Best Choice Leather Futon Sofa Bed: Sofa, So Good

Having a sofa is one of the most defining additions you can have in the rooms of your house, whether it be the living room, the den, a dedicated gaming room, or even part of a seating area in a bedroom. It is a must-have and a great staple that does not just serve as a decorative piece but is also a source of comfort, a provider of relaxation, and an expression of style.

Sofas come in various shapes and colors, and they are available in flexible configurations that would surely complement your requirements. All these factors must be considered before buying your very own sofa. Whether it will be a leather futon or a vintage Chesterfield, the choice is yours, as there are hundreds of possible options available.

But don’t fret, we are here to help you narrow down your choices. We found a great product that is not only worth your budget but will surely add class and statement to any room you’ll place it in as well.

In an era where we want to get the most out of our purchases, flexibility and practicality are two of the most important factors that we should look for and consider, especially when buying home improvement items, such as upholstery and furniture.

Gone are the days when the things you buy to improve the look and capacity of your rooms are merely limited to boring and sometimes overpriced items that can only do one thing and can serve just one purpose: either for sitting or sleeping, but never both. Now, what if you can get one great product that offers these practical applications without giving you a mini-heart attack because of its price? It’s an interesting proposition, isn’t it? If this sounds like something that could solve your interior decorating dilemma, look no further because you are in for a treat. There is a good and reasonable solution for your sofa and futon needs, all packed into one great product.

Welcome to the plush world of leather futon sofas

Meet the Best Choice leather futon sofa bed from Highlighting a touch of modern design and exuding standout class, this is one of the leather futon options that you can choose that boasts of a great streamlined design without compromising on comfort and functionality.

One of the main complaints about your standard, average-looking sofa bed is its bland looks and bulky appearance. The Best Choice leather futon sofa bed places a neat little check mark when it comes to the aesthetics department; it is sophisticated without being too flashy, as well as practical without being boring.

Made from high-quality faux leather and chrome frame and legs made from sturdy and durable material, this leather futon sofa bed is made to last. In addition to that, it has the bonus of coming with cup holders to firmly secure your drinks and avoid spills and messes as you relax and enjoy watching your team play in the Super Bowl or even your favorite daytime soap opera.

Given that you are essentially buying two items for the very reasonable price of one, a Best Choice futon sofa is a smart and very practical choice to furnish your home as it addresses your needs and serves whatever purpose you require throughout the day, whether it is for lounging in the afternoon, cuddling with your loved ones in the evening, or having a sound sleep at night.

Expecting guests for that fun Friday night in the game room? Sofa mode on. Relatives hanging out for a sleepover? Activate bed mode. This product is that flexible, and with accompanying features designed to provide you with the comfort and convenience you need, it literally pays for itself over time. Now that’s what we call value for money!

Futon leather sofa bed

Best Choice Products Futon Leather Sofa Bed

No purchase should be made without going into the specifics and finding out exactly what the product has to offer. Among the primary consideration would be the dimensions of your sofa and the materials used for it.

These factors should certainly be on top of your list of considerations. Your sofa should be the right size to achieve a balanced design in your space and should come in durable material that would stand the test of time. After all, a sofa is a well-used and well-loved item in any home.

Here are the basic specifications of this leather futon sofa:


Height 30.5 in / 77.5 cm

Width 30.0 in / 76.2 cm

Length 66 in / 167.6 cm

Color: Black.

Material: Premium Grade, Sleek Faux Leather / Metal Legs Made of Chrome Metal.

Additional features: Removable armrests on both sides / adjustable, fold-down middle armrest with two cup holders.

As you can see, the dimensions of the Best Choice leather futon sofa are standard for products in its category. What this means is that it enables you to efficiently use your space with a reasonably sized piece of furniture without compromising on the comfort that it could provide for you and the entire family.

This, coupled with a great choice in material and additional features that you can only find in premium sofas and sofa beds, makes this product a stylish and functional addition to any room.

Thanks to careful engineering and a no-nonsense approach, this product offers so many features that can’t be found in most products within its price range.

Features and flexibility you can’t miss

The Best Choice leather futon sofa bed is easy to maintain and even easier to store. One of the unique features of this sofa bed is its portability. 

Now, there is no need for you to push and drag heavy furniture when you need more space because you can assemble and disassemble this product with ease, thus giving you the freedom to reconfigure your room space and even enabling you to transfer the sofa to another room whenever you need it. This saves you from all the grief and literal back pain that you could potentially get from moving massive furniture pieces around.

Moreover, this product’s high-quality faux leather finish would only need a swift wipe in case of spillage, making cleaning up a breeze. From now on, you don’t have to worry about those ugly stubborn stains that usually mark other sofas that are finished with more conventional material.

By the way, the best choice leather futon sofa can comfortably accommodate two people with the folding center armrest in place and even up to three or four people if your family and friends really like getting close and squeezing in. There are also armrests on both sides for a more comfortable experience, saving you from having your hands dangling down the side, which could get uncomfortable for prolonged periods.


These armrests can also be removed if you will use the product as a bed. These options make this sofa bed a great and flexible piece of furniture to accommodate the needs of various consumers, from bachelors to small families, thanks to its maximum capacity of about 500 pounds.

As a bonus, its foam material is firm enough to provide stable cushioning without being so hard as to make sitting for extended periods of time an uncomfortable experience.

Things to consider

Who is this futon sofa for?

Catering to a broad scope of consumers, from space-conscious professionals to growing families, this leather futon sofa can accommodate seating requirements from one, two, three, and up to four adults. Thanks to its adjustable cup holders that can hold two cups independently, it provides a good way to manage seating and refreshments at the same time.

For families with young children, the best choice leather futon sofa has a firm foam and is finished with rounded wraparound leather, which helps reduce the risk of minor injury from accidental bumps. The padded and removable armrests also reduce slipping off the edge of the sofa bed, a common injury-causing event for sofas without armrests, and speaking of “accidents,” any accidental spills can be easily wiped off in seconds, thanks to its faux leather material that is not easily permeable by liquids.

There are a lot of reviews and consumer feedback about this leather futon sofa, stating that this product works perfectly for most homes, thanks to its design and color. Given its functionality, it provides the room where it is placed with multiple purposes, such as instantly transforming a game room into a guest room in a minute.

This is also a fresh alternative for potential buyers who previously owned conventional sofas that are made of highly absorbent cotton or other faux materials that are terrible stain and smell magnets. Given this product’s premium faux leather construction, you’ll only need to exert minimal effort for the cleanup of spills and possible stains.  

Where can I buy it, and what should look for?

The best choice leather futon sofa is an affordable product when compared to most futon sofa options in the market today. However, make sure that you only purchase this product from best choice because this is the only company that offers a legit deal on this product at this price point. As this is an affordable choice with a lot of features, you will surely encounter a lot of knockoffs that may look similar, but you will definitely know the difference the moment you unbox it.

One of the most important things to do upon unboxing is to ensure that your brand-new futon sofa has two cup holders located in the middle console. This feature is almost always not found in most knockoffs. In addition, the chrome legs must be sturdy and very stable.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of online stores selling fake merchandise, and sofas are one of them. Always check the store and its legitimacy first before taking action and purchasing an item to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

Item upon purchase

As the Best Choice leather futon sofa is not a one-piece, as-is type of furniture, some assembly is required. There are some consumers who don’t like this part, but hear me out: the assembly is easy, and you will only need one tool: a drill. A drill? Why not a screwdriver, you might ask.

While we do agree that this is an odd choice by the manufacturer, don’t let the drilling part overwhelm you. The package comes with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide, and overall, assembling the futon sofa should take less than 30 minutes. As a safety precaution, you can use safety glasses and a mask to avoid possible eye injury or nasal irritation when doing the drilling of the holes.


The Best Choice leather futon sofa offers firm support, which means this is not a super soft or memory foam kind of sofa. For most consumers, this is a good feature, but for others who prefer a cushiony feel in their sofa, the firmness of the foam might detract from the product’s other features. However, for families or individuals with standard sofa requirements for a gaming night or some casual chit-chat over snacks, this sofa would do fairly well.

For overnighters, a layer of blanket can compensate for the firmness and circulation if you want a little boost in softness. This feature assures you that the sofa bed would not sag gradually when used for the years to come because the firm foam is a guarantee of the overall durability of the cushion. Lean and petite people can benefit from the removable armrests, which can be used as head and foot support when the sofa bed has been converted as a bed.

These armrests can also function as support for phones and tablets whenever you are occupying the sofa all by yourself or sitting in another chair. You see, these little details were carefully considered addressing your needs and make the product useful to its maximum capacity.

Maintenance and storage

If you want a sofa for which maintenance is a breeze, this is a highly recommended item as stains and accidental splashes can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. This is because of its superior faux leather material that offers resilience against stains. You can wipe the liquid off before it gets absorbed, preventing a permanent and ugly-looking stain. That is such a great feat when compared to conventional sofas and upholstery that quickly absorb stains like a sponge.

The best choice leather futon sofa can be assembled and disassembled quickly, so you don’t have to worry about consuming too much space or transferring it from the living room to the den or second floor. You don’t have to worry about the legs and hardware storage as well, because it has a zip compartment located in the base. With its tasteful design and ergonomics, adjusting it to your space requirements should not be a problem. Just a little of advice: make sure that you have secured all the connecting parts before and after assembly to ensure safety and sturdy construction.

If you prefer to just keep the leather futon sofa in its assembled state but won’t be using it any time soon, you can either cover it with cloth, or just leave it be and wipe it with a clean, damp cloth whenever you need it.

Are there any downsides?

We are all praises about this leather futon sofa bed, but it is not without faults. However, these disadvantages are quite subjective and dependent on consumer requirements.

As we have previously mentioned, the best choice leather futon sofa is not the most comfortable sofa you will get in the market for its price range because while some products offer plush and soft cushions, this leather futon sofa lies towards the firmer end of the comfort spectrum. 

The firmness is due to the sturdy foam material, as well as its thickness, as it is slightly thinner than most sofa beds. Sitting on it would, of course, not feel like sitting on a wooden stool, but it is noticeably firmer when compared with sitting on a futon or well-padded living room chair. The fold-down middle armrest can also cause injuries for families with small children, as their little hands can get stuck in between the spaces.

One of the most common comments about this leather futon sofa is its height, which is quite low to the ground. This makes the product possibly slightly uncomfortable for tall people. While the overall height is within standard limits, the legs seem to be on the short side, thus giving the leather futon sofa a low profile. While this is aesthetically pleasing for some, it can be problematic for others.


This is also the reason why some prefer to purchase an ottoman to compensate and have leg support, which means additional cost. That being said, this product can definitely function on its own with or without any additional accessories.

At its reasonable price point, one might expect the exquisite furniture material found in sofas or futons that are a step or two higher in terms of cost. Let’s just say the material is above average but not ultra-luxurious.

Just to be clear, the overall material is definitely not cheap-looking or cheap-feeling. It’s just out there as a good and practical piece of flexible furniture.

A little word of caution: just like most faux leathers, this leather futon sofa is not immune to tears and rips, especially when slashed or punctured.

Thus, just like any other furniture, the product must be protected against sharp objects that can cause small holes and tears that can worsen over time.

Another thing to consider is ventilation.

While faux leather makes cleaning easy, this is not the best material to sit on during a very humid day, as the sweat will remain on the material before drying completely. However, if the room is well-ventilated or air-conditioned, this should not be a problem at all.

And of course, the modern design and even the portability is not to everyone’s liking. Having black as the only color option might bore some buyers who would like to opt for brighter shades in the living room or game room to provide greater detail and contrast.​

This is something that cannot be changed because at this time, this product is only offered in one color – black.

One complaint about this product is the design, but it is also its strongest point. We think there’s no other way this can be made, unless the design language will be shifted towards a more conservative and classic approach, which will consequently result in a compromise or even omit the current features of the leather futon sofa.

We must say that the style is not eclectic, but there are still some who would have a preference for older designs.

As for some consumers who don’t like many moving parts on their furniture, the best choice leather futon sofa has several moving and detachable parts that can be misplaced or lost, like the removable armrests. However, a quick check before and after disassembly should be able to address this issue.

Taking all these points under consideration, these downsides, except for the color, can be fixed and considered as manageable. You can always use a workaround to address these issues and concerns.

Most of these are personal and subjective disadvantages that may or may not apply to your needs. We just want to ensure that we’ve got all bases covered to help you assess this product.

The futon vs. sofa bed debate

This is the most common argument among consumers, and it presents a tough choice. In fact, some consumers even confuse the two and end up buying the wrong product.

Although they share a slightly similar purpose of being able to provide sleeping space when needed, the similarities end there. It is important to note that the sofa bed can provide more features and functionality as compared to the futon.

So, which one is better, a futon or a sofa bed? The answer to that question completely depends on your requirements and existing needs. If you want full-sized furniture with firm support and that you can use as more of a permanent installation in your home rather than just a sleeping facility, then you can go with the sofa bed.

In general, sofa beds offer more support when being used for sitting compared to a leather futon because of their construction and provision for back support. Sofa beds are heavy pieces of furniture, yet the mattress is not adequately thick for sleeping purposes.

For the budget-conscious, sofa beds are usually more expensive than futons. A futon is your more casual piece of furniture, being generally smaller than a sofa bed while having a thicker mattress. Think about a reconfigured bed mattress that you can move around the house without any features other than cushioning. Moreover, a futon serves only a single purpose, whereas a sofa bed is a 2-in-1 item.

When directly comparing the best choice leather futon sofa to your average futon, this product provides easier maintenance requirements and stain control, unlike futons, which are usually covered with cotton and highly absorbent material that makes cleaning and frequent washing mandatory.

So, which one is it then? If you want greater flexibility, more features, and fewer cleaning issues, then you should go for a sofa bed as it can also accommodate more situations and fulfill more aesthetic requirements than a futon. However, if you are after the budget and are looking for plain cushioning ability, then you can proceed with a futon.

In summary, futons and sofa beds are like cousins that may look alike, but the latter offers a bit more than the former. Regardless, if you are considering purpose alone, we really recommend getting this product for its flexibility and overall functionality.



This item is one of the most well-balanced leather futon sofa beds out in the market. Reasonably priced, packed with features, low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and very durable, what’s not to love? We have covered all the things you need to know to help you decide on your next purchase.

If you are seriously considering a new furniture item, then this is something we will recommend in a heartbeat. With a lot of generally positive reviews and consumer feedback, the best choice leather futon sofa is a great choice!

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