AKRacing Arctica Chair: Premium Gaming Chair Review

Finding a practical balance of comfort and leisure is really hard to do in a gaming chair. When you’re sitting down for long periods of time, it can be uncomfortable, it can be hard to find a proper resting position and you’ll probably feel it in your neck. This is why we’ve chosen the AKracing Arctica chair as a cure-all for gamers, people who work from home, or anyone who sits in a chair for a long period of time.

AKRacing touts the Arctica as a gaming chair, but in reality, it’s more comparable to a gaming throne. The Arctica is a gaming chair that is larger than average and features an incredibly rugged build that’s paired with a heavy, well-balanced base. The Arctica engulfs you into its cozy, cushiony embrace with well-placed cushioning that is seemingly perfect, regardless of your body type. The firm back and soft sides of the AKRacing Arctica chair make it a great companion for those long hours spent at a desk. The adjustable functionality is a welcome way to boost productivity when you’d prefer a more up-right or active posture.

Another problem with a lot of gaming chairs today is that they tend to fit one specific type of gamer, the short and skinny. We needed to find a chair that fit both short and tall in addition to skinny and overweight gamers.

AKRacing’s universal approach to the gaming chair with the Arctica does set it apart from its other lineups. The AKRacing Arctica chair sports the looks and sleek accents of the regular series, but swaps out the more delicate parts and accessories for much stronger ones. While this does give the Arctic a marginally bulkier visual profile, the end product delivers on a large, comfortable gaming chair that is just as comfortable for a 200 lb, 6.0” individual as it is a 120lb 5.0” individual.

From AKRacing, this AKracing Arctica chair was made to stand out and make a statement. The style alone is unique with the logo emboldened on both of the pillows and twice more on the actual chair. The AKRacing Arctica gaming chair has great support thanks to the metallic base and it’s offered as a product for premium gamers that don’t just want a chair, they want the ultimate relaxation experience. Despite the price range, customer reviews seem to be raving about this chair so we had to get our hands on one.

​Why This Gaming Chair Was Made

For gamers of all shapes and sizes who want a chair that was designed with the highest production standards possible, that’s where AKRacing stepped in. They wanted to make sure that gamers who had an urge to not only have a gaming chair but an elite premium quality chair had one they could call their own. The overall weight support, the width of the base, the balancing of the load, the broad shoulders and extended height make this chair an ideal purchase for everyone. The AKRacing Arctica gaming chair quality is so elite that the foam material went through 80,000 stress tests before it was released to the public.

​AKRacing Arctica Premium Gaming Chair

Akracing arctica premium chair


  • The first thing you’ll notice about the AKRacing Arctica chair, much like we did, is the upholstery and beautiful design art that went into this chair. They made everything from the stylishly stitched seams and the emblazoned logos with high-quality design standards and looks beautiful in any room setting. Even the bottom of the chair, the wheels, the castors, and footrests were uniquely designed to stand out with great attention to detail.
  • AKRacing has included technology that they call 'advanced ergonomics' which help you relax for longer. Whether you use this chair in your workplace or whether you use this chair for gaming for extended periods of time, this chair was built to last even the most hardcore gamers.
  • Comes with a strong 5/10 warranty and if there’s one thing we can admirably say about AKRacing, it’s that they always stand by their warranties. Not only that, but they have amazing customer support with knowledgeable customer service reps who answer every question thrown their way.
  • The load bearing of AKRacing Arctica chair is perfectly balanced out by a steel pipe that runs through the entirety of the support. This pipe allows all the weight to balance out evenly which will ensure that the chair lasts longer and feel more comfortable.

The supporting frame that bridges the base and the seat together is structured to withstand up to 300Kgs of direct weight. While this threshold will rarely be exceeded by the average gamer, it’s a great safety measure to ensure peace of mind when you’re lounging around in the AKRacing Arctica. The five-star base design provides plenty of stability and the over-lip caster placement makes it very difficult to even willingly tip or topple the Arctica. They rate the gas piston on the AKRacing Arctica at weight-grade 3, which makes it safe to use with the chair’s weight rating. While most of the chair relies on a steel trellis frame that runs through the upper portion, the base and feet of the chair are constructed out of solid stainless steel. High-grade steel bases have been proven to withstand years of heavy use and the AKRacing Arctica’s base and feet will not bend, flex or warp years after the warranty is over, making it a great investment in the long run!

The Benefits

  • Ergonomically designed with back support in mind as the curve of the backrest naturally supports your spine in a healthy and positive way, which is also reinforced by the free lumbar pillow
  • Comes backed with a top-tier warranty if you have any problems with your chair or need to send it back for any reason
  • You can rest at ease knowing the fabric and the foam material used has gone through almost 80,000 stress tests to ensure quality
  • Has one steel frame that supports the entirety of the structure which will balance out your weight on the chair and will make you feel a lot more comfortable
  •  The high backrest reduces the number of headaches and neck pain that you’d get from other gaming chairs and sitting for a long period of time.


​What are the actual customers saying about this chair? Take a look for yourself at some real reviews that people have left about these chairs.

I’ve had this chair for about several months now. I’m pretty used to chairs going out in just a few short months but to my surprise, this one has not only held up but it still feels like brand new. I don’t see myself purchasing a new chair anytime soon.

I’m over 6 feet tall and over 240 pounds so I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to fit in the chair. Installation was easy enough and took a little under 30 minutes overall but I actually fit in the chair perfectly. I don’t see myself ever having to return this chair for any reason.

There are a lot of glowing reviews praising not only how comfortable the chair is but how long the chair has lasted people. We also see a lot of people who are happy that installation is easy enough.

​Essential Tips on Buying and What to Watch Out For

Make sure that when you’re buying an Arctica Gaming Chair, you look for the Arctica logo that’s usually on the bottom of the chair or on the cushion. There’s a lot of impersonators out there who try to sell low-quality products using their name. Also, Akracing Arctica chair comes with a really great warranty which covers the frame for up to 10 years, so make sure that’s included or else, the chair could be a phony.

​Buying Advice

​When you purchase this AKRacing Arctica gaming chair from Amazon, you’re covered under warranty and the chair will arrive at your destination rather quickly. At least, it’s quick compared to a lot of the other chairs we’ve ordered to review. Also, if you have a bad back, then have a friend come over to help you initially assemble the chair because there’s a lot of steel inside the framework of the chair.

Another important tip to assembling this hulk of a gaming chair is to save the casters for last. While it might be tempting to throw them on early as they’re the easiest part to install, they also make the chair harder to manipulate when trying to fit the other parts together. If you’re assembling AKRacing Arctica chair by yourself, you should focus on laying the upper portion and the base on their sides, separately. Then assemble them separately, and attach them together while the casters of the two feet closest to the ground aren’t installed. This will make the chair easier to pivot and lift up, effectively making it easier to push against a wall, so that you can pop in the last two casters. The most important part of assembling the AKRacing Arctica gaming chair is to be aware of your surroundings and not strain yourself. Safety first!



AKRacing has done it again in our opinion. If you need a chair that delivers comfort and lasts for as long as you need it to, we can’t recommend this chair enough. Plenty of real customers have left their impressions and almost all of them were 100% positive. With that being said, this AKracing Arctica chair does seem to go out of stock a lot due to its popularity so if you’re convinced, we’d recommend ordering now so you don’t have to wait.

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