Best Choice Leather Futon Sofa Bed Review

The Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed is great for a lot of different scenarios but is it something you should purchase? With the low pricing, a lot of people are drawn to this particular sofa and it has a lot of things that would appeal to people who are trying to create their own man cave. First, there’s the fold down center piece that has the cup holders in the center of the couch, which is great for everyone, especially people who like to bring their drinks to the couch.

From the company Best Choice Products, this is a relatively cheap product that is one of the best sellers on the market right now. If you’re looking for a generic and basic couch product and something that can seat 3-4 people comfortably depending on the weight limit, this is the best couch available for you at the moment. Having the option to have fold down cup containers and console centers is great for people of all ages.

  • Comfortable seating position with the bonded leather that was made from material called faux leather

  • The legs of the couch are made from premium chrome material which help hold the couch up and keep it sturdy, even with the maximum weight limit

  • The most unique thing arguable is that this couch can be disassembled or put together in a whim because every piece goes and fits together easily

  • Comes with two different cupholders in the center console and has a couple of extra cushions to help people relax when they’re sitting near the edge of the couch, plus the center console flips up to fit one more person on the couch

Best Choice Products Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed Fold Up & Down Recliner Couch with Cup Holders - Black


  • Can support a maximum capacity of up to 500 pounds in weight, which may actually be more but isn’t fully tested yet

  • Can easily be taken apart and put back together fully as the construction of the chair is super easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of tools

  • The couch is highly versatile, you can remove the armrests completely if they’re getting in the way, you can recline the backrest if you’d like a more relaxing position and you can turn it into a bed for your house guests if you’d like

  • Has 2 cup holders for two guests that are sitting on the couch, so it’s great for watching movies or watching TV in general

  • The legs and the leather are made from very rough material so while they’re soft to the touch, they’re very durable and will not succumb to pressure from outside elements or prolonged use of the couch


  • You need to get used to the feel of this couch because it’s not that comfortable when you first get it


This is a perfect addition to the home theater room that we were building. It’s great for that, it looks nice in there, it fits perfectly because it doesn’t take up too much space and we haven’t had any complaints in that regard so far because it’s pretty comfortable and it keeps our attention for a while. We might actually get a second one if we decide to expand the home theater.

I live in a studio apartment and I needed something reliable, cheap and something that would satisfy my needs to sleep at night. This has performed excellent so far and above my expectations because I read some pretty nasty reviews about the quality of this product. It’s been good to me, so maybe the other people are doing something wrong.

What to Look for When Buying This Sofa

If you’re looking for an enjoyable experience or you have your own man-cave going, this couch is the prefect fit for you. This couch is great for any kind of situation except for those that require enough room to fit an entire family. At the very most, this couch can fit three people and that overall weight needs to be 500 pounds maximum or else, you might run into problems. Overall though, it’s a really relaxing experience and it’s mostly built for friends in a dorm room or something similar to that nature, because it’s made for people who are right besides each other and the cupholder lets people hold their drinks.

What to Watch Out For

When you’re ordering this product, make sure that you’re getting it from a company called Best Choice Products, because they’re the only ones that offer this couch and especially at this price. Also, make sure that it comes with two cupholders in the middle console or else you might be falling for a dupe or a scam as they say. The leggings should also be made of chrome material and slightly raised off the ground by about 6 inches.


This couch is great for people who have the following: A man cave, an apartment complex or a college dorm room. We’re not sure how great this couch would be for people with a family or people looking to provide for multiple people but it comfortably seats two people and if you lose the middle console, it can comfortably seat three people. It’s almost perfect for that home theater addition.

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