC desk, then this table should highly be considered.

Premium gaming computer desk

If you want a more satisfying good gaming desk that has a lot of features such as lighting, sturdier materials, and aesthetics that are out of this world, then this category is for you. The gaming computer desk in this category all have prices that are $300 upward. Without further delay, here are some premium best gaming desks.


DXRacer gamer desk review


  • Angled design for better ergonomics.​
  • Spill-proof.​
  • Comes in a variety of colors.​
  • Strategically placed holes for cable management.


  • Cannot put gaming PC chassis on it.

If you’re not new to the gaming community, you might have known about the brand, DXRacer. This brand is synonymous with great gaming chairs. They are comfortable, they are sturdy, and they also have that premium price tag as well.

Now, when the company announced that they are releasing some good gaming desk, it raised some eyebrows. Fortunately, the product delivers, and it is indeed one great desk for gaming, albeit with one minor shortcoming.

Anyway, the DXRacer GD/1000 Series desk is a gaming desk made from the finest craftsmanship. It is very durable and what many people love about this best gaming desk is that the actual surface area is spill-proof. I cannot count how many times I’ve spilled drinks on my desk and overtime, it did deteriorate the wooden material. But not on this gaming table!

The company did put durability and stability in mind when building this good gaming desk. The main surface area is made of a prime natural wood which has a thickness of 0.98 inches. The colored legs and the sides of the desk are made of high-quality ABS plastic.


The legs that support the desk is made of a steel frame for that added durability and it really does a fine job of holding the desk in place even if you move it vigorously. And, there is a carbon fibre cloth on the opposite side of the desk that allows you to show off the premium branding.

The desk has 47.3 inches in length, 31 inches in height, and has a depth of 31.50 inches. Unfortunately, you cannot put your gaming PC case on the desk because there just isn’t enough room to put. You can put all of your gaming peripherals on the desk without any problems, though.

Another thing that a lot of people like about the DXRacer GD/1000 table is that it is angled a bit (10 degrees to be exact). This is much better than a conventional good gaming desk because it allows people to place their hands comfortably on the desk while they’re playing. This results in less strain on the hands, especially if you’re playing for a couple of hours.

Lastly, this table for gaming comes in a variety of colors. Like the company’s premium chairs, you can also order one with either the black/red, black/green, white/black, and plain black colors. They are priced the same but choose the color that you want to suit your setup.

Seriously, this is one of the best gaming desks on the market because it is not only durable and spill-proof, but that angled design makes it a great desk for gaming.


Good gaming desk

Convenience Concepts desk

The Convenience Concepts best gaming desk is good for people who don’t want their desk to take up all the space in the room. This good gaming desk is very easy to set up without any trouble or tools.


The wooden finish looks stylish and clean, plus this desk comes with various other color options to choose from and you get the right colored desk that matches the theme of your room. The desk has stainless steel legs to support a decent amount of weight.


This is a good gaming desk for gamers who prefer having a clean and light space to work with because there are multiple storage areas where you can keep your games, consoles, controllers, headphones, laptops and other computer components. The desk is economical but still quite durable. Cable management could be a hassle since there’s nothing to hide the cables.


Good gaming desk

Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk

Walker Edison’s Soreno desk is good for gamers since this best gaming desk has a sliding keyboard tray that can be installed on the left or the right side and one interesting thing this desk has is CPU stand built into the desk. 

The desk also has ample space for gaming setups because of its L shape design that allows room for multiple monitors and gaming peripherals. The surface is polished and beveled and has tempered safety glass, so no worry about it shattering and creating a mess.


The structure is made out of steel frame has a powder coated finish, which makes it a really sturdy gaming desk that looks good as well. There is plenty of space for your legs and other stuff that you might want to store under the desk.


Additionally, the desk is sleek and compact, offering flexibility and functionality for the user. So just find a corner that you think is suitable, then set up the desk and you’re all set.


Good gaming desk

Origami RDE-01 computer desk

The Origami RDE-01 is a straightforward gaming desk that takes a few seconds to set up and without any tools; it can fold up quickly to be moved around without any issues.

The RDE-01’s frame is made out of powder-coated steel and it has a firm grip on the floor with no slipping at all. This desk is made of solid wood with a laminate top and holds a good amount of weight, which makes it a very good option for multiple monitor setups.


There is space underneath the desk where CPU can be stored, but there isn’t much to conceal the mess of wires and cables.


Z-Line Designs Cyrus workstation

The Z-Line Designs Cyrus is a 3 tier desk that gives you plenty of room for your gaming needs along with a slick appearance. The first tier can be used to put monitors and the second tier could be for your consoles or games, yet the third tier is for a keyboard and a mouse, although the first tier is removable. 

Z-Line Design’s Cyrus desk has tempered glass surrounded by a black border on the sides with aluminum supports. It has no issues holding heavy gaming setups because this desk is big, sturdy and not flimsy at all. The space provided below can be used to support a CPU, printer or anything of that sort.


Whether you need plenty of legrooms or a good stretch, this desk has a decent amount of space so you don’t have to worry where your legs are going to go. The desk has holes for proper cable management, which helps so that cables don’t stick out from the desk as much.

Z-Line Designs Cyrus desk also has castors underneath to easily move the desk around. Overall, this product is a solid piece for good looks and functionality, but it’s fairly heavy for a desk.


Techni Mobili blackglass corner desk

Most of the L-shaped good gaming desks usually take up quite some space, but the Techni Mobili is a perfect one that is not going to take all your space. It has a left or right hand interchangeable black tempered glass panel and scratch resistant curved steel frame. 

The desk can hold decent weight on both sides and has a great keyboard tray that allows you to have space for that without compromising with the space on the desk’s work surface.

The CPU can be kept in the middle section between the desk so everything can be connected without having to worry about the wires not reaching either side. This best gaming desk can also be split into two separate parts, so one part of the desk could be in one room and the other part could be somewhere else.


Studio RTA Producer Station Review

Studio RTA is a great choice for gamers who want plenty of room for their setups especially since the desk is modular, so if the top layer is not required then it could be removed.

This layer can be removed and can easily fit 3 monitors on it. Two smaller sliding tiers hold computer keyboards and also holds handy cable organizers in to keep them tangle-free and out of the way. The table has 1 rack on each side so that answers to all your storage needs such as speakers, consoles, headphones, routers, or microphones.


The Studio RTA Producer Station is the answer to making your gaming station more efficient and ergonomic. This good gaming desk is made out of durable pressboard while the frame is made out of steel, yet this is why the table is so sturdy, but locking casters make the whole system easy to move.


ApexDesk Elite Series electric height, adjustable desk

ApexDesk Elite isn’t your average desk; instead, this is a very special best gaming desk because its height can be adjusted with the press of buttons. There’s an option of pre-setting your height and then with the press of buttons, you can go through your presets. Having a feature like this helps a lot because it allows you to choose the right height that gives you maximum comfort.


The table top is made out of MDF core scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate and that is supported by a fixed steel beam that has dual motors that do all the lifting. The desk has a good work area, so if you’re into serious gaming, then this desk will not disappoint. The desk even comes with charging port so no need to reach down for a charging plug.


LIAN LI DK-12X adjustable computer desk

The Lian-Li DK-12X is a good choice for a desk due to its nice and compact nature especially if you are in need of more space. Being an adjustable desk means you can alternate between standing or sitting without having to sacrifice your comfort or time. It can hold up to 5 different settings for height to suit your needs. Being made out of high quality steel, the legs are exceptionally sturdy and the motor is able to withstand 264 pounds quite easily.

The desk has a leather-like, waterproof surface on a wooden core mounted to the aluminium base, which is contoured to the user for when they are standing or sitting. It also has two cable management tubes at the back of the desk to make your desk look tidy.


Prepac wall mounted floating desk with storage

Made out of composite wood and strong laminate, this floating desk is a space saver, because the desk has no legs. This is a perfect desk if you have limited space, for example, if you’re in a dorm room or a studio apartment.


The desk feels sturdy and has shelves where you can store your computer peripherals. There is a grommet in the back that helps to keep the cords organized. This best gaming desk comes with a metal rail hanging system, so it’s going to require you to drill a hole in the wall to mount the desk there. Make sure to mount this desk near power outlets, or you’ll have trouble powering your devices.


Flash Furniture glass computer desk

At first glance, the Flash furniture desk strikes off as an elegant product which is a given because the desk has a beautiful cherry laminate finish with clear tempered glass on top.


The supports are silver powder-coated metal, which gives the whole structure rigidity. It has a sliding keyboard tray underneath; saving us usable space on the desk’s surface. The desk can fit your gaming setups easily but has no storage for your CPU, which means it probably has to be placed underneath or to the side of the desk.

There is plenty of room to stretch your legs, but it might get caught by cables due to the lack of cable management. It comes with plastic floor glides to protect your floors from getting ruined and its modern appearance makes it also practical, which is why it’s highly recommended.


Z-Line Belaire glass L-shaped computer desk

We would say the Z-Line Belaire desk has looks that are very stylish and unique. The desk is finished in a glossy black powder coat frame and has a clear tempered safety glass, so the tempered glass is not going to shatter that easily and even if it does, it will not injure anyone.

It is also reinforced with plates on all the welded joints which provides for maximum strength and durability, so it will last you for years without any trouble. This Belaire desk is spacious enough for gaming setup and components but also features a raised shelf that you can set the monitor on, which gives you a great viewing experience.

Z-Line’s Belaire desk has a pull-out tray that has enough room for your mouse and keyboard or for any other devices, while it may seem as a simple desk – it’s a good choice for those who want something modern, yet simple.


Techni Mobili complete workstation computer desk

The Techni Mobili complete workstation is a good option for gamers as this is a decent sized desk with multiple drawers and even has a CPU storage area. The CPU cabinet has openings for heat release and cable management.

It also packs a keyboard shelf that is equipped with a safety stop, so it’s not going to take any of your precious workspaces. Techni Mobili has designed and made this desk to last for the long term because it is structured of medium-density fiberboard with a chocolate colored finish to blend in with other similar furniture.


Office Star Prado complete workstation

Utilize all your space with this Office Star’s Prado L-shaped desk. This desk has a good workspace, so you can have all your computer devices on the desk without clunking anything. You can also mount your steering wheel on the desk and have a full car simulation experience. Available in your choice of laminate finishes, this spacious desk complements a variety of home decors.


Metal construction provides longevity, so this desk will be ready for use every day for the coming years. The sleek laminate finish is easy to clean and stain resistant. This desk has dual cord management grommets that neatly and effectively tuck away the loose cables.

If you’re one of those people who like to keep your desk organized, then you can easily put away your stuff in the cabinet and the drawer that the desk comes with.


Bestar Hampton collection corner desk

Bestar’s Hampton desk has a two-tone color scheme and appears as a sleek workstation, yet has a hint of modern design. Available in two different color schemes, this desk allows you to choose the option of your choice – either black-brown or sand granite-charcoal.


With a spacious workspace, the desk comes along with a cabinet to keep all your stuff organized. The desk is made of engineered wood which is built to last, but it can get scratches easily with rough usage. The overall weight of the desk is heavy, so moving around is not very convenient.

The Bestar desk can easily fit multiple monitors, just in case if you happen to use multiple computers or displays. A large keyboard tray is available that can fit large gaming keyboards, but there are no grommets so cables can’t be organized properly.


Bestar Innova workstation kit

If you ever wanted a big desk with a lot of space and storage, then Bestar Innova is the perfect choice for you. This desk is U-shaped with a large enough workspace for everything.


This desk can hold big monitors without any issue, and still, have enough room for the rest of your gaming equipment. Main features of this best gaming desk include multiple cabinets and drawers that will prove useful for storing all controllers, headphones, etc.


The desk could be configured right or left hand, so you can fit it on any corner you want. The desk has melamine finish on commercial grade surface, which makes it resistant to scratches and stain. There are some sharp edges that might cut you, but it’ll get better over time.


Ergotron WorkFit-D sit-stand desk

The Ergotron WorkFit-D is the perfect desk for you if you’re in the market for something that can be height adjusted to your needs. The desk is quite sturdy and doesn’t shake at all, even when it has weight on it. 

This product has a decent amount of room for your hardware that you’d want to keep on the desk. If you’re tired sitting and gaming, then just pull the table up for gaming while on your feet. The desk can be equipped with various other types of accessories that Ergotron offers, which will let you make the most out of the desk.


There is no cable management, so you will face the problem of cables everywhere, but other than that – you will experience a healthy alternative for gaming.


Martin Furniture Tribeca loft desk

Martin Furniture’s Tribeca Loft desk is phenomenal because of the functionality it provides. Although this desk is big and expensive, it has a fantastic design and appearance with espresso finished nickel hardware and a hand rubbed espresso finish on the solid hardwood. 

It has 2 utility drawers and one big drawer, so there isn’t too much of an issue of where you’re going to keep your peripherals. The desk has hidden space for the storage of your CPU, which means that won’t be a problem. It also features a convertible keyboard tray so you can always easily store the keyboard away when you’re done with an intense gaming session.


The table also has grommets and that would keep all the wires organized; giving the desk a clean look.


Ficmax Z-shaped desk with Fighting LED ambience lighting

Ficmax Z-shaped desk is a highly recommended desk because it has multiple functions and has the appropriate screen height proving comfortable to users in general.


The desk is ergonomically built, and the frame is made out of steel rods, while the desktop is structured of high-quality wood. This desk also comes in various other color combinations to match the color scheme of your room. It has good space to fit a gaming setup and also has LED lights on the sides to match your RGB lights.


Additionally, as a free bonus – a free mouse pad is included, which is of good quality as well.


Kinsal Z-shaped desk table with LED ambience lighting

The Kinsal gaming desk is an affordable product and extremely durable for those who are looking for good value. The “Z” shaped frame is made out of high-quality ABS plastic and steel rods, while the desktop is made of solid wood.


The available workspace is great for your setup and it can hold a surprisingly good amount of weight too, yet you can easily put your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speaker without running out of the room.


The desk has a black and red color combination with built-in LED lights to complement the color scheme. The legroom of this desk is excellent for relaxing while you blast enemies away. A free mouse pad is also included, so that’s just cherry on the top!


Need Computer desk

The Need Computer desk looks simple yet magnificent, but that’s not the only thing this desk offers. This desk may look simple but it can hold some serious weights, which can be put to use by utilizing all the space it offers.


The panel material is made out of standard particle wood and is waterproof, scratch resistant, and also has a nice glossy finish to it. The frame is using heavy duty powder coated metal providing stability and durability to the desk.


There is no cable management in this, so it’s going to have cables dangling from the sides, but if you’re okay with that, then this is definitely one desk to consider.


Modern durable L shape computer desk

The modern durable L shape computer desk is quick and easy to set up as it takes less than 30 minutes! This desk has a simplistic and pleasant design which has added sophistication by metal supports it provides to the desktop, which is why it doesn’t wobble at all. 

The desk provides ample space for your monitors and your gaming peripherals to keep your gaming area nice and tidy. The desk is lightweight, solid, and has a great look to make it fit in nicely.


If you’re looking for something basic with standard features, you’ll want to take a look at this desk.

What to look for when buying a good desk for gamers?

A good desk for gaming is not just any table; there are a few things that you need to consider or look for. Most people do not know what constitutes a great gamer desk, so here are a few things you need to look for when buying a gaming computer desk:

1. Dimensions- The first thing you need to look for is the desk’s dimensions. By knowing the dimensions of a particular desk, you will have a pretty good picture of what the table looks like in real life; how big it is and if its size is good enough for your entire setup to fit in.

For the most part, you want a desk that can put your most important gaming peripherals on it. This includes the gaming monitor, game controllers, mechanical keyboard, mouse, and some 2.1 speakers or even a best gaming headset.

2. Space- In conjunction with the above tip, the main surface of the desk should be spacious enough. Like I’ve said earlier, it not only has to have enough space for all of your peripherals, but it also has some ample space below the desk as well.

What I mean by this is that your legs should be able to move freely without any obstructions. Of course, this boils down to personal preference, but I highly recommend a spacious desk both at the top of the desk and below.

3. Ergonomics- By ergonomics, I mean that the desk should be comfortable to use, especially if you’re planning to play on a marathon gaming session. Some desks have an angled design that allows your hands to be put in a natural position.

There are some that have a height adjustment feature that you can tweak to match your height requirements. The bottom line is, you want a computer desk that allows you to play comfortably for hours.

4. Materials- I’ve seen some people make use of desks that although does a pretty good job of holding most of their gaming peripherals, the durability of it is a bit questionable. I fear that one day, that desk will just break and all of their hard-earned peripherals will be broken.

It is important that you get a PC desk that is made of robust and durable materials. Fortunately for you, the PC gaming table that I’ve mentioned in this article are durable and should last for a really long time.

5. Features- there are certain computer desks that come with various features. For example, the desk above lets you move the table laterally. Having additional features is optional, but it is certainly pretty good to get some.


Most people are engrossed with the idea of having the best external GPU enclosure, the best monitor, the latest gaming keyboard and best gaming mouse, but they often overlook the desk they’re going to put these expensive things on.

Surely, you can make use of any table or desk, but would you really risk your hard-earned, expensive peripherals on a desk with questionable quality? Of course not! That is why it is of paramount importance that you get a good gaming desk.

I’ve highlighted the best gaming desk on the market and they are based on community feedback as well as my own inputs as well. They are what you call “bang-for-the-buck” because it gives you incredible value in their respective price points.

If you’re looking for a great computer table, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! I hope that this article has helped you get the best gamer desk for your setup.

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