Best Pillows For Reading & Gaming

When looking for the very best pillows for reading and gaming there are a lot of factors to consider: comfort, design, and durability. We believe that the Deluxe Comfort Bed Rest Reading Pillow from is the top choice in this category. With its ultra-soft multi-purpose design, you can’t go wrong with this item!Best Choice Deluxe Comfort Bed Rest Reading Pillow​ Check Price on ​​For Soon-To-Be Moms​A multi-purpose pillow with an amazing lumbar support. ​Easy … Read more

Cohesion Gaming Chair for XP Gamers – Review of XP 2.1

​Being a dedicated XP gamer hardly has any stipulations that go along with it; we just want a great game and a great place to park ourselves while we’re playing it. Gaming chair design and technology has come a long way over the years and we seem to be bombarded with more and more choices as time goes on.This right here is yet another choice. With the way it’s priced, though, it seems as though … Read more

X Rocker Gaming Chair 5130301 Review

If you spend hours on end in front of your monitor screen playing your favorite game, you need an X Rocker gaming chair. These chairs have grown a considerable fan base over the past couple of years they have existed. Offering nothing but the best of comfort and gaming experiences, the X Rocker brand has built a robust reputation in the gaming world. To ensure they cater for all, X Rocker provides more than just high-end … Read more

Ace Bayou X Rocker Chair Review

Another great product from the X Rocker lineup is the 5172801 Ace Bayou Vibe Sound Chair. With its folding armrests and lightweight mobility, this chair is great for both traveling and the home environment. The first thing you’ll notice about the chair is the striking and fierce red and black design. Moreover, it’s notable that X Rocker chairs are known for being affordable for the gamer on a budget. Check Price on You won’t … Read more

X Rocker 5125401 Chair With Wireless Bluetooth Review

When you spend a long time gaming or just want somewhere to wind down, you want something that’s not only comfortable but convenient. X-Rocker’s amazing and inexpensive line of chairs provide just that and more so. They provide some of the best audio based comfort gaming chairs on the market today and the reviews have been astounding for their products. Today, we’re going to go over the X Rocker 5125401 chair – 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audi … Read more

X Rocker 51491 Chair Review

Finding a nice and affordable gaming chair is hard to do in today’s market. There exists a large number of top-level name-brand chairs that deliver comfort and provide amazing functionality, but the cost is just so high. However, when you consider the amount of time the average gamer spends seated while being completely consumed by his or her favorite game or intensely focused on completing a particularly difficult level, then it is only fair to … Read more

Best Gaming Chairs for Adults

​When you are looking for the best adult gaming chair, you must consider its stability, comfort, and the materials used. We believe X Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Pedestal from is the one to choose. The arms and pedestal of this chair ​come with a swivel and tilt function.Best Choice ​X​ Rocker 5125401 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Audio Pedestal​ Check on ​Ultimate Gaming Chair​This X Rocker chair allows you to connect via Bluetooth … Read more

Best Gaming Chairs Under 100

Being on a tight budget is such a pickle. However, you must not sacrifice on the features and design. We think that the Imperial Ergonomic Video Rocker from is the top choice for the best gaming chairs under 100. Its ergonomic design lessens the discomfort and fatigue you may experience.Best Choice ​Imperial Ergonomic Video Rocker​ Check Price on ​Comfortable. ​​Smooth.​​Ideal for watching movies and reading.Minimizes discomfort and fatigue.Premium ​Ace Bayou V Rocker 5130301 … Read more

X Rocker Pulse Gaming Chair Review

As a gamer, when you think about enhancing your gaming station, you will probably consider upgrading your internal components to better your computer’s performance. Your first concerns will likely include upgrading your PC, gaming console and perhaps to move to a better graphic chip. This is not enough!  In this post we will focus on one of the most important things that people forget: a sound gaming chair. Check Price on X Rocker 51259 … Read more

The X Rocker 5172601 Chair Review

The things we would not want to compromise on when looking to purchase an excellent gaming chair are comfort and quality. Enter X Rocker Surge Bluetooth 2.1 Gaming Chair – Black with Red Piping. This great piece of equipment offers is comfortable. In addition, it sports a modern design, boasts of a sturdy build, and performs with with its wireless audio capabilities. The X Rocker 5172601 chair will enable you to power through hours of … Read more