Bean Bag Couch – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

It’s worth noting different models have different prices, qualities, and comfortability. Based on that we think the Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Chair from is the best bean bag couch for an overall experience.

A close runner-up is the Jaxx 7ft, giant bean bag. The Jaxx offers prime comfort but also comes with a premium price-tag. We’ve looked through scores of bean bags to find the right ones to include in this extensive list. While some are designed to be more accommodating to tight spaces, others shed that property in favor of a far more sturdy experience that offers a unique comfort profile.

Even the lower budget bean bags on this list have passed our (rather enjoyable) stress testing and are built to last you a decade with proper care.

Best Choice

Lumaland luxury bag sofa with microsuede cover

Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair

Durable and Child Safe

​8 different colors and 5 different sizes make it the best selection.

Made with no plastic and high-quality foam for the best quality.


Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean bag, black denim

Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag

Pure Luxury

​This bag is multi-functional ​and can accommodate up to three adults.

It also includes a 1-year 100% ​perfect guarantee!

Best Value

Christopher Knight Home 294973

Christopher Knight Home - Faux Suede

Durable and Child Safe

​This couch is made from recycled material for environmental friendliness, and with the added comfort.


This was our favorite couch out of them all.

After testing more than 12 bean bags over the years, we're confident we've tried the good and the bad.

How Does the Bean Bag Compare to Other Products?

Another product directly related to the bean bag couch are bean bag chairs. These are typically floor-level bean sacks that you can sit in and are usually made for one person. The lineup on the other hand is typically made for seating multiple people and can be as large as a traditional sofa but without all the added weight of unnecessary materials.

Some people even use these bean bag couches for gaming, which we know is traditionally done in PC gaming chairs but bean bag sofas can provide more comfort in some cases and they’re far lighter.

The couches are more popular amongst console gamers or console gaming coffee shops simply because they’re comfortable, practical and usually cost a bit less than a gaming chair. The bean bags also require far less maintenance than gaming chairs, but, as a consequence, they’re far more delicate than gaming chairs. There still are plenty of benefits to bean bags and those benefits easily over-shadow the minuscule drawbacks that are often found with gaming bean bags.

Knowing exactly how they benefit you is rather crucial, so here are some quick tips on bean bags.

Benefits & Pros

Light Packaging

One benefit you’ll get right away is the packaging for bean bags because they’re much lighter and there’s not much to do when it comes to assembly. Bean bag couches usually have to be delivered as a whole unit by movers or in a bunch of small pieces, so you’ll be saving potentially hundred Dxracer gaming chairss on that.

International shipping fare is also rather light on beanbags as you’re charged based on their low weight, rather than their expansive volumetric weight. If you decide to ship bean bags over in bulk, you’d also be entitled to lower duty rates as they aren’t technically considered furniture, making them an incredibly cost-effective way of decking out a gaming den or coffee shop while on a small budget. Bean bags will also save you plenty of cash down the road in maintenance as most of them come with warranties that will see them replaced if they’re damaged.

The Cost

They’re far more cost-effective than gaming chairs by hundreds of dollars and you still get the benefit of comfort. Dxracer gaming chairs, while they’re pristine quality, cost hundreds of dollars but if you just want the simple luxury of comfort, then a bean bag sofa is for you.

While beanbags don’t come with as much utility features as gaming chairs do, they do offer a great tradeoff between comfort and functionality. Bean bags are also very easy to manipulate to fit space constraints. A bean bag couch will give you usability that’s compatible with multiple comfort profiles while still providing easy ways to move them around or change their basic profile. With a gaming chair, if you decided that you didn’t like its profile, in particular, you’d need to either trade it in for one that’s a bit more adjustable or simply deal with it.


Most bean bag chairs and bean bag couches are machine washable, so if you get a spill on the fabric, you can simply throw it in the washer and it’ll be as clean as new. Try doing that with a sofa.


This couch allows you for a wide flexibility of motion. One thing that gaming recliners offer is the ability to lie back. With a bean bag, you can adjust your position and depth accordingly, so you lean back as much as you like while the entirety of the chair embraces you in warmth.

How to Choose the Right Bean Bag

To make sure you enjoy your purchase and get the most out of your bean bag couch so it doesn’t become an expensive waste of space, consider some of these guidelines.


Take the shape into consideration if you need it to offer support for your back or you want to have room for two to sit side by side. You can choose a teardrop shape that keeps its form, or you may want one that can be manipulated into whatever shape you want.

Many bean bags utilize a “Sacco” shape as their standard seat base. The Sacco was the original bean bag couch design that gave you an upright posture while sitting in a bean bag. Many modern bean bags have their own style variations based on the Sacco, but you’re still going to want to make sure that the default posture is something you’re comfortable with. 


The lounge-style bags come with a neck and upper-back based support system, where-as the more active styles offer full-back and lower body support to keep you up-right and relaxed but attentive enough to be able to work.


Pay attention to how much it weighs as they are not all lightweight. They may be lighter than your regular couch but some can weigh as much as 75 pounds. This may make it difficult if you need to move it around.


These days most bean bag couches have child proof zippers, but it is always worth it to check for this if you have small children. Usually, a childproof zipper has a locking mechanism, but in some cases, it is simply a double zipper system.


Christopher Knight Home 294973

David Faux Suede 8 Feet Lounger Bean Bag

The Christopher Knight Home 8 by 6 inches couch is one that you can double as a bed. It’s a low sitting couch that comes primarily in one color and is sold by the Christopher Knight Home company. The fill is made completely from recycled material for environmental friendliness.


  • Packed with soft recycled foam that’s made from a fine microfiber synthetic.

  • The exterior material is puncture proof for those who might worry about accidentally coming down on the bag too hard and ripping it.

  • Is sized at an appropriately 8 feet long, fitting nicely in any room and giving you plenty of leg space.

  • Double stitched for extra durability means it can take some bumps without spilling any filling.

  • Can seat 2 adults side by side and one adult can lay flat across the bean.

  • Additional foam can be bought separately if you feel you need a firmer couch.


  • You don’t have to assemble the chair because it comes fully assembled out of the box.

  • The microfiber used provides not only puncture proof technology, but it’s also extremely durable and easy to washed

  • Comes with a child protective zipper and is double plated, making it difficult for children to open.


  • It’s 8 by 6 inches so it does take up a lot of awkward space but looks great in any room.

  • This couch weighs 91 pounds making it difficult to move.


Big Joe 0001656 XXL fuf foam filled

 Big Joe XXL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag

This updated Big Joe XXL bean bag couch is now sturdier and with better filling than ever.

The Big Joe XXL is a low sitting bean bag couch that’s approximately 7 feet in length with upgraded fabric and more luxurious foam. The couch is designed and manufactured locally in the U.S. by the company Big Joe.

There are four different sizes this couch comes in and each of them are more than ample enough to fit two people comfortably.


  • Packed fresh with Fuf foam which is tough, it’s reusable and it allows the chair to remain fluffed even after use.

  • The inner material feels spongy and the outer material feels durable, providing a relaxing experience.

  • With fuf, you can help the compression of your chair progress by lifting and dropping it every day to reduce the time it takes.

  • Up-cycled foam from memory foam mattress makers means this is an ECO-friendly choice.

  • The foam conforms to your body and will return to its original shape afterwards.

  • It doesn’t need to be refilled over time as the foam will never get compressed. You can buy more foam if you like a firm fill.


  • Recycled material not only makes the chair environment friendly but ensures the material’s freshness.

  • Looks great in any room in the house for studying, gaming, watching TV or relaxing.

  • Fits 2 people with easy and could fit 3 smaller frame people without a problem.


  • You have to spot clean this product as it doesn’t have a machine washable removable cover.

  • This couch weighs 75 pounds, so it is difficult to move by yourself.


Lumaland luxury bag sofa with microsuede cover

Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag Chair

The Lumaland Luxury 7-Foot Bean Bag sofa is great for an entire family to enjoy. It sits slightly higher off the ground than a normal bean bag sofa and is made by the company Lumaland. This is a great couch for anyone with kids or a family that they’d like to share the couch with and is the best bean bag for movie night.


  • The micro suede machine washable cover makes washing a breeze and means you won’t have to worry about stains
  • While the shipping size might come in a fraction of the 7-foot original size, it unpacks in just three short days
  • Lumaland offers a wide variety of options including 8 different colors and 5 different sizes
  • The size and amount of filling makes this a great choice for a crash pad in a sensory room
  • Two adults can comfortably sit side by side on this bean bag couch without sinking down to the floor


  • Designed with children in mind, child protective safety zippers protect anyone unwanted from opening the cover.
  • It has an inner cover inside, so that you can still use the chair while it’s being washed.
  • Absolutely no plastic parts were used in the production of the chair, only high-quality foam.


  • The chair has a very odd smell to it for the first few days but goes away after a few days


Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean bag, black denim

Jaxx 7 ft Giant Bean Bag

The Jaxx 7 inches giant bean bag sofa is a luxury item and one of the most highly reviewed bean bags on the market today. This bean bag sofa is made by a company named Jaxx and they guarantee their product is so good that it even comes with a 100% no questions guarantee. The chairs are made locally in Atlanta, Georgia.

Imagine being able to sleep on your favorite pair of comfortable jeans? That’s what it is like to sit and sleep on this comfy bean bag sofa!


  • The massive 7 foot cover allows for up to three adults to enjoy the seating comfortably.

  • Has a unique brass zipper design along the edges for style and a well-crafted denim cover.

  • The cover is easily removable and thrown in the washing machine to get it back to looking new.

  • Made with colored dyes that do not bleed onto walls or floors.


  • Backed by a 1 year 100% guarantee with no questions asked if there’re any concerns or problems.
  • There’s an inner lining of this couch that’s protected with another zipper for child safety.
  • Multi-functional and allows for three adults to enjoy the seating coverage of the sofa.


  • For people with a bad back, be warned that this bean bag couch might be too soft.
  • Off gassing of the foam filling can take a few days to dissipate.


E-joy relaxing bean bag sofa, foldable

E-joy Relaxing Sofa Bean Bag Folding Sofa Chair

The E-joy relaxing foldable sofa bean bag is a unique take on the marketplace. This product comes in a huge array of different color schemes and is a great chair for when you’re on the go. It’s lightweight, easy to unpack and easy to wash as well.

Just like a lounge chair you bring to the beach, the angle of the head can be adjusted by clicking it.


  • Comes with a padded pillow that you can use for your lower back or your head.

  • You can use it in any room and move it within a second’s notice as it’s extremely lightweight with its 15 pounds.

  • The cover was made so that it could be removed in a hurry and easily put back on for washing purposes.

  • If you have trouble with your posture, that leads to back or neck pain, then this is a very good solution.


  • Makes a perfect gift for a college student in a dorm room who needs an extra place to study.
  • Has an inner-lining zipper so that you won’t damage the floor when in use or dragging it.
  • Has 8 inches of thick foam padding to help put you at ease and relax you.


  • It’s a bit of a narrow chair so you have to be slim or average to enjoy the comfort of the chair.
  • It is not exactly a couch as it is more of a pillow-filled cushion than a bean bag couch.


It’s important to know which bean bag couch to go after, with a balance of budget and luxury.

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